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Karen Jones is a character role-played by MikeTheBard.

Her Relationship

Karen Jones is the wife of Hubcap Jones lead singer of the band Love Fist

Karen and Hubcap has been together since they were very young (17 and 19) and they have an open relationship.

Karen's First Day in Los Santos

Karen flew in from London, on the quest to find her "Hubby" Hubcap, whom she has not seen for 5 years. After noticing he was using A LOT of money, from their shared bank account. Karen spent the day trying to get infomation about where Hubcap could be. She found out that he works at Burger Shot. And that he still performs almost daily at either the Tequi-la-la or Dean World

Karen also met some of Hubcap's friends, including Mick Flair, Tomathy Steampipe and Ursula Leichenberg

Karen also learned that Hubcap has A LOT of children in the city, including the mayor Andi Jones. Mick also mentioned that he thinks, he might be one of Hubcap's children.


  • "Darling..."
  • "Have you seen my hubby?"
  • "Do you need a manager?"
  • "Darling, listen."
  • "Where is your manager?"

Played By: MikeTheBard
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