Julio Thomas is a character roleplayed by Chalupa_Pants. A gun dealer who definitely isn't a member of the Vagos.

Description Edit

Julio tends to wear neutral-colored clothing in fear of being associated with a gang. His usual outfit consists of a plaid shirt, a black cap, and a pair of sunglasses.

He is concerned about climate change, leading him to own a turbo-charged and pimped out Panto in order to reduce his carbon footprint.

Personality Edit

There is really no other way to describe Julio's demeanor other than that he is a bit of a beta. It leads to people underestimating him, which is a double edged sword in itself. He started his life in the city not wanting to be involved in violent crime, but as time went on, he is willing to do whatever he needs to in the name of business.

His passion for his job matches his loyalty to the people he cares about. Julio adopts a ride-or-die attitude when his friends are in danger, sometimes at the expense of his morality. This notably includes beating down Detective Emily Reinhart, who had captured of his friend Vazily Sazkaljovich at the time after a store robbery went wrong. The pair, along with Falcon Aletta, surrendered themselves to the police due to the guilt they felt for downing the only officer on duty at the time.

Background Information Edit

Julio originially lived in Dallas, Texas, before moving to Los Santos. In his home state, he witnessed the death of Bobby Smith's twin sister, Matilda Smith. Bobby believes that Matilda's death was the result of a drive-by accident gone wrong. Julio, however, states that Matilda died because a rabid dog who was startled by gun shots attacked her. He also says that only real casualty of gunfire was Matilda's pet hamster.

Facts Edit

  • Paid $40,000 in exchange for being a groomsmen at Vladimir Raven's and Bobby Smith's wedding.
  • He lives in Fudge Lane, directly beside Sonya Summers.
  • Olivia Copper has restraining order against Julio, ordering him to be 50 feet away from her.

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