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Jules Abel is a character role-played by Kalcyon.

General Description

Jules Abel is an urban street artist and gamer. She ran away from home due to her strict affluent upbringing. She's often been described by others as a sassy and rebellious person.

She moved to The City of Los Santos on 19/08/2021.


Jules is a calm and reserved person that doesn't care to follow a crowd. She can be intimidating at first; then friendly after she gets to know someone.

She finds it absurd that people are quick to give up their information freely to complete strangers, such as names and phone numbers. Several people have lost their minds trying to guess her name, which had earned her the nickname, "Mystery" around the city. She believes all information about her should be earned, not given.

At times, her attitude gets the best of her. As an honest person, she does end up offending some people, but she refuses to lie to make others feel better.

She's content with working independently, however she does yearn to find a strong ally. She will scan through groups of people in search of the most qualified individual(s) to befriend or team up with.


Jules desires to build a compelling reputation for herself within the city. Her plan is to use her street smart abilities to land her jobs in mechanic, security, or reconnaissance work. She's determined to become skilled at getaway driving and underground fighting.