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Julio Thomas is a character roleplayed by Chalupa_Pants.


Julio once tended to wear neutral-colored clothing in fear of being associated with a gang. His usual outfit consisted of a plaid shirt, a black cap, and a pair of sunglasses. Now, he is known to don his iconic, neon rave mask with a variety of clothing. He states that the mask is his face.


There is really no other way to describe Julio's demeanor other than that he is a bit of a beta. It leads to people underestimating him, which can be a double edged sword. He started his life in the city not wanting to be involved in violent crime, but as time went on, became willing to do whatever he needed to in the name of business. He has turned into a ruthless but understanding person as his years living in Los Santos changed him.

His passion for crime related business matches his loyalty to the people he cares about. Julio adopts a ride-or-die attitude when his friends are in danger, sometimes at the expense of his morality. This notably includes beating down Detective Emily Reinhart, who had detained his friend Vasily Sazkaljovich after a store robbery went wrong. The pair, along with Falcon Aletta, surrendered themselves to the police due to the guilt they felt for downing the only officer on duty at the time.

Background Information

Julio originally lived in Dallas, Texas, before moving to Los Santos. In his home state, he witnessed the death of Bobby Smith's twin sister, Matilda Smith. Bobby believes that Matilda's death was the result of a drive-by accident gone wrong. Julio, however, states that Matilda died because a rabid dog who was startled by gun shots attacked her. He also says that the only real casualty of gunfire was Matilda's pet hamster.

Membership in the HOA

Julio is a longtime member of the HOA and is part of Command. Prior to his membership in the HOA, he was their pistol and taser supplier. He was once even caught burgling the houses of Vinewood by them, but due to his position and relationship with the HOA he was only stripped of the stolen goods and let go.

Julio has a reputation in the HOA for acting SBS sometimes, where he sometimes acts foolish but when it is serious he is very focused on getting things done. He can be diplomatic or hot-headed sometimes, stating that he will shoot someone or talk to them to avoid conflict if need be. He gave himself the title of Shadow Leader of the HOA and Captain of the HOA (both of which are approved by Siz.).

He gave himself the title of Supreme OG of the HOA making him the unofficial "leader" of the HOA during Siz's absence. On 10/08/2021, he was made a trial HOA High Command member after Andi put in the good word to Siz. He is currently being trialed by Siz as a replacement to Huck.

Current Activities

  • With the coming of the new city, Julio lost access to the weapons distribution by virtue of Siz also losing the weapons manufacturing connection. Now Julio works odd-jobs from hunting, fishing, deliveries, store robberies, and house burglaries. When he is not doing these things he is at the Mirror Park Tavern hanging out.
  • He also helps Siz and Saab cook methamphetamine as a fill-in for Manny McDaniels. After Saab's and Manny's disappearances, he is now the primary assistant cook for the operation. He only cooks upon the request of Siz.
  • He returned to doing heists and criminal jobs on late-May 2021, where he was able to successfully break into the Jewelry Store's new security system via thermite charge.
  • After Siz was made into a small arms connect he helped sell Diamondbacks, Brownings, and Desert Eagles. Though, he took a step back from the gun dealing business and passed it onto Kian and Kermy (who were subsequently relieved of their duties by Miguel).
  • Is an avid gambler and patron of Diamond Casino and Resort. He has varying degrees of success when it comes to gambling, but when lucky he can triple his money.



He is concerned about climate change, leading him to own a turbo-charged and pimped out Panto in order to reduce his carbon footprint. He has a few vehicles in his possession:



  • "Yugh!"
  • "Wait, what happened?"
  • "That's what Japan said in 1945."
  • "Siz, look..."
  • ”It’s... fine!”
  • "Me?"
  • "No, you...!"
  • "Invest in Vintage Stocks!"
  • "Vintage stocks are rising."
  • "I have an idea"
  • "You ever been fingered to death before?"
  • "I still like cheese and watching women bathe in the river"
  • "You're a pussy..."


  • Paid $40,000 in exchange for being a groomsmen at Vladimir Raven's and Bobby Smith's wedding.
  • He used to live on Fudge Lane with Jesus, directly beside Sonya Summers. He has since sold the house to the East Side Ballas. He now lives in Mirror Park, owing a house in the cul-de-sac, which he bought from Zeke Vernone & lives with Jesus again.
  • Olivia Copper has a restraining order against Julio, ordering him to be 50 feet away from her but Chief Judge Dennis LaBarre proved to Julio that the order wasn't real. However, in an HOA Court session it was reinstated by the command of the HOA stating that he has to be at least 100 feet away from her for at least three weeks.
  • Streams himself on
  • Is currently collecting pure copper to create a statue of Olivia Copper in his house.
  • Julio is still a virgin.
  • Known dog killer.
  • He had his buttock skin grafted onto the burned face of Vasily Sazkaljovich, however that grafted skin was possessed by the soul of an East Side Ballas and nearly turned Vasily into a Balla. That skin graft was then removed and became a sentient being that crawled into the vents of Pillbox Medical Center.
  • He successfully broke out Siz Fulker and Marcus L. Jackson out of Bolingbroke Penitentiary with the assistance of Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez, Kaleb Rush, and Miguel Almerion making them the second group to successfully do a jailbreak.
  • He once bid $600,002 on a dating auction hosted by Andi Jones to go on a date for Olivia Copper.
  • Julio recently remembered how many people he has killed and that his kill count is possibly double digits. That kill count includes his uncle-dad, Larry Culdesac.
  • Julio is number 21 on Four Tee’s friend list!
  • Because of Siz's former partnership with Sahara International, Julio helped push Class 2 weapons such as AKs, Dracos, Tec-9s, etc. He did odd-jobs from jewelry stores to petty robberies with the HOA back in 2.0.
  • He has been compared to Al Saab because they share similar personality traits (i.e.: SBS, loyalty, deceptively deadly, women issues, hidden leader.)
  • Is a cannibal as he willingly ate human meat on 3/3/21. He has been consuming human bodies and harvesting the organs of locals and stores them at his house.
  • Has racked up a body count of about 17 people in the new city.
  • Has a tattoo of the acronym "HOA" on his ass, stylized to use his anus as the "O".
  • He stabbed Domenic Toretti with a Dagger after he detained Kleb.
  • He has a Double Barrel shotgun that racked up multiple bodies.
  • He has a pet scorpion named Ivan. Ivan bit a police officer while Julio was in custody.


Played By: Chalupa_Pants
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