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Jordan Steele is a character role-played by PENTA.


General Description

Jordan Steele is a tow truck driver, the Co-Owner of Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot, and a formerly Deputy for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office; Badge #405.

Before he was an officer, he was the official parking enforcer and security guard at Pillbox Medical Center. He's known for having a foul mouth, which oftentimes has left him stabbed, beaten, lit on fire, or having his tow truck blown up for impounding a criminal's illegally parked car. He was rather serious about his job and was even willing to impound the cars of doctors, EMS, and other staff members if they weren't parked appropriately.

In his past, Jordan had a drug addiction where he basically injected everything known to man, which led to him stabbing his wife and leaving her in a lake to die for throwing out his stash. Due to this, he has strictly sworn against the usage of drugs and now holds AA meetings. (Relapsed)

  • He became a cadet of Los Santos Police Department on August 13, 2019.
  • He was promoted to full officer of the Los Santos Police Department on September 24, 2019.
  • He was honorably discharged from Los Santos Police Department on February 13, 2020.

Light vs Dark Path

Jordan usually finds himself battling on his decisions due to both the injustices he faces, and his want to reform himself and keep his integrity. When treated poorly by both his coworkers and the police, he usually finds solace in contacting "Steven", who is actually Bovice. This puts him in the position of either joining the life of crime or sticking to his dream of becoming a cop. He went on to become a cop and was later discharged. He slowly traveled down the darker path even though he didn't intend to originally.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

(Suspected of multiple murders and possible serial killer. He also blames Al Saab for most of the unsolved murders.)

Cop God

Parking Task Force

On November 20, 2019, Officer Steele became the Commissioner of the [LSPD Parking Task Force (PTF), appointed by Sergeant Brittany Angel. Officer Steele replaced Sergeant Owen Svensen, who no longer wanted the position. Officer Kyle Pred would also work with him on the PTF.

Best Friend Dias

On November 30, 2019, Officer Steele went to the prison to talk to his "dad" Tony Andrews. He told everyone that Deputy Michael Dias was his "best friend" and vowed to find his killer. Sgt. Brittany Angel and senior officer Emily Reinhart were upset at Jordan and chased him to his police cruiser. They then violently beat his vehicle with prison pool sticks. Sgt. Angel was "accidentally" hit by his vehicle, and she opened fire as he fled the scene.

Forcer Incident

Later that day, Officer Steele was issued 15 strike points by Assistant Chief Olivia Copper. Steele, who was upset over a botched sting operation, went to speak to Sgt. Angel at Pillbox medical. Upon arrival, he asked Deputy Lauren Forcer where he could find Angel. When she hesitated to reply, he mocked the death of Deputy Dias.

Jordan accused his fellow officers of ignoring him and failing to provide backup. Meanwhile, Forcer used a taser and popped all of the tires on his police cruiser. When Steele returned to his car he tried to drive away, but "lost control" and crashed into Forcer. While receiving treatment Forcer told Copper that she tazed one of Steele's tires and he ran her over.

Copper was irate and chased Steele down and issued 15 strike points to him without hearing his side. She also informed Steele that officers may only receive 30 strike points before they are suspended. Jordan was devastated about the 15 points, and believed everyone in the police department was against him. He later signed off of duty and went to work at his parking lot.

Downward Spiral

Jordan got extremely drunk, and accidentally ran over his wife Jean (sending her to the ICU) and fled the scene. He felt as though the PD was biased against him. His new girlfriend, Nettie picked him up in her car and they talked of moving to Arizona to sell turquoise together. He ended up at Pillbox medical and got into a drunken fight with Kelly and was arrested by Bodean Tucker. Jordan ended his night in the drunk tank at MRPD. The future was uncertain for Officer Steele.


Jordan awoke in the MRPD drunk tank, he was met by his "dad" Andrews. He reluctantly admitted that he hit Forcer with his cruiser, after she popped all of his tires. Andrews told Jordan he was disappointed, and he wanted Jordan to be nicer and start taking responsibility for his actions. Jordan decided to go back to his roots by driving his tow truck for the day. He went to a car drifting event and saw Forcer, the two then apologized to each other. However, Forcer stormed off when Steele accused her of being emotional because she's a woman.

