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Jupiter Adams is a character role-played by Kennasofly.


Jupiter is known for her growing reputation as a street racer. Her racing style has been labeled as “sending it”. She drives with a high-risk, high-reward mentality. She often participates in crime and holds the role of the getaway driver.

Jupiter can be identified by her signature blonde high ponytail, or signature black gem necklace.


Jupiter has a feisty, flirty personality. Although she may come across as shy at times, she will not hesitate to throw hands or shoot when crossed. She loves to make sexual innuendos and is very money oriented. Jupiter is extremely loyal to her mom, Nancy Landgraab and her sister, Carmella Corset, even forgiving Carmella for once attempting to murder her. She goes after anyone who disrespects them in front of her. When she is feeling a bit stressed, she smokes weed to help calm her down.

Background Information

Jupiter is the youngest daughter of Nancy Landgraab. She was adopted as a baby and doesn't know who her biological parents are. It is unknown how Nancy came to find her.




Nancy Landgraab took Jupiter in and raised her as her own. Nancy taught her daughters, Hannah, Carmella and Jupiter, how to hustle and use their sexuality to their advantage. Nancy is proud of her girls and their power of persuasion when it comes to men.


Carmella is Jupiter's older sister and most trusted ally. They often confide in each other about relationships and team up for jobs- Carmella being the hacker and Jupiter being the driver. As sisters, Carmella is the person that knows Jupiter best and always has her back.


Hannah is Jupiter's oldest sister. When she was around the two of them weren't as close as Jupiter and Carmella but she still had her sister's back. Hannah was known for being a little protective and over the top. During the time when Al Saab and Nino Chavez were after the girls, Hannah tried to protect them but ended up causing more chaos.



Wingman is Jupiter’s ex-fiancé. He unfortunately fell victim to the family curse and was murdered not long after him and Jupiter broke up. Jupiter gained her nickname Wingwoman from the two often being seen side by side in matching outfits.


John Spartan and Jupiter started dating after she became a vampire. She was arrested during her turning ceremony held by Carmella, where the two planned a fake date in order sacrifice BBMC member, Chain. She was caught and interrogated by Spartan who tried to get her to bite him as well. When she was sent off, he gave her his number and the two began talking. Her criminal background and involvement in street racing led to him breaking up with her in a parking garage.



When Heath first met Jupiter, he just saw her as another one of Paris's friends, but after Jupiter started coming around more frequently, the two got to know each other more when she joined the Saboteurs.

Heath, while at the time he was acting "gay undercover", developed a small crush on Jupiter as they spent time together, however Jupiter didn't seem to share the same feelings for him. She always will think of him as "the gay bestie", even though he now denies being gay. This is where her iconic saying "Bitch, we know you like Boys" came from, and every male friend Heath's around or talks about, she jokingly asks if they are his new boyfriend. The two remain best friends, boosting cars for GNE and cleaning money with weed/oxy runs. Heath previously stayed at her house sleeping on her couch but has since moved out.

During the time when Heath faked his death she was the only close friend who didn't attend the Funeral because she felt in her heart he wasn't really dead and proceeded to searched Truth Island daily instead.


Lana is one of Jupiter’s day-one’s. They both took part in creating the group The Saboteurs which later disbanded. Jupiter, Lana, Carmella and Olivia Harvey, also worked as a crew in an attempt to complete the first all girl’s vault. Jupiter and Lana grew distant after Lana broke up with Heath Argo and joined the Mandem but are still friends.

Along with Oakley, Violet, Abby, and Claire, they attempted the VAR heist, a first for Jupiter.


Olivia and Jupiter have been friends for a while. Although she comes and goes from Los Santos, whenever Olivia is back in town the girls get the crew back together to complete jobs and catch her up on the latest Los Santos News.


Cayman and Jupiter became closer during the time when she thought she was pregnant, and he was going through relationships problems with Sam from NBC. Now he is someone she will call up regularly for advice or to be messy with.

Foes/ Past Issues


While cleaning money and running oxy in GSF's territory, A couple members of GSF rolled up on Jupiter and robbed her of the money she'd made. Jupiter felt betrayed, seeing as she'd believed she had a friendship with OG members Dexx and Carter. Along with Ajax and her best friend Heath Argo, Jupiter robbed and shot GSF, then Ajax attempted to ocean dump them. Unfortunately they were saved and remembered the incident. They continued to go after Jupiter until she returned the items. The conflict was officially settled when Summer took Jupiter to the top of a mountain, stole her phone, and made her walk back top the city.


