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Joshua Berretta is a character role-played by viscosepower.

General Info

Joshua Berretta is a EMT for the Emergency Medical Services, Call-Sign Tango-42.

He was formerly a Cadet for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #529.


Prior to moving to Los Santos, Joshua Berretta grew up in southern Phoenix, Arizona and didn't have much growing up. The area that he grew up in had a severe impact on him with it being at the time filled with gang activity and was naturally a very dangerous place to live. His parents, mother a teacher and father a cop made sure to keep him on the right path and diverted him from ever going into the wrong crowd. For Joshua's father that was the only sentiment that he gave to son as with his job he was extremely busy and never had time to spend with him. They struggled to become close and the only way Joshua found out how to get close with his father is to ask him about his dad's job and get into the idea of law enforcement to relate to him. Until one day Josh while going on a ride along with his dad got involved into a firefight with a gang that his father was investigating, the result of this shootout was the death of his father. Josh wasn't the only one that took this hard with his mother succumbing to the bottle and becoming abusive towards Josh. Josh left the situation by enlisting into the army.

Josh after going through bootcamp would join the 10th mountain division and be a part of the 1st brigade. In his time in the military Josh accomplished many things like rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant First Class, becoming head of communications of his brigade and the most important one meeting the love of his life Dominic Suarez. Dominic and Josh got along really well relatively quickly as they worked off of each very well and were seen as Yin and Yang. Their relationship lasted 10 years and in the 9th year they got married. But unfortunately this story doesn't end well with Dominic being killed on tour in Afghanistan by a Lieutenant Richard Marks. Richard found out about Josh and Dominic's marriage and has a deep distain for people of their orientation so in a evil act he planned to kill them both and frame it as a ambush from the terrorist group of Al Qaeda. Seeing this happen Josh went into a rage nearly killing his Lieutenant. After the event was over Josh was honorably discharged from the military for the only reason being that his Captain vouched for and sympathized with Josh in this situation. In a state of despair and lostness Josh moved to the land of opportunity called Los Santos.


Josh is a charismatic goofball that tries to make everyone around him laugh and have a good time. He strives to be that someone that people trust and look to as their metaphorical blanket that they can rely on. He is also someone that has a tendency to "Fuck around and find out." with him only giving respect to people who have earned it rather than expect it, which has got him in bad situations in the past.

Major Events

BBMC Court Case  

It all started when Collin McKinley, Pez Speedwagon, and Junior Meats all went up to the Paleto Farmers market to cause chaos when they saw Josh working his booth. Josh that day coincidentally with his flowy red locks, bandana and black patchless denim cut looked a lot like Pez. Pez was a little irked by this and he and the boys took Josh to the barbershop and gave him a haircut that could only be described as a brillo pad. In an act of blind rage and conveniently having Judge Serge Cross at the markets he decided to take the BBMC to small claims court. At the end of the case Josh won a settlement of $500 dollars but there is a catch being that he needed to get the money from Pez. Josh had an internal "OH SHIT" moment and ran out the courtroom being chased by 10 BBMC members. As the chase commenced bullets flew and Josh gave his hardest but couldn't escape. He was taken to the tracks off of Elysian Fields freeway and was robbed, told to dance, and sing before having Barry Benson steal Josh's Sledgehammer and bash his skull in, Josh barely surviving.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet CadetLSPD.png Hired to the LSPD; Badge #529 August 15th, 2021
Fired September 1st, 2021
EMS Trainee Trainee.png Hired to the EMS; Call-Sign T-42 May 19th, 2022
EMT StarofLifeEMT.png Promoted to EMT; Call-Sign E-42 July 11th, 2022
Certification Legend Rank Note Date


Played By: viscosepower
Characters: Joshua Berretta