Officer Of The Year

While working patrol on Christmas Eve, Jordan responded to the kidnapping of Judge Midas Campinetti. He was kidnapped by Roman "Black Mask" Sionis who threatened to kill the judge and also wanted a helicopter. Mask attempted to commandeer an EMS rescue helicopter and was shot by Officer Steele. Jordan later conducted a solo raid on a suspect's apartment after written and verbal authorization from the suspect and Judge Campinetti. He received no support on the kidnapping, or the raid from Lead Officer Reinhart or his fellow officers. Later that night he arrested and sent Dr. Choi Stonefinger to prison for some very dubios reasons. When Choi told her ex, Chief Justice Dennis LaBarre, he issued a state announcement awarding Jordan the “Officer of the Year” and “Man of Year” award as a joke to make her mad.


Despite a pending criminal court case and dual divorce trials Jordan received some good news. He received a letter of appreciation from form District Attorney and current Judge Katya Zamalodchikova. She commended Jordan and his brother Kyle Pred for never backing down to criminals. She also commended them for providing consistent cases for judges and attorneys. Jordan also received his official adoption papers from his dad Tony Andrews. Andrews also made him partner with Deputy Lauren Forcer and they realized that they shared similar sentiments about the police force.

Criminal Case

Jordan was taken to court over a hit and run case filed by his wife Jean Steele. She accused him of getting drunk and hit and run with his vehicle. Officer Bo Tucker testified against him during the trial and claimed he witnessed the hit and run. He later admitted to trying to sleep with Jean while she was married. Jordan went to trial and was found guilty of reckless endangerment and felony hit and run by Judge Buck Stanton. He was sentenced to 10 months in Bolingbroke Penitentiary, and he has to take driving classes with Tessa Lamb. Jordan was fearful for his life and accused Stanton and the DA of sentencing him to death because he fears he will die in prison. His attorney Kevin McLoughlin promised to get the charges expunged. The prison sentence is suspended as long as he completes driving school, supervised therapy, and ride alongs with a senior officer once a week.

Jordan Steele V. Jean Steele Divorce

Jean filed for divorce against Jordan citing years of abuse and other violations of the marriage. She sought full end to marriage and half of Jordan's income and half ownership of the Steele Family Lot. Key witnesses included Justice Dennis LaBarre who mentioned that Jean tried to seduce him with unwanted advances numerous times. Kayden was questioned and told prosecutor Chris McGrawl that Jordan beat her on numerous occasions, she also claimed that Jordan had numerous girlfriends and mistresses around the city. Jean took the stand and said Jordan was violent towards both his wives. Jordan claimed that arguments happen in all relationships. Nettie Machete denied a relationship with Jordan and claimed that she is emo. Jordan's father Trooper Tony Andrews was called to the stand and testified that Jordan is one of the best officers on the force. Jordan then took the stand and admitted he is broke and lives under a bridge he also claimed that he still loves his wife and wanted to try couples therapy. The judgment was put on hold by Judge Holden.

During the trial a man named Akmir attempted to attack Jean with a flashlight and was shot and killed by police in the courtroom. While dying, Akmir claimed he did it for Jordan and that they were old friends. Judge Holden ordered that Jordan Steele be detained and held for questioning in the death of Akmir. Jordan was taken to MRPD and initially accused of involuntary manslaughter. The DA and arresting officers claimed they arrested Steele under the orders of Judge Holden. Trooper Andrews arrived and contended that Jordan's rights were violated and he was illegally arrested, Officer Steele was released without charges. Days later the divorce was granted by Judge Holden, and Jordan was ordered to pay Jean $5,000 per week in alimony.

Drug Bust

Officer Steele received a tip from confidential informant Tuong Ru Kim about a stash house of the Top Shottaz crew. Tuong informed Steele of the location of Top Shottaz stash houses. Steele then took the information to the District Attorney's office and got approval for a search warrant. The warrant took a week to process so Steele got approval from Sergeant Brittany Angel to lead the raid on five properties on January 26, 2020. The raid led to and destruction of 110 fully grown marijuana at Wayne Biggz house. No weapons were recovered just drug processing paraphernalia. A second Jamestown apartment contained 32 plants. Finally, Apartment 8 near the beach 22 plants and 21 joints. In total 164 plants were seized. A warrant was issued for Biggaz and he and his attorney were willing to work on a plea deal with investigators.

McGrawl V. Steele

Chris McGrawl sued Jordan Steele for $500K for allegedly putting him in a jail cell and leaving him there on December 25, 2019. Defense attorney Kevin McLoughlin represented Steele during the case. Jordan denied putting him in the cell and cited that McgGrawl must be a witch because he pushed himself through the bars. Judge Buck Stanton presided over the case and ruled in favor of Steele.

