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Karl “KJ” Johnny Black is a character role-played by Kongfue.


Karl Johnny Black known as “KJ”, is a businessman, notorious criminal, and former el Capitán for the Vagos. He is Norwegian-American and got the name Karl from his mother's side. His father's hometown is Texas. He is known for his "Eagle-like" eyesight, razor-sharp honesty, and his infamous "KJ speech". He is a cunning businessman and is very good with handling money. He is his friends' personal "financier" when they needed money for their other loans, businesses, or assets.

KJ is currently the owner of Under Arted with his sister, Cece Beyond as his COO. He is also working at Uwu cafe, taking the role of guest relations officer and security. On the side, he works with his bestfriend Benji Ramos in the latter's gun business "Hades". He is the other half of the Hades Duo "Shadow and Squeaky" using the alias "Squeaky" in fronting with business connects to keep his identity safe.

KJ is extremely loyal to his chosen family and to people who were there for him at his lowest. He is very principled even as a criminal, keeping his promises and his word. He is fair to his subordinates and treats them equally. He always prioritizes his family, putting them first above himself and his needs.

Early Days

Karl Johnny “KJ” Black was a bounty hunter alongside his father, in Texas, when a mission went awry and led to him fleeing the country for his safety. After he arrived in Norway, KJ tried to establish his bounty hunter career but ultimately failed because the city had no need for it. The city in Norway only accommodated private investigators and he didn’t fit that role very well. When KJ realized that he couldn’t continue his bounty hunting career in Norway, he became a mechanic in the city’s car mechanic shop. While working there he made connections and met a group of men called “Mazda Boys” (coined to the group because they were all driving Mazda cars in a variety of colors) who he became friends with and promptly introduced him to a life of crime again. These people knew that he was a bounty hunter back in Texas and therefore wasn’t afraid doing things that were against the law. Eventually, the Mazda Boys got into high crime and bigger businesses that made them the most powerful crew in Norway. KJ was the brain behind the group’s crimes, making sure that the crew didn’t get caught doing their illegal dealings. He was also the one in charge of handling the drug operations for the crew as well as their gun businesses. Eventually, with Interpol on their tail, due to their high profile organized crime, the Mazda Boys found it very difficult to continue their business in the city. KJ flew back to the United States and eventually settled in Los Santos to lay low from Interpol.

Barrio, Gangs, and The Vagos

When KJ arrived in Los Santos, he settled in Jamestown, which is more notoriously called “The Barrio”. Kj did not leave his criminal life behind even after arriving in a new city. He met a group called “Black Betty” that made a huge impression on him and it led him to decide to work for them and climb up the ranks. He did all types of petty crimes for them- selling gold watches, first-class pistols, and robbing houses among others. This all happened while he was living in Jamestown. KJ always saw the different gangs in the south side including the Vagos, the Ballas and the Marabuntas. He was very sociable and was approached multiple times by the gangs that wanted to recruit him. He was also approached by the Aztecas as well as Dundee, leader of the BBMC (No Pixel 2.0), who wanted KJ to join their gang. KJ and Dundee had a big meeting at the docks with former BBMC members like Benji and Reggie, as he was looking to join the BBMC. This was also the same time when KJ lived opposite to the Vagos turf and did work for Arush Patel “Speedy” Santana, leader of the Vagos. KJ was approved to buy an apartment in the South end of the Barrio, which was the cheapest real estate in the city where he eventually came across Speedy, who asked for his help with selling bigger guns like AK-47s. When KJ asked Speedy what it takes to be a Vago, Speedy laughed at him saying that “he needs to do a lot of shit” before being asked to join. Speedy gave tasks to KJ, which he did quite efficiently. He was then invited by Speedy to join the Vagos, despite not being well-liked by the other gang members because he was a “pepega” and made lots of mistakes. At this time, he turned down Dundee and the BBMC to join the Vagos. This was how KJ was recruited into the Vagos, with Speedy being the only one who believed in KJ.

Vagos Life

KJ rolled around the Southside with Arturo, Pablo and Mario. They taught him everything that he needed to know about the Barrio. He worked his way up to be a Soldado and was eventually promoted to the rank of a Capitano because of the way he viewed and handled the Vagos business. Although KJ was disliked by the people in the Vagos, he continuously improved and developed himself into a more empathetic and fair leader. He constantly improved his art of communication towards his peers in the familia, observing what works and what doesn’t. He was also extremely loyal to the Vagos, especially to Speedy, who took him in and believed in him and his abilities.

Towards the end of the old city (2.0), most of the Vagos including KJ were sentenced to years in prison.

