Kaleb Rush is character role-played by BuildersInProgress

General Description[edit | edit source]

Kaleb Rush, also known as "Kleb" is a member of The Frat and the HOA.

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Kaleb Rush joined The Frat as a pledge after meeting both Alex Marshall and Jackson Caldwell while looking for a job at the Taco Shop. He was introduced to them and quickly got along with the duo, putting in hard work and long hours to help them out. Due to him spending the most time at the shop out of The Frat, he has been made a supervisor of the Taco Shop.

Membership in the HOA[edit | edit source]

On May 11th, 2020. Kaleb was made a full member of the HOA after he initially held out for the return of The Frat. After the constant holding out, he accepted the offer.

Illuminati[edit | edit source]

Kleb is one of the members of Thomas Dwayne's secretive brainwashed group called the Illuminati. He is part of the sixteen other sleeper cells who follow Thomas and his motivations.

He became a member after he went underwent hypnotherapy with Thomas Dwayne in order to remove his feelings for Brad Berkley.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Julio Thomas:[edit | edit source]

Julio is the adoptive father of Kleb and acts as the father figure to many of The Frat.

Lilian "Lily" Mackenzie[edit | edit source]

She is the girlfriend and future wife of Kleb. He proposed to Lily twice after nearly a month of dating. The first time Lily denied him as it was very out of nowhere and seemed forced. The second proposal was put together with a helping hand from Siz who offered Kleb his limo and tugboat for a proper proposal, to which Lily said yes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is an alpha.
  • He was the first pledge of The Frat to be promoted to a full "OG".
  • He is a power bottom.
  • Had a crush on fellow frat member Brad Berkley, but went through Psychotherapy.
  • Also, has a crush on BCSO Sergeant Clarence Williams.
  • Was an English Major.
  • His parents took him to "Spanj" one summer.
  • His middle name is "Hawk".
  • He is dating Lilian “Lily” Mackenzie who is Huck's daughter. He began hitting on her because he tried to coerce Kermy Fulker to sleep with him, but was left on read so he moved on.
  • Found out he was bisexual when he was playing spin the bottle and kissed his friend Darren.
  • His friend Darren died when he jumped off the top a waterfall (Two Hoots Falls, near Marlowe Vineyard) so he and the boys call it Darren Falls.
  • He can mimic the voices of many people, from Russians to Matthew Payne.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Straight up"
  • "Boom"
  • "Wassuh"
  • "I'll kill your children!"
  • "I'm a Top now."
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