Beach Party

Jordan was off duty and went to his court mandated anger management therapy with ex-lover Dr. Thalia Hayes. She asked him to explain his feelings. He told her he was upset because Jean left him, he told Thalia he was going to become the man he once was. He had a few beers and invited Thalia to a beach part, she agreed but left him at the party so he asked other women to leave with him instead. He ran into Judge Stanton at the party. As he was leaving a random man approached him and wanted to fight he also threatened that he had a gun. Jordan was agitated and felt threatened so he told the man he was a cop and he pulled his firearm in self-defense. Stanton recorded the interaction on his phone. Jordan had some more beers and left with Prune Gang member Gordon Parks and his girlfriend. Gordon wanted Jordan to sleep with his girlfriend while he watched so they went to the barrio looking for drugs from gang members.


Vagos member Jax Hernandez and Gordon went to MRPD to report Jordan to Olivia Copper. Judge Stanton also reported Jordan to Copper for the gun incident but did not mention it was in self defense. Additionally ADA Odessa Pearson opened a perjury case against Jordan's fiance Nettie Machete. The ADA is also hoping to pursue perjury claims against Jordan as well. The future looked uncertain for Steele as his career was in jeopardy.

Uncertain Future

Days later Jordan returned to MRPD and had some bad news for his fellow officers. Jordan was told by doctors that he either has a cold or full blown AIDS, and he possibly has only three days to live. He informed his fellow officers of his condition and they seemed concerned and confused. He told Cadet Toretti that if he dies he'd like "sometimes you get AIDS and die" written on his tombstone. He still has his job as a police officer, but he may have only days left to live. He also reconnected with his estranged wife Kayden and his son Chips. He introduced Kayden and Chips to his other son Deandre Jackson. Jordan later responded to an issue at the prison involving Bovice Wilkinson. Bovice informed Jordan that he always saw something in him and that he needs to pay him $5,000 a week to ensure Chip's safety.

Internal Investigation

Jordan's dad Trooper Andrews informed Jordan that he is being pressured by the police union to investigate Jordan with the newly formed Internal Affairs Division (IAD). Trooper Andrews informed Jordan that the IAD consist of himself, Kael Soze, Vladimir Raven, Thomas Metzger, Travis Tribble, and Rocko Colombo. He is being investigated for the following: misconduct, abuse of police authority, use of narcotics off-duty, vehicular manslaughter and other charges. The IAD will investigate Jordan's history as an officer long-term and make a decision about his future. He was told by Trooper Andrews that he would still be a police officer, but if he was found guilty of any or all charges he would be fired from the police force.


Jordan arrived for work on February 09, 2020. a group of people led by Summer Mersion held a "sorry you have Aids" party at garage Q. Later Dr. Serge Cross came to MRPD and informed Jordan that he does have HIV. Dr. Cross also confirmed that DJ is his biological son. Jordan went crazy and screamed that he was going to die. Cadet Tortetti had to handcuff Jordan to restrain him, Jordan kept screaming that he's going to die at midnight. Dr. Cross explained that he won't die, but he has to take medication every day administered by Nettie. Jordan later rode with Cadet Toretti and tried to teach him about traffic stops for illegal tints. Attorney Chris McGrawl was arrested for DUI hit-and-run and while in holding he explained that he got drunk because Sonya Summers was extorting him in Sandy Shores. He also informed Officer Jordan Steele that Negan Graham and the Lost MC forced him to move out of his trailer in Sandy Shores. He also indicated Milton Pointdexter or Payne Real Estate as accomplices to the extortion operation.

The Death of Chris McGrawl

Jordan wanted to investigate McGrawl's story so he and Cadet Brian Knight secretly took McGrawl to an airport to call Sonya. They spoke and she said he now owed her $100K and she wanted to talk in person. McGrawl was placed in a holding cell at MRPD for his safety while Steel and Knight left to respond to an active police chase. Sonya later McGrawl and wanted to meet him but he explained that he was in a cell and could not meet. She deduced that he must be at MRPD she went to the police station with Tinker and checked the doors and discovered the back door unlocked. She then went down to the holding area questioned McGrawl and then shot hom several times with a shotgun. After the police chase, Jordan returned to MRPD and found McGrawl in the cell and rushed him to Pillbox medical where he was pronounced dead. Jordan vowed to find McGrawls killer if AIDS didn't kill him first. While leaving the hospital he spoke to GSF leader Dexx Martin. He reminded Jordan that all he really loves in life is drugs, women, and money. Dexx then told Jordan to join them in the south-side and leave the police department behind.

