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Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez is a character role-played by Silent.

General Description

Juan Carlos Hernandez, known as "Flippy", is the leader of Hydra Gang which can also be referred to as Flippy's Crew or Schnake Gang, among other names. Flippy is a full member of Chang Gang and Vinny's right hand in The Chaos.

Flippy is widely regarded as one of the best shooters and drivers in the city. Most well known for being apart of "The Triplets" alongside Randy Bullet and Curtis Swoleroid, the three being coined as the best combat fighters in Los Santos.


Solo Shooter

June 22nd 2021 - Solo Shooter

In the late hours of June 22nd, at a time when Chang Gang was at war with the Vagos, Flippy was driving around in his subi when he noticed a car trailing behind him. Upon further inspection, he realised it was the Vagos. When passing Burger Shot, The Vagos pulled off onto the pavement and set up to start firing upon Flippy's vehicle. Despite Flippy being completely alone and 3 Vagos were aiming guns at him, Flippy took on the challange and stopped his car in the middle of the road- using it as cover.

As bullets began to fly through the air, Flippy peaked over the top of his car to take cheap shots at the Vagos members. As he realised he was ultimately surrounded by the 3 vagos, who had now moved into flanking positions, Flippy decided to flank around the building himself. Continuing to fire shots, Flippy managed to down all the Vagos. Making it a successful 1v3.

EMS Flippy

December 11th 2021 - EMS Flippy

In the early hours of December 11th, members of Hydra Gang: Flippy, Susie Carmichael, Mike Wadum, Fernando Reyes, Chloé Blanc and Aleksander Sazkaljovich decided to volunteer as EMS under the watch of Chief of EMS, Leonardo Sand and EMS Lieutenant Balto Connelly. After the crew dressed up in white shirts and dark pants, they signed on duty under the callsign "HYDRA" and set out into the city of Los Santos.

While out treating patients, the crew got into plenty of mischief. This included: harvesting weed at the Lost MC compound, Mike and Susie cooking meth, celebrating when cops went down and swarm-healing anyone who came near them.


Groups Description
Hydra Gang Flippy founded this gang after leaving the Vagos back before the great economic collapse. This gang is made of former gang members and his closest friends.
Chang Gang Known full member of the gang. Received his chain in late September.
The Chaos A secretive group started by Vinny Pistone. Full-member of Choas as he helps distribute explosives, armaments, and thermite throughout the city.


  • Gained the nickname "Flippy" from Speedy as he used to always wear flip-flops.
  • His ID states that he is female, however this is untrue.
  • One of the first people to reach S+ in boosting.
  • Flippy has a pet Cow, whom he named Cowpium/Copium.
  • Was previously a member of the Vagos, despite leaving he is still respected by its members.
  • Once kidnapped Cleo Shaw and forced her to take cocaine.
  • Had his first S+ boost fail due to "sbs" from Randy Bullet and Ramee El-Rahman.
  • Came 3rd in the Chang Gang Olympics.


Played By: Silent
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