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Justin Porter was a character role-played by aurvinR.

General Description

Justin Porter was a taxi driver, operating under "Helping Taxi" name. He was also a Trainee for the Emergency Medical Services, call-sign Tango-21.


Justin Porter was born on June 17th 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden. Both of his parents, David and Lily Porter, were immigrants from UK that moved to Sweden because of work. When Justin was 4, his parents decided to move back to UK. Thanks to their job as Software Developers, Justin’s parents were able to spend as much time with him as they needed. Eventually, the strong bond between Justin and his parents was created. In the following 10 years, Justin developed a strong affection for classical music and charity work. His parents never attempted to give him any hints or point him in a direction they wanted and Justin continued to look for a future job or a project he wanted to undertake. When he was 14, the entire family moved to US, Texas, Austin. The only thing that majorly changed for Justin was his classmates: they were more open and aggressive, in a passive way. Justin was slightly concerned about that, so he brought it up to his parents. They then taught him an important lesson: Always do what you think is right; do not rely on other people’s opinion or views, only yours; be a good person and strive to be better; abandon hate and anger – they can easily poison your mind. Justin took their advice to heart and continued behaving that way. Years passed by and, seemingly, nothing changed. A short while after Justin finished high school, he decided to become a cab driver, at least for the time being. He still couldn’t find his dream job or project to devote his life to. However, all of that changed on July 17th 2012.

A month after his 18th birthday, Justin was called by his father who informed him that Lily was in the hospital after a car accident. The same day, when Justin was waiting for the results of the surgery in the hospital, he was called to the room where his mother was in and informed by a doctor that it was most likely a final goodbye – Lily was very weak. Justin had a short conversation with his mother, during which she repeated the same advice from 4 years ago, about doing what is right, and asked him to promise her one thing – not to mourn her and help people that need it. She also reassured him that, in the end, everything is going to be OK. Lily passed away the same night.

In order to keep himself from giving up, Justin decided to keep that promise. He continued working as a cab driver, as well as doing charity work. Eventually, at the end of January 2021, Justin decided to try and help people somewhere else. He chose Los Santos.


Justin is soft spoken and talkative individual. He like meeting new people and participating in social events. He loves jokes and laughing. He has 2 main hobbies – listening to classical music and charity work.

Justin always wants to help people. Since his mother’s death, this became his underlying goal and passion with everything he’s doing. He doesn’t expect anything in return – he’s doing it because he believes it’s right and good.

Justin doesn’t allow anger or hate to enter his mind – another lesson taught by his mother. The most extreme emotions he experiences are disappointment and jealousy. Whenever it gets hard for him to control his emotions, Justin takes a step back and retreats into himself in order to regain that control.

Justin abides by all the laws – he deeply believes in their importance and goal.

Justin is not a fan of rushing things – he likes to go one step at a time; as he likes to say “Slowly but surely”. This applies to helping others, his job or any other activity he’s doing. However, if he has to hurry up, he will do it. Justin is blind to certain things, especially crime. He can notice obvious examples of it, but anything more discrete or complicated, and he loses sight of it. Justin is naive in certain situations, especially the ones regarding crime. He is very bad at recognizing whether people are lying and can be easily deceived.

Whenever Justin retreats into himself, he allows anyone to do anything to him, no matter how horrendous it is. Only after a few minutes of total peace, Justin comes back to his old self.

Current events and goals

On February 7th 2021, Justin arrived to the city and, shortly after, bought his cab. He then started operating under "Helping Taxi" name, aiming to provide assistance to as many people as he possibly can. His most remarkable encounters so far include Regina Bunny and, subsequently (as a favor asked by Regina), Joey Russo.

Justin's ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible and find a dream project/job he can devote his life to.

Throughout February and March 2021, Justin became interested in becoming an EMS. He started doing ridealongs with multiple medics, watching and learning from them. With each ridealong, he became more and more interested and passionate about EMS.

Finally, on March 23rd 2021, Justin was offered a job as an EMS, in a position of a Trainee, which he accepted immediately.

Justin started his job shortly afterwards, trying to learn everything he could, as best as he could. Justin worked as a Trainee for 1.5 months, before his health problems started.

After suffering from severe migraines for several weeks, Justin decided that it would be best for him to leave EMS, as he was not able to perform his job properly.

On June 16th 2021, Justin has officially left EMS. Too sick to even say goodbye to his co-workers, Justin boarded the next plane to Austin, Texas, and left Los Santos shortly afterwards. Justin is now living with his father, still struggling with his migraines.

Played By: aurvinR
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