Kaiden Maverick is a character role-played by Jraymac.


Kaiden Maverick typically sports a black suit jack with a white trim over a red vest and white button up shirt. He is often found wearing his sunglasses as well that have a tendency to be knocked off his face whenever his friends Mark and Kitty Dream accidentally punch him in the face.

Overall, Kaiden tends to be extremely nice to everyone he meets. He is always wanting to help others, whether he is giving them food, providing them with free wheel spins at the casino, or purchasing lockpicks for individuals he just met. One such individual that he always provides gifts to is his friend Four Tee. Although he is not one of her friends, he still goes and purchases Ramen or Tea from the Rooster's Rest every day for her in case he runs across her in the city.

Whenever it comes to relationships, Kaiden tends to want to make as many friends as possibly, however he is limited by his shy and awkward personality. His position at the Burger Shot is allowing him to grow, and he has met many interesting individuals, such as Shelly Smith and Sheldon Jones, his fellow employees. He also tends to use awkward and cheesy pickup lines on individuals he seems interested in, such as Kitty Dream and Eden Madchen.

Kaiden is still finding his way around the city and discovering new things through his adventures. Although he is a loyal employee to the Burger Shot, he wants to find more excitement throughout the city to keep him from staying at his job all day long, every day. Occasionally he will do sanitation jobs in the city with his friend Sharon Jones or show new citizens to the city important locations and occupations they can go to or partake in.

Kaiden does appear to suffer from some trauma in his past. One night whenever Shelly Smith, Taylor Briggs, Eunchong Lum, and himself were hanging out, Shelly provided vodka to everyone in Taylor's van. The group began to drink the alcohol whenever they reached Dean World prior to opening, with Kaiden being hesitant to drink it after describing his father to his friends. Taylor became violent after consuming the alcohol and proceeded to punch Shelly at least once. Kaiden witnessing this immediately began to run away from Taylor and the group, trying to flee away from the thoughts of his father beating Kaiden's mother, sister, and Kaiden himself. It is also thought that he suffers from other mental disabilities whenever he hinted to Taylor Briggs that he already has multiple voices in his head whenever Taylor communicated with him telepathically. Not much more is known about these voices as of now.

Overall, he tends to shy away from certain subjects whenever they are brought up in conversation. One such subject is revolved around inappropriate or sexual topics. Although he may find some of the jokes based around this funny, he usually tries not to show it, nor does he want to be wrapped up into it. He will occasionally go along with some topics of conversation or activities that he may not be the most comfortable in in order to fit in to those groups of people.


Life Before Los Santos

During Kaiden's childhood, he lived with both of his parents and his older sister whose name is still unknown. His father was an alcoholic, drinking tons of whiskey and beer every single day. One such consequence of his father constantly drinking, besides living in a poor household, was that his father would become violent and oftentimes beat his wife and children. Eventually his father was arrested for domestic abuse while he was in Middle School, and Kaiden was taken away by the CPS and sent to a foster home. This was the last time he would see his parents and his sister, who he still misses to this day since she would often comfort him during violent physical or mental altercations. This information became known whenever he opened up to Shelly Smith, Taylor Briggs, and Eunchong Lum after a night at the Rooster's Rest.

He was eventually adopted by a loving family, however he never felt quite uncomfortable in this household. He never made any friends during his time in High School, and he would often stay trapped in his room playing video games or watching streamers on Twatch. Although he did not have many social skills while growing up under either family, he did start to become more comfortable talking to other people online when he played video games. This was his main area of social development prior to going off to college.

Once Kaiden graduated from High School, he decided he was going to attend college in his home state, which is still unknown. The only known information of where Kaiden grew up is somewhere located in the South/Midwest. He eventually attended a Liberal Arts College as an Undeclared Major. It was not until his Junior Year did Kaiden learn that he wanted to study History. He eventually graduated from the University, however his grades were not the highest, not because of his intellect, but because of an altercation that happened during his Junior Year of College.

During his Junior Year, Kaiden was invited to go out to dinner with some friends and their significant others at a local chain restaurant. He was enjoying himself throughout the beginning of the night, however things began to take a turn. His friends provided him with "fruit smoothies" to drink, but unbeknownst to Kaiden, these were actually fruity alcoholic beverages. Kaiden ended up drinking two of these beverages and quickly became drunk, never consuming alcohol before in his life. His "friends" then began to laugh at Kaiden and started to record him making a fool of himself in the restaurant. During this time, he also ended up confessing his love to his High School/College crush that he has never told anyone else about prior to the moment. As the situation escalated and Kaiden became violent as he learned that he was provided alcohol behind his back, the whole group was kicked out of the restaurant.

After the events that occurred at the restaurant, his "friends" ended up posting the video to Twatter, and most people in his home state ended up viewing the video. The social pressure that he began to feel led to him locking himself in his dorm room and never talking to anyone else again at the University. He spent his last two years in College playing video games, watching Twatch, and slacking in his classes and doing homework.