Paris and Jupiter used to be close friends and members of the same gang, The Saboteurs. That friendship became rocky after the Saboteurs split up and the girls began going their own ways. Jupiter felt as if Paris didn't value her friendship anymore and when Paris began building a new gang, The Dolls, She felt as if Jupiter didn't respect her efforts to build something on her own. They talked about their issues and agreed to move forward, but a couple days later Paris found out that her husband and Jupiter had been flirting. Paris cut Jupiter off completely. They haven't talked since.

Maverick is the ex-husband of Paris Argo. When Paris and Jupiter’s friendship began to fall apart, Jupiter started hanging out with Maverick. He eventually told Paris that he wanted a divorce and immediately began pursuing Jupiter. While talking to Heath, Jupiter revealed that Maverick cheated on Paris with her before their separation. Now, Jupiter and Maverick rarely speak.


Lexi Law and Jupiter have a complicated past. Lexi, Jupiter, and Carmella used to work at the Vanilla Unicorn and would often clash. While Lexi was dating Wolfgang Cole, she believed Jupiter was after him as well. Because of this, Lexi didn't trust Jupiter with her brother and made it known that she didn’t approve of their friendship.

Liam Law and Jupiter got to know each other when he became more involved in street racing. The two had a friends-with-benefits type of situation which started after his gang member, Violet, called Jupiter and let her know he was interested. Jupiter's history with his sister, Lexi Law, caused tension between the siblings and when she found out that he'd been sleeping with Jupiter, she shot him in the back.

The relationship came to an end when Jupiter and Carmella kidnapped Lexi for a Bay City Bank job. While preparing for the job, Carmella spotted Lexi at a clothing store and suggested they take her hostage. Once at the bank, the situation seemed cordial until The Angels found the bank they were at. Liam shot Jupitar in the head, then Lexi shot Carmella.

After the girls got medical attention, Claire suggested they meet up to sort everything out. Here, Carmella asked for the money back which The Angels denied. Carmella told them she will take it out of Violet and Oakley's paycheck at morph, as she is firing them. Lexi pulled out her gun and Carmella pointed out that they seem to like shooting instead of talking, sourcing the "Don't Fuck With ze Angels" incident where Carmella called Lexi "Bootleg Kim Possible" and got shot. Lexi then shot down Carmella and Jupiter, ending the conversation.


The Stolen Vehicle (2.0)

When Jupiter, Carmella and Hannah met up for a night out, Hannah placed her usual ad on the yellow pages for cuddling for her and her sisters' business. It was then they were called up soon after by a mysterious man by the name of Al Saab, who wanted to meet up with them, because he was feeling lonely. Hannah accidentally gave him the wrong address at the start. Eventually, he called them back to meet up at a proper location, not long after greeting they got into Saab's vehicle to head off to a location where he proceeds to leave his car to go make a call. The sisters were suspicious about this and were having doubts about waiting for him. Thus, Jupiter wired his car, and they drove off, leaving him behind to call for his friend Nino Chavez to come pick him up. They were then briefly chased by Nino as Saab was making threats towards them over Hannah's phone to return his car back to him-- which Jupiter refused unless he let them perform a... sexual favor and, most importantly, gave them their money.

They soon came to an agreement to meet up for their payment and Jupiter hid with Saab's car while Carmella and Hannah dealt with talking to him-- which he then shows up with the cops about his stolen car. They went to go find it along with Jupiter who refused to leave the car, believing he wanted to take advantage of Hannah, and ended up driving away with it and escaping the cops. (This, however, made the situation worse) 

Hannah and Carmella were eventually let go as they walked to a clothing shop.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the last Hannah had seen of them.

After Carmella left, Hannah was contacted by another mysterious man for her cuddling service ad. She didn't think much about it, figuring that it was just another customer, so she left to go meet up with him on a boat in the middle of the ocean. This turned out to be a set up planned by Saab to teach her and her sisters a lesson from messing with them, even if Hannah had no idea what he was talking about as she was just trying to do her job and didn't think Jupiter would run off with the car.

Nino had convinced Saab into letting her go and preventing any violence from happening as he believed she was innocent. Hannah told them that she will talk to Jupiter about the car when she sees her again and Nino gives their contact number to her, and he asked her to keep in touch if she hears any word from Jupiter. She hasn't made any contact with Saab and Nino since then.

The Bryce incident (2.0)

Jupiter was the final sister to meet Bryce Miller. He called her and they met up for a rainy date on his yacht. Seeing how rich he was, Jupiter used her skills in acting to gain $2 from him and soon $10. After the storm, they went back in 'his' car where she attempted to coerce him into giving her more in order to buy herself a car-- which he refused, as he already given her $12. Jupiter was angry about this and broke it off with him.

They met up again after an argument on Twatter. He'd wanted the banquet of flowers he'd given her returned to him. She told him she would return them and arranged a meeting. From there she drove him to a secluded place to kill him. Bryce managed to get away with a few hits.

