Karen Dahmer is a character roleplayed by AvaGG.

Background Edit

Early Life Edit

Karen Dahmer is an individual that used to got marry at one point, but murdered her husband due to the fact that he cheated on her with another woman that was blond. After that happen, Karen decided to move to Los Santos to start a new life (and possibly find another man). When she first came to the city, she used to have a strong dislike of other woman that were blond (due to that fact about what happen last time), but pretends to be nice to them. Months after being in the city, Karen's personality has changed and doesn't act the way she used to act during the time she first came to the city.

Jobs Edit

Karen has (or had) many jobs in the city. She used to work at Facebook (also known as Lifeinvader) as Sayid Mitra's assistant. She also used to have her own taxi business by using her own car (she names it Sally). Her current jobs is being Mr. Wang Chang's assistant, specifically for detective work and being a tow truck driver (sometimes).

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Karen is basically the identical version of Brenda Pancake, considering the fact that they both act pretty similar at times (at least on the outside). However, there are times when their personalities are reversed on the outside and in the inside. For example, Karen is nice on the outside, but psychotic in the inside and Brenda is mean on the outside, but sweet in the inside.
  • Karen is one of the worst drivers in the city (possibly worse than others such as Brenda Pancake, Denzel Williams, Kiki Chanel, & Gladys Berry)
  • Certain people in the city always think that Karen is drunk due to the way she act at times. Al Saab and Jordan Steele are examples of some people that think Karen is always drunk.

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