First Day in the Big City

Once he graduated from college, he decided he wanted to start a new life. He decided to move to Los Santos in order to make new friends and find a new career path. Almost immediately after arriving at the Alta Street Apartments, Kaiden ran into Ash Ketchup, and proceeded to ask her if there was anywhere he could possibly go in order to meet new people and create some friends. He was almost immediately directed toward Mike Block, who told him to get in the car and do whatever he says. They then took Kaiden to the headquarters of the Los Santos Police Department and told him to go inside and threaten them with a bomb unless they gave him $300. Dispatcher Roy Armstrong greeted Kaiden and asked him what was happening, in which Kaiden described the situation to him. In order to keep Kaiden safe, Roy proceeded to give Kaiden the $300 to show that he did receive the money. At this time, Roy began to talk to Mike while a woman ran into MRPD asking for help and protection from an unknown assailant. As Mike began to get into a chase, a man wielding an axe ran into MRPD and struck the woman down before being shot and killed himself. Not knowing what to do, Kaiden proceeded to run outside and yell at the officers in the patrol cars outside that were about to start chasing Mike that a man with an axe was inside the police station. The cops immediately turned around, which accidentally allowed Mike to escape.

Burger Shot Interviews

The following days in Los Santos started to calm down. One day Kaiden found himself at Burger Shot in which he ran in to Shelly Smith, who was in a wheelchair at the time after being runover by Officer Cletus Cornwood at the time. He has since been promoted to Captain. Kaiden noticed that Shelly was struggling quite a bit that day and offered his assistance while her assisstant, Sherry Paie, was asleep. Thus Kaiden became Shelly's temporary assistant for the day, otherwise known as a temp. ass. Kaiden then proceeded to try his best to earn a job at the Burger Shot by trying to help Shelly whenever able along with painting his stolen Dominator in Burger Shot colors. This same vehicle was then given to Yuno Sykk and Four Tee whenever they were looking for a vehicle to use. This was the same vehicle that was involved in the third time that Yuno was arrested, and he proceeded to try and talk his way out of jail time by saying that the Dominator was a company vehicle and that he was delivering food from the Burger Shot.

During that same day, Kaiden began his interview process with Shelly outside of Burger Shot. Kaiden tried to find the right answer for every question, which made him look almost completely invested in the company that he did not even work for. This interview was eventually cut short whenever the police arrived along with Kaiden giving his "borrowed" vehicle to Yuno and 4T. The Hug-a-Hobo event then began at the Burger Shot that day, in which Kaiden offered his services to be a hobo for the day for the establishment. During this event, he would meet his future friend Leyla Nightingale. The interview process began a second time as the event failed to bring in a crowd, however this time it was led by both Shelly and Sherry and consisted with Peener Pogue as a second interviewee. The interview was hectic as Kaiden tried his best to gain the job while Peener was wondering if Burger Shot was holding Kaiden or his family, in which Peener then learned that Kaiden was formerly a foster child. Peener would often try and find the most interesting questions during this interview or just say whatever Kaiden went with. Although Peener was a fantastic wingman in supporting Kaiden during the interview process, his lack of unique answers and chaos he brought to the interview led to neither individual receiving the job. Both individuals then left the restaurant, and Peener apologized profusely to Kaiden for ruining his chances at a job. He was also completely baffled whenever he believed that Kaiden was a real hobo then proceeded to turn around and drive up to Peener in a two door sports car.

Officially an Employee

Later in the evening, Kaiden was called back to Burger Shot by Shelly in which he was informed that he was hired as a part-time employee at the establishment. He immediately began to start working at his new job to impress his bosses. In his first full day of work at his new job, Kaiden was surprised to learn that Burger Shot was catering an event at the racetrack behind the Diamond Casino and Resort. He ended up making a lot of new friends at Burger Shot at this event such as Ricardo Perez, Tomathy Steampipe, and Kitty Dream. Although he had to run back and make a ton of food for the event, once he managed to just sit and rest, he highly enjoyed the races, but primarily found enjoyment in the Los Santos Police Department Crash Derby. As the races concluded, a large portion of the Burger Shot employees went to gamble at the casino then proceeded to go to the after party. After the events took place, the normal job of working at Burger Shot continued. During one of the day shifts, Kitty asked if Kaiden would assist her in picking up her car. They both drove to Pillbox Medical Center together on their mutual friend Gloryon's motorcycle. Kitty and Kaiden continued to hangout after picking up her car as they worked at Burger Shot together. At one point the both of them proceeded to try and kick a Garbage Truck driver off their property for illegally parking and trespassing. During this time, Kitty began to punch Kaiden by accident, which led to Kaiden responding with, "This is the most I have ever been hit on by a girl before." Later in the day, she punched him once again in the kitchen at Burger Shot, and he responded to her apology by saying, "Oh, don't worry, you are the only girl that I'm fine with hitting on me." It can be understood that Kaiden may fancy Kitty Dream after these conversations. Later in the day, a large group came together and started to play a dice game in which Kaiden ended up winning all of the money in the pot. This is also whenever he met his new friend Olivia Harvey for the first time.