When the new city arrived, KJ got out of prison alongside other members of his familia and they all had to start over, as a gang, when it came to their business. The Vagos had to create connections and Speedy did that very well, with the likes of Benji and KJ as his aides, since they were the next two people in command. KJ was (and still remains) good at creating connections in the city, and was well respected by other gangs and criminals who were doing business with them. KJ also had a very good relationship with their supplier of meth, The Lost M C. He was also in charge of the operations of pushing meth in Jamestown, even implementing a “Taco Truck” front. KJ made it mandatory for the Vagos to wear a disguise while selling meth to protect the familia, especially since they were being investigated under a RICO case and the PD were looking closely into their actions as a gang.

Being a Vagos Capitano had its challenges for KJ. Although he was reliable and efficient when it came to business (fair and thorough with the money that they earned from their drugs and their guns), KJ still struggled with the Vagos’ perception of him; constantly being questioned if he really was a good Capitano, or if he really fit the role to lead most of the Vagos. One of the main problems that they encountered or complained about KJ was his “speech”. KJ was brutally honest and had a hard time sugarcoating his words or “snake-tonguing” the boys when he found something to improve with them.

He also had a few internal fights within the Vagos like with Chino, with Cousin (Speedy’s cousin) after he shot him and his actions even led to a soldado being sent to the ICU after disrespecting him. There was also Leo who constantly terrorized KJ, disrespected him and constantly questioned his authority as a Capitano. This became a big issue for KJ until he got fed up with Leo and he shot him. Speedy stoody by KJ’s side and blooded Leo out because that’s what the latter wanted. Everyone in the Vagos except for Benji understood why KJ did that since Benji himself thought that he was not given the same respect that Speedy gets from the familia. Speedy called for a big meeting to put KJ in some sort of “Trial” and explain his side as to why he shot Leo. The trial went well and ended up with Benji pointing out (and coining) that he was “+1000 speech” during the meeting.

Everything went quite smoothly after that. However, KJ didn’t forget the things he had to put up with while running the main operations and raising money for the familia. His loyalty for the Vagos was so deep that he even bought a warehouse first, before buying his dream car. He always loaned money to the familia and funded Speedy with money and materials for his bench and other Vagos needs. Throughout his Vagos life in the new city, KJ developed a very close bond with Benji (#KENJI4EVER), after the latter supported him while KJ was crucified for not being a good leader. He then promised himself that if Benji, his best friend, ever left the Vagos, he would too.

Throughout KJ’s last months in the Vagos, Benji opened up to KJ about how unhappy he was with the Vagos and he felt like he wanted out. Benji was having a hard time deciding until KJ told him to “just decide whether to leave or not”. Eventually Benji decided that he would finally leave the Vagos. KJ, remaining true to his word, followed suit and was blooded out in front of the familia by a firing squad. Besides him, there were 11 other people in the Vagos who left on their own accord. The boys who KJ mentored and recruited reached out to him to say their goodbyes and told him that they respected him despite leaving the Gang. Arturo reached out to him as well to say his goodbye.

A New Chapter (Life After Vagos)

After Kj left the Vagos, he told the others that he is not going to join a crew anymore but will always be supportive and protective to the family he chose (These were most of the men who left the Vagos after he left the gang and ash).

The first few weeks after leaving the gang, Kj did civilian work such as fishing and mining (as he was helping his sister Ash). He also enjoys gambling in the casino, spinning the wheel and playing black jack at the 25k table.

He then focused on his business Under Arted and helping Uwu Cafe with searching for the high quality ingredients. He joins Benji and others for bank jobs again and gun-selling through “Hades”.

Romantic History

KJ is a huge flirt but he can't commit to serious relationship. Right now, his main focus is familia and business.



Although most of the people in the city are interested in cards, KJ is more excited about collecting toys from Burger Shot and Rooster's Rest. He has two collectible pouches dedicated for his toys collection.



Type Value Plate Description
Chino Custom W4ZGUCC1 previously owned by Vinny Pistone

bought by

Santiago Madrid

News Rumpo K251134B
BMW M5 E60 84F3KJ40 previously owned by Vinny Pistone


Notable Quotes

  • "It's KJ time"
  • "Waz Gucci"
  • "Orale"
  • "Orale cabron, welcome to Attack-A-Taco how may I take your order?"
  • ".....KINDA."
  • ” know?”
  • ”You see what I mean?”
  • "I'm gonna be honest..."
  • "Play stupid stupid prizes."
  • "But at the same time...."
  • " I can sell you sand in Sahara "


Played By: Kongfue
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