Kareem Lyon is a character roleplayed by Primal.

About Edit

Kareem grew up in Los Santos with his younger brother Wakeem. When they were younger they both enjoyed racing and were very competitive towards each other their entire childhood. Kareem went on to do regional racing circuits and entered many contests and racing events, in which he placed on the ladder many times. During this time Kareem was becoming friends with a lot of people within the LSPD and they recommended to him that he put his driving skills to the test as Police Officer in the LSPD.

He is the former Assistant Chief of Police.

Stray Observations Edit

  • Kareem sometimes wears a wig because he is self-conscious about being bald.
  • Kareem does not know when to stop 'pushing' conversations, often resulting in arguments.
  • Kareem is currently in a relationship with BCSO Deputy Maggie Dean.
  • Kareem is called Kareem
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