The Tour Guide

After working at the Burger Shot for multiple days with little to no events occurring, he eventually ran across a man named Mark in the city. He decided he would help this individual around the city by showing him important locations and occupations he could take up. They began the day by doing Deliveries, however it quickly led to both of them being involved in their delivery truck blowing up whenever Mark backed up into a packed gas tanker. Mark survived with minimal injuries and burns while Kaiden was trapped in the burning truck, leading to 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his legs along with a problem speaking from the amount of smoke from the fire. He was then taken to the hospital in which he was treated prior to the two returning to work. They moved on to do sanitation jobs in which the group was quickly pulled over by a police officer after running a red light while speeding. Cadet Jaryd Peak then let him go with just a warning since this was his first traffic violation in the city. Kaiden would eventually bring a meal from the Burger Shot to Mission Row as a thank you to Jaryd, however it is believed that Captain Cornwood took this gift and kept it for himself. After doing some more delivery jobs with Mark and meeting up with his friend Sharon Jones at the Wally Ouija Tournament at the beach, Mark and Kaiden ran in to an individual known as Eden Madchen at the Legion Square Fleeca Bank. After speaking for awhile at this location, the trio decided to head up to the Andi Jones Farmers Market in Paleto Bay. While they spent some time here, the group ran across a guy only known as General Tarkov.

Secret Agents

After Eden spoke to this individual about a secret assignment that he needed to complete, the trio had the idea of sending this individual on missions across the city in order to provide them with certain items they are in need of. The group all dressed up as secret agents, gave them the codenames Agent K, Agent M, and Agent E respectfully, and used terrible Russian accents to hide their identities. After General Tarkov completed his first mission for the group, which was to obtain three pairs of shoes, the group, now known as the BKG (subject to change), had him meet them at the pier in Chumash. While at the pier, he received a small cash reward prior to being sent on his second mission, which consisted of obtaining two class one firearms for the ensemble. Between missions, the trio searched across San Andreas to locate a new meeting location, however Eden, otherwise known as Agent E, drowned in the ocean, which required the EMS to send a rescue helicopter to rescue the stranded group from the top of a mountain. After a series of headpops, the ensemble met General Tarkov at the crypt in the graveyard to complete his second mission. At this time, two unknown individuals walked into the crypt with guns out prior to slowly turning around and walking up the stairs as they say a man in camouflage in a meeting with three individuals in all black with masks on and carrying guns. Kaiden, known as Agent K, then had both Agent M and E go and speak to these two individual while he promoted General Tarkov from Private in the BKG to Corporal and gave him a cigarette that allegedly touched Agent E's lips.

Is It Romance?

After the events in the crypt concluded and the trio told General Corporal Tarkov that they will contact him about any further missions, the group headed off to the Rooster's Rest. While there, Eden wanted to partake in a twerking contest that was apparently taking place, however due to it requiring money and the establishment closing for the night, the group proceeded to take a decent amount of individuals to Burger Shot in order to twerk on the tables there. As Kaiden was becoming tired, he then asked Eden if she would like to accompany him to the beach after he has been telling her cheesy pickup lines all day long. The two walked down the beach together and goofed off after killing some locals until they spotted a tractor on the beach. Once they spotted the tractor, he then let Eden take his last lockpick and attempt to break in to the tractor, however she unfortunately broke the lockpick in the process. In Kaiden's eyes, this is thought to be the first date he has ever been on in his life.



Kaiden rarely does deliveries, however he will whenever he feels bored or is showing someone around the city. His most recent time showing someone how to do deliveries led to them being involved in a fiery explosion that led to Kaiden being burned heavily and having a problem speaking for a short period of time.


Oftentimes Kaiden will begin his day in the city doing sanitation jobs with his friend Sharon Jones. She originally showed him how to do sanitation, and he made some pretty decent money off of it after he did the jobs for Curtis Swoleroid and Mario Le-Pipe. He plans to do sanitation jobs with Eden in the future, since she said to him that she is known as the "Trash Queen."

Burger Shot

Kaiden managed to obtain a position as a part-time employee at the Burger Shot after an interview went downhill with the help of Peener Pogue. Kaiden really appreciates his boss Shelly Smith and has made many new friends through the establishment. Some of these friends consist of Yuno Sykk, Ash Ketchup, Olivia Harvey, Kitty Dream, Tomathy Steampipe, Taylor Briggs, Ricardo Perez, and Sheldon Jones. Kaiden really enjoys working at the Burger Shot, however he does wish to find more activities to do so he is not at the store all day every day.

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