The First 48

Jordan knew that the first 48 hours of a murder investigation are crucial and he wanted to find McGrawl's killer. He and Cadet Knight assisted Dr. Agnes Ranbough with transporting the body of Chris McGrawl to the morgue. Sonya Summers and her crew including Sean Tinker and Sarah Ableton were also at the morgue. The officers questioned them and Sonya said she was only a client of McGrawl, but she wanted to collect $50K which she loaned him to buy a house. Jordan and Knight had a hunch that Sonya was lying, so they followed her car and stopped her for illegal window tint. Tinker and Summers were arrested after a search that uncovered a gun and drugs. ADA Odessa Pearson was called to help organize charges against Sonya and Tinker. Judge Katya Zamalodchikova arrived to authorize a search of Sonya's phone records. Sonya resisted the phone search and tried to attacking officers but she was shot. EMS arrived to treat Summers and Tinker was released, but he also provided further leads to police. Sonya faced murder charges and was taken to a bail hearing at the courthouse. The ADA recommended that Sonya get held in jail until trial. Judge Buck Stanton questioned the claims of the ADA, and after a brief deliberation, he granted Sonya Summers $50K bail until trial.

Leg Injury

Jordan went on duty and explained the case against Sonya Summers to the new Chief of Police, Bob Smith. Bobby was upset because he claimed Steele and Knight were using police resources and allowed a man to die at MRPD. He was willing to let them interrogate Milton Pointdexter about the ownership of McGrawls trailer. Steele noted that he felt great today and did not need a bulletproof vest. They went in search of Milton but could not locate him. While responding to an armed robbery at a convenience store, Jordan brutally injured his leg on a bike rack. He was rushed to Pillbox Medical Center in serious condition, doctors informed him that he may need physical therapy and may never run again.

405 Signs Off

Jordan awoke in the hospital his leg was broken in half Dr. Andrew Ducksworth and Dr. Cross told him he needed morphine shots and physical therapy. Dr. Ducksworth administered morphine and Jordan went to sign onto duty at Mission Row Police Department. However, there was an issue with the system that prevented him from signing on duty. Jordan was distraught and confused, asking his father, Trooper Tony Andrews, to help fix the issue. Trooper Andrews understood and began contacting the I.T. department to resolve the issue. Nevertheless, Jordan was permitted to be on duty and ride along with Cadet Toretti until the system was fixed. As they left the MRPD, they met Jordan's long-time friend and informant Tuong Ru Kim. He devised a plan, and told Jordan to join his radio channel since he was off-duty so that they could catch criminals more easily. Jordan wholeheartedly agreed and soon received a distress call from Tuong on the radio. He said that he was being attacked by a rabid dog in the barrio and he was stuck atop a car. When they arrived they saw Tuong atop an SUV in the parking lot screaming for help, with a dog lunging and barking at him. Jordan and Toretti ran over to his aid with their guns drawn and the dog suddenly lunged at Jordan. Both officers opened fire, killing the dog and continued shooting the corpse. The incident was secretly filmed by Tuong who then reported the officers to Trooper Tony Andrews.

Trooper Andrews ordered them to return to MRPD where he informed them that they were under investigation by IAD for the unlawful use of excessive force on a dog, and the emotional trauma sustained by Tuong. They were permitted to have an officer to serve as legal counsel, and Jordan chose Deputy Lauren Forcer. While Jordan and Toretti were left inside of the office, the new Chief of Police, Bobby Smith, arrived and was informed about the situation and he groaned bitterly. "Half of the people in there, " said Chief Smith, pointing directly at Jordan through the door's window, "I've been trying to get fired! So I don't know how this is my problem." "How hard is it to fire them?" asked Trooper Andrews. "Now it's all of them," said Chief Smith. "It's very hard actually -- This morning, for example, I talked to the administration and I had Steele's credential's pulled," and with a sly smile said, "I don't know if he's noticed that yet." They were unaware that Jordan had heard the entire conversation and he surged forth from office like a torrent of water spewing out of a damaged water dam, yelling angrily and confronting Chief Smith. "He wasn't supposed to hear that Bobby," muttered Trooper Andrews through his teeth. After Jordan's tirade, he complained that no one came to visit him while he was in the ICU. Chief Smith questioned his injury, wondering how it was possible for Jordan to go to the ICU for a leg injury. Jordan and Toretti were issued 15 strike points each.

