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Joseph Arrowhead is a character role-played by MagicSausage.

General Information

Joseph Arrowhead is a Native American of the Likan tribe traveling from his old tribal reservation in Minneapolis, MN to pursue his ancestral rights to the land of Los Santos.


Joseph's primary driver is to help those around him even if he doesn't know them. He has serious reservations about hurting others unless he is protecting a friend or associate. He can be pretty gullible and tends to believe what others tell him without too much questioning.

Character Arcs

Scuffed Lang

Upon arriving in the City of Los Santos Joseph was repeatedly confused with another resident of the city named Lang Buddha. After a few too may encounters with police and criminals concerning the resemblance Joseph tried looking for plastic surgery to resolve the problem. In his search he met Nino Chavez at burger shot who said he knows someone who could fix his problem. A short drive to the casino and an introduction to Mayor Denzel led to a suspense filled drive with the Mayor offering to "take care" of the surgery after a round of golf.

As Joseph wasn't a member of the club he offered to caddy for Mr. Denzel as a thanks for looking into his issue. Starting his round Mr. Denzel drove the ball into the course pond. Joseph being a dedicated caddy then jumped into the pond to recover the ball and unfortunately drowned. In a short time EMS arrived, rescuing Joseph, and treating his wounds. Once out of the hospital Joseph went to the golf course, retrieved the ball to hold unto until he saw the Mayor again.

A day or so later Joseph found the Mayor at the casino and handed him back his ball. In thanks for his hard work Mr. Denzel not only directed someone to call Joseph to help him with the plastic surgery, but also invited Joseph to his wedding with the mention of a possible interview for his new up and coming business. While Mr. Denzels contacts were unable perform the needed plastic surgery KiKi's beauty department was able provide Kiki's Ultrasoft Mask to change Joseph's appearance.

Joseph - CFO of the Mirror Park Tavern

At Mayor Denzel and Andy's wedding Joseph met Siz who was surprised by how much Joseph resembled someone named Dante. For the rest of the wedding he was referred to as Dante 2 and offered an interview at the Mirror Park Tavern. After a successful interview Joseph was hired as CFO and directed to sell as much booze as possible to which Joseph took to heart and achieved top seller his first week of being added to the roster.

Bikes and Brewathon - 10/2/2020

This event created by Joseph came to him in a dream where the suffering of the Likan people and their chief's foolish decision to trade the land of Los Santos for a bicycle smashed together in a beautiful revelation. "These decedents of settlers who have looked down upon the rightful owners of this land will feel what it is like to hurt... you will make them suffer from the poison they have brought upon the land and take into themselves."

The race will take place from Legion Square Park\Bank and proceed to the Mirror Park Tavern. Participants will drink 3 vodka at the start line, 3 vodka at stage 2, and finally a top shelf at stage 3. Injuries are to be expected as the rehearsal run not only had several participants get run over by both local and residents, but after the race was wrapping up the testers fought amongst themselves with punches and shooting.


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