Kassandra Kage

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Kassandra Kage is a character role-played by TinySpark

General Description

Kassandra Kage is a mechanic at Iron Hog and Harmony Repair.

Kassandra Kage grew up in the southside, orphaned at a young age and left to fend for herself. This led her to drop out of high school and put her dangerously close to joining a gang. It wasn't until she met a smooth talking British mechanic that she was finally pulled out of the southside. This friendship led Kassandra to the QuickFix lot where she finally had a family.

She worked her way up from a mechanic to a manager and helped Jazz Ryder run day to day operations until the lot was sold back to the previous owners, due to having some stains that no construction or cleaning company could get out.

With the sale of QuickFix, Kassandra went with other former employees to attempt to work up the ladder at Hayes Auto Body Repairs. After a few months of various frustrations, Kassandra left Hayes with Zeke Vernone, Ivy Rosewood, and Simon Peterson to work for Jordan Walker at Harmony Repair. At Harmony, Kassandra finally started getting into petty crime again, something that she hadn't done since she became a manager at QuickFix. This time also came with getting a job at Digital Den in an effort to collect information for her group.

A few months after not feeling at home at Harmony, Kassandra had a talk with Lucille Hellman to offer assistance in opening Iron Hog when Lucy would need it.

Physical Description

She can always be seen with some type of cloth mask covering her face.


Jazz Ryder

Jazz Ryder is the one person that holds all of Kassandra's loyalty. Jazz gave Kassandra a family, a purpose, and the desire to think of things differently. Before Jazz, Kassandra was quick to attack someone, or hold them up. The more time that Jazz and Kassandra spent together, the more Jazz became a mentor or even an older sister figure for Kassandra. This led to Kassandra thinking of things in a quieter way and to gather information on people. Shooting someone could fuck with them in the moment, but getting in their heads fucks with them long term. They became birds of a feather.

Joaquin Jimenes

JJ and Kassandra became quick friends just hanging out and boosting or chopping cars. This led to them moving in together when houses in the Barrio were too expensive. Kassandra purchased the house to keep it out of JJ's name in case he got into too much shit. In the house Kassandra has a sort of lair with what most would consider a very uncomfortable couch due to her not being comfortable calling one place her permanent home. Throughout their friendship, Kassandra has started getting closer to members of Seaside.

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