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Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez is a character role-played by Silent.

General Description[]

Juan Carlos Hernandez, commonly known as "Flippy", is a co-founder and the leader of Hydra Gang.

Has close ties to and former OG member of Chang Gang, honorary OG of the Angels and often regarded as one of the top gang leaders in Los Santos.


  • Infamous for wearing the Monkey mask and white tee
  • Often regarded as Mr. Kebun's eldest prodigal son
  • Flippy's dream car back then, now and forever: A 4 door Subi
  • Girls watching makes him nervous and often results in him crashing the car
  • A very BIG goldfish, forgets everything within 2 mins
  • Avid racer but also ejects at least 3 times in a hour
  • Loves getting chased by cops and attempting to out-drive them without any rat strats
  • A proud owner of a pet cow, Cowpium, currently MIA
  • Always on the phone due to being a gang leader, conducting gang business
  • Loves roof running
  • Never text Flippy "lol". He will block you. He prefers "LOL" instead

Notable Events[]

Rebuilding Hydra Gang
  • - Coming back to the city
  • - Meeting familiar faces
  • - Making friends and building a family
A Humble Civilian
  • - G6 arc
  • - sani worker
First Felony, at last

- Lenny Hawk catches Flippy on a money run 2 minutes before tsunami, causing Flippy to get his first felony (reckless evading) on record, which in turn gets Flippy fired from G6 and turns to a life of crime.

A changed man, A business man
  • - Since coming back to the city, Flippy wanted to be level headed, conflict avoiding gang leader. This lead to him making deals and connections with nearly every major gang in the city at one point.
  • - Major deals included material deals, laundromat USB trade deals, money cleaning deals, trading general info on the criminal network to keep good relations, making deals with sanitation and G6 workers for protection from getting robbed, etc.
  • - Always willing to see both sides of a story before leaping head first into conflict, with the intention of saving relations with gangs, as he values gang connections more than a petty, ego driven, conflict.
Hydra's Reliable Hacker
  • - Untangle hacker for ammo crates
  • - Laundromat chop and safe hacker
  • - Cash Exchange chop hacker
  • - Maze bank pin code hacker
Breaker of Chains, First ever Jail Break
  • Flippy along with Migl, Kio, Peanut, Zaceed and Taco broke out Mr. K, Ramee and Vinny out of jail while being escorted by DOC and LSPD for being let out on a work release after being sent in for the 9s for terrorism and murder

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