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Kat Jones (aka. Kat Wooman) is a character role-played by NovaaBerries.


Not much is known about Kat's backstory. When she moved to town she carried the name Kat Wooman which was changed to Kat Jones by the DOJ under mysterious circumstances.

Kat was a self-motivated woman of ambiguous morality, willing to do whatever she believed necessary to get by. This range of activity included taxi services, thievery, knifework, and even exorcisms. She usually was very friendly to people by default, but given that she was pretty skilled with the art of manipulation, it was very difficult to discern whether or not her friendly demeanor was genuine or if she was playing some other sort of game.

Kat was the personal assistant to Robert Spowylamywanowski, who called her "Ket". In an incident that ended in Pegasus wanting her dead, Rob saved Kat's life by faking her death. Kat owed Rob her life, and so Rob was the only person she was completely loyal to. After the incident Kat went into hiding, taking on the fake identity of "Lola Jackson."

Kat started a brief relationship with Danny Doodle, asking him to be her boyfriend despite her usual "commitment to not committing". Though Kat attempted to open up, and Danny was the first person she decided to try and place her trust in, the relationship went south quickly and quite terribly when Danny attempted to "match her intensity" and his jealousy manifested in acts of stupid anger. This experience had reinforced her reservations towards commitment.

She had since dated Bike Guy and Roland Nelson. Her type was trending towards "pathetic".

After being injected with an unknown cocktail of drugs Kat's personality has now splintered and her blood turned black and her alter-ego, Katarina Du Couteau, a completely separate individual, emerges when Kat is asleep. Due to this event, her health gradually deteriorated and she died after a final skydiving trip at Fort Zancudo, dissolving into the black liquid that she was occasionally leaking from nose and mouth since the injection.


  • Things that Kat loves immensely are: Diamonds, her car named "Lila" and the Burger Shot Apple Pie (aka. Creampie).
  • Kat doesn't like guns and her weapon of choice is a knife.
  • Kat had a mutual feud with Noah Drake for a while. This seems to be mostly resolved since both can't remember why.
  • Kat has a notoriously sultry voice.
  • In several of her appearances, Kat has been compared to Cruella DeVille. Despite her name and this comparison, Kat is not known to be a dog-killer.
  • Kat wears her signature red panties. Kitty Dream likes to respectfully look at them.

Played By: NovaaBerries
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