Kai King is a character role-played by DigiiTsuna.

Background Information

Kai King is a former Doctor at Pillbox Medical Center.

However, several years ago King was a notorious criminal in London. During his time as a criminal, he made several enemies who were eager to murder him. As a result, King fled the country to Los Santos and started a new life, determined to keep his past a secret.

When he first arrived in Los Santos, King engaged in petty crimes with other shady figures in the city. He soon discovered that crime in this new city was just as dangerous as back home.

General Description

After giving up on the crime scene, King found his calling by volunteering for the local Emergency Medical Services. Shortly after he began his volunteer work, the Chief of Medicine Serge Cross offered him an opportunity to become one of the first doctors employed at Pillbox Medical. King accepted the position, and has never taken his duty as a physician for granted.

Back to Los Santos

After a much needed vacation--and a work suspension--King returned to his work at Pillbox Medical. Some time after his return, Kayden Steele sent him on a wild goose chase that ultimately hurt his friendship with Andrew Ducksworth.

In spite of these incidents, King hasn't lost his determination to save lives and protect the friends he's found in Los Santos.

Dr. King attempted to seek out counseling from the Psychiatry department at Pillbox Medical. For reasons that aren't clear, he was not able to undergo this treatment. Dr. King resigned from his position on December 27, 2019.


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