Their third meeting happened when Jupiter stole his car and Twatted about taking his most treasured belonging, something Bryce didn't care much for since it wasn't his in the first place. He found that she had dropped her ID in the process, and when she went to go look for it, she found that he had taken it. They meet at the store to trade for her ID with his the banquet of flowers. After the trade, Jupiter told him not to talk to her again and attempted to leave. Bryce jumped in her car which upset her, she retaliated by crashing her car in hopes that he would get ejected. When he playfully refused to exit, she get out and beat the car while yelling for him to get out. He continued to refuse and claimed that she must have strong feelings for him to go off like this; much to Jupiter's disgust.

She gave him one last warning to not call her ever again, and left him behind with the destroyed car.

First Girls Vault (3.0)

Jupiter, Carmella, Liz Anya, and Olivia Harvey became the first girl group to successfully hit the vault. Carmella single handedly hacked the laptops and thermite, and Jupiter was the getaway driver. They continue to hold the title of the only all girls group to complete the upper vault.

Ladies Night VAR (3.0)

On February 8, 2022 Jupiter was called by Angels member, Violet to participate in VAR with the girlies (Abby, Lana, Claire, Oakley, and Violet). Although they didn’t make it all the way through, Claire one-shotted the thermite and completed the first VAR hack. Jupiter remained on of the last girls standing, demonstrating her skills in shooting. When the group was deciding if they should quit, seeing as Jupiter was the last ones standing, Jupiter made one final play and took on the NPC's by herself. Luckily, she found a CPR kit and was able to revive Violet. They worked together to then revive Oakley and Lana. Unfortunately, the NPC’s were hyper-focused on the remaining downed girls and when the group tried to save them they got wiped out.

After VAR, the girls decided to show Abby, a new resident of Los Santos, how to crack a store safe and drove to the Little Seoul Gas Station. This area is known for being in CG’s territory. After Abby completed the hack, the group got ambushed by CG along with Mandem member Tommy. As the girls tussled for their loot, Mr. K made his way to the safe and stole the goods. The chase for the stolen items took them to the CG compound where most of the ladies were knocked out.

They then decided to hit the store on Clinton Avenue. When the cops showed up, they gave the alibi of holding a Zumba class, distracting the officers with their coordinated lap dance. Lana drove them away after a rocky attempt to gather everyone in the vehicle. All made it out with no jailtime.

Pregnancy Scare (3.0)

During the Re-election for mayor, Bunny included pregnancy tests as part of her campaign to 'be sure' about who your voting for. One day while picking up weed from Deans world, someone from Bunny's campaign team left a pregnancy test in Jupiter's glove box. Unsure what to do about it, she left it in there and continued on with her day. Later, she picked up her sister Carmella, who happened to open the glovebox and find the test. She questioned Jupiter about it and Jupiter eventually admitted to possibly being pregnant. She told her sister that Liam Law was the only man she’d recently been with and given the relationship, Carmella urged Jupiter to take the test hoping for a negative. The sisters rushed to the casino bathroom where Jupiter took the test. It came back Positive (=). They tried to decipher what the sign meant, concluding that it was either twins based on the two lines or that the baby was going to be good at math. While Jupiter processed this new information, Carmella called Cayman. The three met up in order to come up with a plan to tell Liam the news, and decide if Jupiter should lie and say the baby is Brad Betts, who she was faking a relationship with at the time.

They eventually came up with the idea to leave a gift box at Liam's door with a note, a tee shirt that said ‘Worlds Best Dad’, and the pregnancy test inside of it. While getting the items together Jupiter spilled the news through text by sending Liam a picture of a baby onesie. He didn’t take the news well, stating that the bullet he shot her with at the bank must have left brain damage.

A couple days later, Jupiter, Carmella, and Cayman broke into a hospital room to preform an ultrasound, stating that you cant trust doctors. They realized that they didn't know how to read an ultrasound and called for Dr. Emma Gaine. Emma concluded that Jupiter has a thyroid issue which produced pregnancy symptoms and caused the pregnancy test to show a false positive.


Car Name Status
Supra A80 Saturn Currently owns
Honda NSX Venus Previously owned (sold)
Sultan MKII Pluto Previously owned (sold)


  • The Family Curse: It is said that once a man dates a Landgraab Girl, they either die or disappear.
  • Jupiter's Comfort Bat: Jupiter's go to weapon aside from her fists. She uses it for protection and intimidation. She calls it her Comfort Bat.
  • The Necklace: Left with Jupiter by her birth mother before she was taken in by Nancy, it’s a staple piece in all of Jupiter’s outfits.


"It’s true."

"Fucking locals!"

"It’s Big Jupe!"

"Shut up biitch"




Played By: Kennasofly
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