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Karen Dahmer is a character role-played by AvaGG.

General Information

Karen is an "OG" member of Chang Gang, joining when the gang first began operating in Los Santos. She does not visit the city often anymore but is still considered a member of the gang.

Karen has had many jobs in the city. She used to work at Facebook (now under the name Lifeinvader) as Sayid Mitra's assistant. She also used to have her own taxi service using her own car. Her last job was being Mr. K's personal assistant at his detective agency.


Karen is not originally from San Andreas, she previously spent her time with her husband- whom she loved dearly. However, after the discovery that he had cheated on her with another woman (who was blonde), Karen acted out of emotion and murdered him. This criminal act pushed Karen to move to Los Santos to start a new life (and possibly find another man).

When she first came to the city, Karen had a strong dislike towards other woman who were blonde - due to the actions of her deceased husband. This dislike was never resolved but Karen forces herself to be polite to them regardless of her deep-rooted feelings.


  • Karen and Brenda Pancake are often confused for one another, as they share a lot of personality traits.
  • Karen is one of the worst drivers in the city.
  • Certain people in the city always think that Karen is drunk due to the way she acts at times. Al Saab and Jordan Steele are examples of some people that think Karen is always drunk.
  • Names all her cars, though she names most of them Sally.
  • Was a diamond recording artist under Wu Chang Records with the song 'Whatever You Need' by Karen Dahmer, Austin CreedRandy BulletRiley Johnson and Chris Porter with over 200,000 plays within the first two weeks.


Played By: AvaGG
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