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The K9 certification allows an officer to train and handle a K9 unit.

General Description

K9 is a certification available to tenured law-enforcement officers of the San Andreas State Police, the San Andreas State Park Rangers, the Los Santos Police Department, the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, and the Senora Desert Sheriff's Office. Tenured officers being those who hold a senior rank or higher in their respective department.

Trooper Jack Ripley and Undersheriff Matt Rhodes manage the K9 certification program, with their primary tasks being the selection of the law-enforcement officers who will receive the certification, the initial training of the K9 units, and the bonding of each K9 unit to its assigned handler.

Within the K9 Program exist the ranks of Handlers, and Senior Handlers, and Cross-Trained Handlers.

  • Program Leaders are in charge of the K9 Program, including certifying Handlers, managing Standard Operating Procedures, and promoting Handlers within the program.
  • Senior Handlers are allowed to take the Police Vests off of their K9 Partners and spend time with them off-duty.
  • Handlers are allowed their own K9 Partner to patrol with on-duty.
  • Cross-Trained Handlers share a K9 Partner with other Handlers.

K9 Units

A K9 (or canine) unit is a dog that has undergone specific training in order to be partnered up with a law-enforcement officer. The dog is taught to perform a wide range of actions in response to verbal cues and hand gestures expressed by their handler. These actions include (but are not limited to):

  • Searching vehicles and persons for drugs.
  • Searching areas for concealed persons or objects.
  • Chasing and attacking fleeing suspects.

The dog breeds used for K9 units in Los Santos are: Border Collies, Labrador Retrievers, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Siberian Huskies.

San Andreas State Police

Name Breed Patrol Rank K9 Rank Insignia Handler
Eth Labrador Retriever Chief Handler SASPTrooper.png Kael Soze
Koil Siberian Husky Chief Handler SASPTrooper.png Tony Andrews
TBD Pending Trooper Ranger Handler Trooper.png Derby West Bromwich
Zero Pit Bull Trooper Program Leader Trooper.png Jack Ripley
Reyna Siberian Husky Trooper Handler Trooper.png Selena Mendoza
Fenton Rottweiler Trooper Handler Trooper.png Jackie Snow
Pit Bullet Pit Bull Trooper Handler Trooper.png A.J. Hunter
Crybabypeepants Border Collie Trooper Handler Trooper.png Olivia Copper

San Andreas State Park Rangers

Name Breed Patrol Rank K9 Rank Insignia Handler
Bonan Siberian Husky Lieutenant Handler LieutenantSASPR.png Conan Clarkson
Shoe Pit Bull Sergeant Handler SergeantSASPR.png Ziggy Buggs
Scout Labrador Retriever Sergeant Senior Handler SergeantSASPR.png Tessa Lamb
Ember Pending Sergeant Handler SergeantSASPR.png Honathan Yolo
Yogi Border Collie Corporal Cross-Trained Handler CorporalSASPR.png John Mineo
Franky Dulio
Barry Briddle
Maddison Bancroft
Jerry Perkins
TBD Pending Trooper Ranger Handler Trooper.png Derby West Bromwich
Grogu Rottweiler Senior Ranger Handler SeniorRanger.png Franky Dulio
Zoomer Pit Bull Senior Ranger Handler SeniorRanger.png Maddison Bancroft

Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office

Name Breed Patrol Rank K9 Rank Insignia Handler
OJ Siberian Husky Sheriff Handler SheriffPBSO.png Kyle Pred
Peanut Siberian Husky Undersheriff Program Leader UndersheriffPBSO.png Matt Rhodes
Patricia Mayonnaise
Pocket Siberian Husky Lieutenant Handler LieutenantPBSO.png Anita May
Arthas Labrador Retriever Lieutenant Senior Handler LieutenantPBSO.png Matthew Espinoz
Ekko Siberian Husky Corporal Senior Handler CorporalPBSO.png Mina Price
Chaos Siberian Husky Corporal Senior Handler CorporalPBSO.png Lea Nova
Dude Labrador Retriever Senior Deputy Senior Handler SeniorDeputyPBSO.png Dan Faily
Buster Siberian Husky Senior Deputy Handler SeniorDeputyPBSO.png Kevin Keyte

Los Santos Police Department

Name Breed Patrol Rank K9 Rank Insignia Handler
Tripod Siberian Husky Assistant Chief Handler ACoP.png Lance Malton
Ted Pit Bull Captain Handler CaptainLSPD.png Jeffrey Bundy
Roxxane Rottweiler Captain Handler CaptainLSPD.png Tracy Martell
Mia Pit Bull Lieutenant Handler LieutenantLSPD.png Emma Dupont
Jango Siberian Husky Lieutenant Handler LieutenantLSPD.png Aaron Byson
Preacher Siberian Husky Corporal Handler CorporalLSPD.png Dante Wolf
Dingo Rottweiler Corporal Handler CorporalLSPD.png Luka Kozlov

Senora Desert Sheriff's Office

Name Breed Patrol Rank K9 Rank Insignia Handler
Ace Labrador Retriever Sheriff Cross-Trained Handler SheriffSDSO.png Domenic Toretti
Silas Grimmer
Roy Armstrong
Ensley Alton

Street Crimes Unit

Name Breed Patrol Rank K9 Rank Insignia Handler
Watson Border Collie Chief of Detectives Cross-Trained Handler CaptainPBSO.png Jenny Hall
Jeffrey Bundy
Daisy Dukakis
Sexton Hardcastle

Former Handlers

Handler Insignia Badge # Note Date K9 Name
Lily Pond SeniorOfficer.png 413 Decertified July 28th, 2021 River
Ellis Pinzon SergeantLSPD.png 469 Decertified November 6th, 2021 Pawzon