Kael Soze is a character role-played by koil.

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Kael Soze is a High Command Trooper of the SASP, Badge #201.

With his bleach blonde hair and mustache, Kael is widely regarded as the sexiest officer on the force. He is also the best shooter, best driver, and an extremely talented negotiator. Criminals fear both his imposing presence, and his tactical genius.

Often seen on patrols tasing fellow Trooper Tony Andrews, while repeating how virile he is fornicating with both Andrews' wife (Torah Andrews) and his mother. Recent stress from undercover work and negative press caused Kael to start "malding" losing some of his famously luxurious hair.

Officer Soze “Worst Mustache” Award Edit

'It was cause for celebration in the city of Los Santos today, as Weazel News gave out it’s inaugural “Worst Mustache” award! In an extremely exclusive ceremony, the award (known as The Wispy) was given to Officer Soze in recognition for his sad fluff of peach fuzz that he continues to baffle everyone with, as most sane people would have shaved it once they hit puberty.

“I am honored to receive this award, and will continue to have this dead bleached caterpillar above my sneering lips!” Is what Soze probably would have said, if he had attended the ceremony. He also probably would have been excited to receive the trophy and is probably excited to begin his next phase of facial achievement – winning the next inaugural Neckbeardie Award.

Congrats, Officer Soze! Keep up the good/terrible work!'

Quotes Edit

  • "You sir are illegal"
  • "This is Kael Soze, from the state PO-lice."
  • "Fuck you doing, Sir"
  • "Yall want the 9's'2."
  • "Stop in the name of the LAW"
  • "State PO-lice"
  • "10-4 rubber ducky."
  • "Stop in name of the law, what you are doing is highly illegal."
  • "Stop being a dumbass and give yourself up."
  • "Sir, what you are doing is illegal."
  • "Son, this is the state PO-LEASE"
  • "Do you know what we do in the state penitentiary? We rehabilitate Motherfuckers, SIR!"

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