Later that day, Jordan got another shot of morphine from Dr. Ducksworth and shot Bruce Nelvico after a hit-and-run. Jordan then accompanied Officer Malton to a felony traffic stop. Jordan accidentally shot one of the suspects and claimed they had a gun. He was ordered to go back to MRPD, where Sgt. AJ Hunter reported him to Andrews. Andrews then requested Jordan's badge and pistol, Jordan protested that he did the hard work and no one ever had his back. Jordan was irate and walked out then tried to smoke crack, Andrews followed him and beat him again but said he'd always be his son. While down, Jordan explained that all he ever wanted to make his dad proud and to be a cop. Jordan then told Andrews that he's going to die out there. He was then carried to the hospital by his brother Kyle Pred and a police escort. While in the hospital bed, Jordan vowed to make everyone wish that he was still a cop.

Bench Trial Record

As a police officer, Jordan was often the target of frivolous litigation by people he arrest or interacts with. Still ,he is undefeated at bench trials. However, according to Chief Justice LaBarre, Jordan's official bench trial record is actually 50-0 in court in the total bench trials won.


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  5. Jayce Wyatt - 09/17/2019
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  28. Boe Jangles - 01/05/2020
  29. Fred Cobblestone - 01/05/2020
  30. Summer Mersion - 01/26/2020
  31. Violet van Housen - 01/26/2020

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Accepted into Academy. August 10th, 2019
Passed Academy - Badge #505. August 14th, 2019
Solo Cadet
Cleared for Solo Patrol - Badge #605. September 1st, 2019
Solo Cadet
Took his final eval with Senior Officer Brittany Angel. September 10th, 2019
Promoted - Badge #405. September 24th, 2019
Fired. February 13th, 2020
Hired for BCSO, Badge #405. September 25th, 2021
Fired. September 26th, 2021

Parking God Returns


Jordan's son Chips followed him from the hospital, and Jordan explained that he got fired. He also said that the badge was holding him back, and he wants justice, and he does not care anymore. He decided to go back to towing with Chips, but first he needed to make a stop. He went to get his tow truck repaired at Harmony Repairs Garage and told a woman he plans to get drunk under a bridge and strangle a hooker. Jordan began drinking and towing cars, and he thought of other ways to make money. He wants to reestablish his parking lot business and hire more people. He also wants to get money by any means and obtain drugs and alcohol to deal with his anger and despair about being fired. While towing a vehicle, a woman called him Officer Steele and he told her that he is no longer known as "Officer Steele" he is now known as "El Loco." He met up with Tupac Shakur and asked for drugs, Tupac told him he has connections and he is willing to let him into the inner circle. Jordan explained that he needed money so that he could make payment on his $400K truck. Tupac gave him crack, and told him he can use him and they can make money but he needs to be able to trust him first.


Jordan met up with his wife Kayden at the lot they took a drive in his new $400K Bronco truck. As they turned a corner, Jordan accelerated and violently hit a parked motorcycle. The truck exploded, and they were both severely injured in the wreck. Jordan’s best friend EMS Boba Stone arrived on the scene and transported them to the hospital. Jordan survived his injuries, but Kayden’s vital signs began to fade. Meanwhile, doctors were also treating injured police officers in the same area. Jordan was irate and demanded that doctors save his wife first, he then took Boba hostage at gunpoint. As police standoff ensued and Kayden was placed in ICU with a weak pulse. Jordan fled the hospital on Cadet Francis J Francer's police issued mobility scooter. He was captured by police including arresting Sr. Officer Sam Baas and sent to Bolingbroke Penitentiary. While there he spoke to DOC guard Mara Floyd and then life inmate Bovice Wilkinson. Jordan admitted that Bovice was right all along about the police, and that he should’ve listened to him. He told Bovice that he now hated police because they never really cared about him. Bovice seemed amused and gave Steele a bag of meth, they agreed to speak again soon. Later Boba joined Jordan and they spoke about starting Steele Security and exposing the flaws within the police department. He also spoke with his attorney Kevin McLoughlin about suing PD for his pension. GSF member James McAfee joined them and gave Jordan keys to a GSF lowrider and told him they could make money together in the future. Later, Justice Dennis LaBarre contacted Jordan and asked if he’d be interested in joining the DOJ as a part of the DAs Office. Jordan agreed to think about the offer, but he wanted to carefully consider all his options first.

