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Jorje (Jay) Mendez is a Canadian hockey player, kush smoking, beer drinking and maple syrup eating Canadian role-played by RileyRP.


Jay grew up in a small town right outside of Toronto Ontario. Jay had a hard life growing up. His parents always made sure to keep him clothed and ready for school. Unfortunately Jay often went to school hungry and would get detention for stealing his teachers sandwiches. One day Jay's friend Cole rolled a spliff and Jay smoked weed for the first time in grade 6. He loved it and decided he was tired of being broke. It was the start of grade 12 and Jay decided to start selling weed on the corner a block away from his school. Jay knew if his parents found out about this side hustle, they would throw him out of the house. One day when Jay got on the bus to go home from school, he got a text from his mother saying “ Jay come straight home after school. We need to have a chat”. Jay had an idea what this was about but kept calm and collected praying they would understand. He got home to see his mother and father sitting at the kitchen table with an ounce and a half of Jay’s marijuana sitting on the table. They asked him to sit down. His mother was furious, threatening to kick him out. Although, Jay’s father told him “ Son if you are going to be doing this type of hustle you need to be prepared for the worst”. Jay was confused as to why his dad was supporting him instead of flipping out. Jay’s father used to be one of the biggest kush dealers in the small town. He knew all of the in’s and out’s, how to sell inconspicuously and to protect himself. He handed jay a small wood carved box with a glistening poly coated finish. Inside this box was a beautiful four inch carbon black Gerber Propel Auto switchblade. Jay was surprised and promised his father he knew how to take care of business. Jay continued his hustle selling to the kids from school. One day after lunch he heard over the intercom a few familiar names get called down to the office.  The kids he sold to regularly ended up getting caught with dime bags and the kids snitched Jay out to the principal to avoid getting in trouble.

Jay was in his gym class and saw from the corner of his eye the principal and two RCMP officers approaching the gymnasium doors. Jay quickly ran to the locker room to grab his bag and an officer chased him in. Jay grabbed the switchblade he always kept on him and pulled it on the officer and stuck him right above the appendix and ran out of the emergency exit. Jay knew he couldn't stay in this small town and quickly called his cousin from Los Santos. His cousin was reluctant at first knowing Jay would bring him a lot of heat that he didn't need but in the end family always helps the family. Jay went to the nearest harbor and jumped on to a cargo boat to sail all the way to Los Santos to start a new life. Jay made it to Los Santos at his cousin's place and found himself sleeping on an air mattress on the corner of the living room floor. His cousin told him "I'm Saving your ass but that doesn't mean I'm gonna feed you. Get your ass a job dont fuck with my clients and stay away from the cops". Jay got upset and left to go for a walk and never see his cousin again after running away. All of the stress has been weighing on Jay’s shoulder feeling guilt and remorse for leaving his family and friends behind. He no longer wants to fill the shoes of his father's past and has given up on dealing drugs as he has no connections in Los Santos.

Jay has aspirations to clean his act up as he wants to open his very own noodle house in Little Seoul. S.HO Noodle House also known as the Fo Sho King Noodle House. Jay’s mother grew up in South Korea so he is very familiar with his mothers korean style home cooking. He wants to rebuild the life he wished to have and hopefully prove his worth to his parents.