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Julio Thomas is a character roleplayed by Chalupa_Pants.

General Description

Julio Thomas is a high-command member of the HOA.

Physical Description

Julio's usual outfit consists of a mail-boy cap, black/grey trenchcoat, white shirt with an orange tie, and a plate carrier. He is seen with his iconic neon purple and green rave mask; when hiding from the cops he takes off his mask and wears the plaid shirt, sunglasses, and baggy jeans look.


There is really no other way to describe Julio's demeanor other than that he is a bit of a beta. It leads to people underestimating him, which can be a double edged sword. He is very ride-or-die for his friends and fellow members of the HOA and he is also a very capable person. Don't let his silly and goofy demeanor fool you as he can be diplomatic, stern, violent, and/or ruthless.

Membership in the HOA

Julio is a longtime member of the HOA and is part of High Command. He gave himself the title of Supreme OG of the HOA making him the unofficial "leader" of the HOA during Siz Fulker's absence. On 10/08/2021, he was made a trial HOA High Command member after Andi put in the good word to Siz. Though with no word of his trial (probably because it was forgotten) he is now the third member of high command of the HoA.

He is skilled in combat and issuing out orders to his comrades. Some regard him as one of the shotcallers in the HOA, though he can make some questionable decisions sometimes (i.e.: wide-flanks).


Julio can be seen rolling around in his orange Coil Savanna or GT63S or with the rest of the HOA.

Early 3.0:
  • He was one of the assistant cooks of Siz's/HoA's methamphetamine operation, though with meth drastically changing he is no longer needed to cook.
  • He returned to doing heists and criminal jobs on late-May 2021, where he was able to successfully break into the Jewelry Store's new security system via thermite charge.
  • After Siz was made into a small arms connect he helped sell Diamondbacks, Brownings, and Desert Eagles. Though, he took a step back from the gun dealing business and passed it onto Kian and Kermy (who were subsequently relieved of their duties by Miguel).
Current 3.0:
  • He was one of the HOA's Heist Crew members who participated in fully robbing the Diamond Casino and Resort.
  • Is an avid gambler and patron of Diamond Casino and Resort. He has varying degrees of success when it comes to gambling, but when lucky he can triple his money.
  • He was found guilty of technical terrorism alongside Thom Yung and was sentenced to 4 years of prison, 4 years of parole, and was billed 200k in fines.
  • He is a mechanic at the Tuner Shop and a chef at Maldini's Pizzeria.
  • Julio does fishing, deliveries, heisting, boosting, and gun sales.
    • With the HoA's bench receiving new blueprints, he helps sell various armaments upon request. He also takes order requests for crates and containers.
    • He is an avid car booster, as he boosts cars with fellow HOA members throughout the day. He is currently an S+ Booster which gives him access to boost one of the best and most coveted vehicles in the city.


Currently Owned:


  • "Yugh!"
  • "Wait, what happened?"
  • "Siz, look..."
  • ”It’s... fine!”
  • "Me?"
  • "No, you...!"
  • "I have an idea"
  • "You're a pussy..."
  • "Mmm...mmm!"
  • "Fuck you, you're a bitch!"


  • Is a cannibal as he willingly ate human meat on 3/3/21. He has been consuming human bodies and harvesting the organs of locals and stores them at his house.
  • Has racked up a body count of about 17 people in the new city.
  • Has a tattoo of the acronym "HOA" on his ass, stylized to use his anus as the "O".
  • He stabbed Domenic Toretti with a Dagger after he detained Kleb.
  • He has a Double Barrel shotgun that racked up multiple bodies.
  • He has a pet scorpion named Ivan. Ivan bit a police officer while Julio was in custody.
  • He has multiple garbage bags in house filled with dismembered human body parts that he eats for sustenance.
  • He was a participant of the Squid Games #173, eliminated during the second round.
  • He is currently in a relationship with Novah Walker. He was granted CG's blessing to be in a relationship with her on 3/23/2022.
  • Is known for digging himself into very deep holes, some self-inflicted.
  • Siz Fulker clamped his penis in a pipe wrench on 6/25/22 and was able to continue urinating uninterrupted the entire time while the wrench was clamped up to "seven notches".


Played By: Chalupa_Pants
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