Tow Union 405

Jordan was frustrated that police rarely call tow truck drivers for police related tows. He decided to contact all the tow truck drivers including Tim Buratler, Ginger DeVine and Flop Dugong for a meeting at the parking lot. He complained that the $500 wage for each tow was too low, and the drivers all agreed. Jordan advocated that they join together and take a stand against police. He told the tow drivers that police are trained to treat them poorly and to ignore tow drivers. They decided to form a union called Tow Union 405. Police then called for a tow, Jordan organized a tow truck convoy and they all went to the scene. Jordan demanded 40 tows per day and higher pay and bonuses from the police. Sheriff Travis Tribble arrived with other officers including Officer Kyle Pred, who insulted everyone and threatened to impound the tow trucks. Jordan and Pred fought but after the chaos, Sheriff Tribble agreed to pay the tow drivers. Al Saab tried offering the tow drivers contracts to work for BBC Towing. Jordan was angry but advised the tow drivers to take the contract, they could then use the money to start their own towing company. Jordan later staged a protest at MRPD against the police and demanded higher pay from Chief Bobby Smith.


Jordan took a man named Markuz Jackelson hostage after he questioned the legitimacy of Jordan’s impound lot. His wife Kayden was released from ICU earlier that day. She called Jordan and claimed that Saab kidnapped her, once Jordan located her she admitted she secretly was dating Saab. They fought on the highway and Kayden shot Markuz .Jordan rushed him to the hospital and forced doctors to save him at gunpoint. He then evaded police after but later turned himself in. He returned to the hospital and apologized to Dr. Cross. Cross then agreed to hire Jordan and Steele Security to patrol and enforce parking justice at the hospital offices. Later, James McCafee called Jordan to met with GSF leader Dexx Martin. McAfee wanted Jordan to work as an owner of a GSF car wash. Jordan later got into a dispute with Bryce Miller because he kept hitting on his mom Torah Andrews at the lot, Bryce rammed his truck at the hospital and Jordan shot him.

Goodbye Kayden

Jordan tried stealing a car from the hospital parking lot which belonged to Dr. Serge Cross, Dr. Cross saw him from his office and gave him permission to steal the car to flee the hospital. Jordan’s former CI, Tuong Ru Kim called and explained that Jordan was the only officer that actually used his footage. Jordan mentioned that he is hiring people for Steele Security and perhaps Tuong might want to join. Together they plot to record crimes and make the entire police department pay. Kayden suddenly called Jordan and wanted to talk, they met on the pier. Kayden claimed that Jordan changed, she then started insulting him and said that she wanted a divorce. He told her he loved her and begged her to stay, but she refused to listen and continued insulting him. They fought violently, Jordan hit her with the car that he stole from Dr. Cross he then beat her unconscious and then threw her lifeless body into the ocean. He shouted that she would never leave him and drove off. He then swam to a private island far away from the city to hide.


Jordan was in a great mood, he started his day by dropping Kayden’s ID in a bush and then offering all day free parking at the lot. He tried calling and texting Kayden, but she didn’t answer. Tupac called him and asked if he considered his offer, Jordan respectfully declined and said he is getting back to a life of sobriety. Jordan got his white Bronco truck met his brother Officer Pred and his fiancé Nettie at the hospital. They told him Kayden and McAfee were dead and he was the number one suspect in her death. Jordan was in disbelief and started drinking, he vowed to get high on crack and find out who killed his wife. Later, he went to the southside and traded the combat pistol he took from Kayden to gang members for some cocaine. He met Nettie at his old lot, and they fought, and he shot at her ambulance she then called the police on him. Jordan told his lawyer Kevin McLoughlin that Saab killed Kayden because she wouldn’t divorce Jordan. They got into a chase with police and Jordan managed to get into Chief Bobby Smith’s car and demanded to go to the airport. They arrived at the airport and Jordan told Bobby “we’re all going to fucking die anyway” and opened fire on Bobby and the police. Jordan was shot several times and laid on the ground with no pulse, Nettie arrived and provided CPR. Jordan had a weak pulse and was rushed to Pillbox Medical in critical condition. Kyle Pred was irate and told Sgt. AJ Hunter that they shot a former cop and it should have been him instead. Nettie then transported Jordan to the ICU in critical condition.


