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Junior Meats is a character role-played by soleKEFS.

General Description

Junior Meats is the Road Captain of the Bondi Boys MC.

History with Bondi Boys MC

Junior first met BBMC in Benny's where he exchanged numbers with Chain and Collin. He was later brought in as an official Hangaround and along with fellow Hangarounds grew and distributed weed. He was always ready to help and impressed Prospect Jesse Reed with his street smarts and communication. After being the first Hangaround to complete Pez's 50k challenge and spending time with the patched members, showing them his reliability and skills in intense situations, Junior joined Bondi Boys MC as a Prospect on the 27th of October 2021 along with Edbert Ropeburn.

He got Patched on the 04th of January 2022 and became the Road Captain of the Club on the 20th of March, 2022.