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Josh Zerker is a one-lifer character played by Zerkaa.


Josh Zerker flew into Los Santos in order to attend the event he was invited to called Mitchcon, while in the city he met up with his friend from back in the UK P Money along with Joann who streams on Mitch under BananaBrea. The first fan that Josh ended up bumping into was Ramee El-Rahman who instantly started fanboying over meeting Josh.


Meeting Ramee

  • After Josh and Joann had finished playing in the casino after finding it was pretty boring in there, Josh bumped into Ramee on his way to his car, Ramee started instantly fanboying over meeting Josh and began praising his achievements and his success with the Sidemen. Before he left Ramee attempted to give Josh a gun, but once he left Ramee called the police and tried to frame Josh as the one selling guns leading to him getting pulled over by Tracey Martell and William gunner .

The "Chocolate" Incident

  • After explaining the situation to the police, one of the officers offered him a ultimatum to allow Josh to go free, all he had to do was eat one of the chocolate that he had prepared, after all, there's no way an officer would lace chocolates with anything bad. However, after staying around and talking for a few minutes, Josh ended up uncontrollably defecating in front of everyone on the pavement.


Photo Name Description Licence Plate
Zerkaar8rameepov.png Audi R8 (2006-2015 model) Fully blacked out

Played By: Zerkaa
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