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Kaleb Rush is character role-played by bldrs

General Description

Kaleb Rush, also known as "Kleb" is a member of The Frat and the HOA.


The HOA:

On May 11th, 2020. Kaleb was made a full member of the HOA after he initially held out for the return of The Frat. After the constant holding out, he accepted the offer. Prior to the coming of the new city, Kleb committed various jobs and crimes with fellow members of the HOA. He's even one of the few members in the group to have successfully committed a jailbreak.

As of the coming of the new city, he is still a member of the HOA. He works at the Mirror Park Tavern as a bartender and he also acts as the Prophet for the Moramish religion, a religious belief conjured by Siz Fulker as a way for the Tavern to get exempted from taxes. He is also a cook and/or lookout for Siz's meth production operation.

Other Affiliations

The Frat:

Kaleb Rush joined The Frat as a pledge after meeting both Alex Marshall and Jackson Caldwell while looking for a job at the Taco Shop. He was introduced to them and quickly got along with the duo, putting in hard work and long hours to help them out. Due to him spending the most time at the shop out of The Frat, he has been made a supervisor of the Taco Shop. Though, with his fellow Frat being largely absent from the city, he is mostly seen with the HOA.

--- Illuminati (2.0)

Kleb is one of the members of Thomas Dwayne's secretive brainwashed group called the Illuminati. He is part of the sixteen other sleeper cells who follow Thomas and his motivations. He became a member after he went underwent hypnotherapy with Thomas Dwayne in order to remove his feelings for Brad Berkley.

The Return

After disappearing for nearly two months, he returned to the city after his summer vacation filled with partying, drug usage, and drinking.


Heavy Pistols and Cocaine

Kaleb originally pushed Heavy Pistols for the Lost MC, now he has given that position to Stanley Wilkinson and became a full-time cocaine pusher for Siz Fulker alongside Huckleberry “Huck” Guthrie.

He was given the role as pusher after Siz needed to replace Manny McDaniels due to his out-of-the-city obligations. Siz found him and Huck to be the most fitting replacements because of their role in pushing Heavy Pistols. Weeks prior to the 3.0 phone update and with Siz rarely coming into the city to make cocaine drops, he has largely abandoned this job citing that it was a chore to do and found no joy in doing it. As of the 3.0 phone update, Siz has lost access to cocaine and by proxy, he has too.


Julio Thomas

Julio is the adoptive father of Kleb and acts as the father figure to many of The Frat. Julio also formerly owned The Frat's old frat house on Fudge Lane.

Lilian "Lily" Mackenzie

Lily was Kleb's First wife. He proposed to her twice after nearly a month of dating. The first time Lily denied him as the proposal was very out of nowhere and seemed forced. The second proposal was put together with a helping hand from Siz who offered Kleb his limo and tugboat for a proper proposal, to which Lily said yes.

Kaleb and Lily were married on July 17th, 2020 at the island in Mirror Park Lake. The Lady of the Lake officiated the wedding and gave the couple a beautiful ceremony filled with kind words. The two proceeded to rob a jewelry store with Huck and Stanley in celebration after they were wed.

They decided to separate only a few months after their wedding.

Huckleberry Guthrie

In the taco shop's early days, Huck, a few other members of the HOA, and The Frat all met and ran the shop together. The Frat looked up to Julio and Huck as "Frat Dad's," giving Huck the nickname "Shepherd." As The Frat dwindled away and Kaleb became interested in Huck's daughter Lily, the relationship between Huck and Kleb started to get rocky. The two seemed to be at opposition with each other due to the relationship between Kleb and Lily. Huck seemingly playing both sides, attempted to sabotage them and led one or the other to believe small lies in the attempt to separate the two to "save" his daughter.

Huck eventually ended up persuading/pressuring Kaleb into proposing to Lily, which he did in a spur of the moment decision in front of the Mirror Park Tavern. (Kaleb was denied that first proposal and then tried again on Siz's tugboat later the same day.) After the successful engagement, Huck seemed to come to terms that Kaleb wasn't going anywhere and decided to become best friends with him. Especially after the wedding, Kaleb and Huck have become very close and play well off of each other's personalities. The two have coined the name "Kluck" when they are together, much to the dismay of Lily, who endlessly complains they now spend too much time together.

Jessie Jugg

Jessie was Kleb's second wife after he divorced Lily on September. Though this marriage was apparently set up by Kleb's former wife, Lily, as a way to scam him into signing a prenuptial agreement in where she would divorce him and receive half of his assets. Though their relationship was never real and both sides agreed to largely ignore it.

Andi Jones

For a few months, Andi and Kaleb had a complicated relationship. They never interacted much before, but started growing closer as Kaleb began to lose interest in Lily, which made a bigger rift between the ex-couple. They had a close friendship, though it could've easily been seen as a relationship. Kaleb proposed marriage to Andi on February 28th, 2021. Though, they broke up on July 10th, 2021 stating that Andi wanted to marry Denzel for "tax purposes".


  • He is an alpha.
  • He was the first pledge of The Frat to be promoted to a full "OG".
  • He is a power bottom.
  • Had a crush on fellow frat member Brad Berkley, but went through Psychotherapy.
  • Had a crush on BCSO Sergeant Clarence Williams.
  • Was an English Major.
  • His parents took him to "Spanj" one summer.
  • His middle name is "Hawk". He once forgot his middle name and made one up on the spot (Ronald) when asked during a date with his wife, Lily.
  • He was married to Lilian “Lily” Mackenzie who is Huck's daughter. He started pursuing her after he tried to coerce Kermy Fulker to sleep with him, but was left on read, so he proceeded to move on.
  • Found out he was bisexual when he was playing spin the bottle and kissed his friend Darren.
  • His friend Darren died when he jumped off the top a waterfall (Two Hoots Falls, near Marlowe Vineyard) so he and the boys call it Darren Falls.
  • He can mimic the voices of many people, from Russians to Matthew Payne.
  • Kleb successfully completed a jailbreak on August 29th, 2020 alongside Julio, Flippy, and Miguel.
  • Was given two nicknames by Raphael. "Bunk Bed" because he can either be a bottom or a top, and "Kirby" because he sucks.
  • Kleb is currently hypnotized by Raphael into peeing his pants whenever he is mean to people.
  • He is a cocaine addict.
  • Has a back tattoo to signify his brotherhood with the Frat, though he has never seen it and claims that it says "brotherhood for life".


  • "Straight up"
  • "Boom"
  • "Wassuh"
  • "I'll kill your children!"
  • "I'm a Top now."
  • "You're a mother figure because damn, look at that figure" - to Copper
  • "You're adorable and smoking hot like in a little sister way" - simultaneously with Huck to Ant
  • "I was born this way, Lady Gaga told me so..." - to Lily about himself being funny
  • "Why can't Lily and I fist bump like that" - to Siz after seeing him and Zelda fist bump
  • "I'll punch my dad if you keep talking shit. I'll beat the shit out of my dad!"
  • "I'm telling you it's semen"
  • "Get right in there, 5 inches deep Lily!"
  • "Listen, this is a sex room"
  • "Do you think a therapist could make him open to getting his dick sucked?"
  • "Fuckin' the lady with the boys!"
  • "Baas isn't a GILF to you?"
  • "Yeah, I pissed myself! So what?"
  • "Copper tried to separate me from Julio. She has two PlayStations and VR and she was showing me naked women!"


Played By: Bldrs
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