Jordan awoke in the hospital and was taken into custody by police Attorney Ginzu Okada came to MRPD and got into an argument with Officer Knight about getting a copy of the arrest report. Jordan told everyone that he did not remember anything since he was in ICU for four days. Sgt. AJ Hunter sent him to prison for 102 months and $650 fine and denying him a bench trial even though arresting officer Malton was on duty. He received prison meth from Mr. Robert Rodgers in prison. Pred came to visit him and explained that he quit PD, he told Jordan that he is a private detective, vampire hunter, and private security. Okada visited in prison and told Jordan that his rights were violated, Jordan wants to sue PD. Jordan’s long-lost wife Achmeena from overseas arrived to visit him. She explained that her father was unhappy and regrets arranging their marriage. Jordan promised a big gift for her father soon. Jordan owed a truck payment, so he ran his lot and robbed several people. He road with Boba again and sold some stolen watches and told him of his crimes. Jordan got into a fight with Fred of the HOA because he did not show respect, he later spoke to Siz and explained that he may want to work with HOA in the future. He robbed a blind man in an alley behind PDM and used all the money in his bank account to make his truck payment for the week.

Now Hiring

The next day Jordan put out an ad that he was now hiring for the parking lot, He attempted to hire all women for his parking to convince people that he is not a misogynist. He hired Vanilla Unicorn dancer Raven as assistant manager because she frequents the lot. Judge Katya called him upset that Jordan was disrespectful to hear, and he apologized but said that her feelings were selfish. Tessa Lamb was hired and later banned from the lot after Officer Toretti accused her of being a crack head, she plans to sue Toretti. Bryce Miller arrived and informed Jordan that he could improve the parking lot if he was elected mayor. Jordan then explained that he might run for mayor to help criminals thrive in the city. Eugene fired an automatic gun at the lot, Trooper Andrews arrived with police, and they accused Jordan of shooting. Andrews then beat Jordan with brass knuckles in front of Chief Bobby Smith. At the hospital Andrews asked Jordan what’s wrong with him, they argued and Andrews beat him again and disowned Jordan as his son. Chips arrived and Jordan told him Saab killed Kayden, he also asked Chips to steal Kayden’s body from the morgue. Achmeena arrived, and he took her to his secret hideout in an abandoned building. She explained that her father wants $100K and two explosions in a week. If Jordan doesn’t follow through with the plans he must kill Achmeena in two weeks.

Goodbye Boba

Chips called and informed Jordan that he successfully took Kayden’s body from the morgue. Jordan arranged a group of people to attack Garage T customers at the rival lot. They kidnapped Sun Moon, but the henchmen turned on Jordan and he had to shoot them. Sun Moon was curious about Jordan’s plan. Jordan explained that he was fired, and he didn’t want to kill Moon because he needs powerful friends. Moon agrees to give him a $35K job to complete, Sun Moon was then released atop a mountain. Boba Stone met Jordan and they drove to Garage T. Boba admitted that he told cops everything and that gangs and cops wanted him. Jordan was irate and called Boba a betrayer and stabbed him in the neck with a knife, Boba died from the attack. Pred arrived, and they went to see Boba’s body after being called by Dr. Cross. Police wanted to speak with him at the morgue but Pred advised against it. Jordan was kicked from the morgue for getting too emotional. He came back and attempted to take Boba’s body he also took Fiona hostage. Jordan told police that Boba wanted to be buried by a waterfall, there was a standoff with police and Jordan was shot. Jordan was then arrested by Sgt. Angel she asked what happen to him. He explained to her that he is broke, his wife and best friend died, he was fired, and he wished the cops would shoot him. He was beaten with a flashlight by Angel and then taken to the hospital. He was shaved bald and treated by Dr. Cross for brain damage, and sent to the ICU.


Deputy Forcer arrived at Pillbox and arrested Jordan for his outstanding warrant. Jordan showed signes of brain damage. He spoke with a lawyer and told him he loved puppies and he said Boba was his best friend. Police brought a therapist to the jail to evaluate Jordan’s mental state. He told them he likes eating green crayons and does not remember anything that happesn to him the previous night. He said Deputy Forcer took said she was going to punish him. Meanwhile, Forcer and other officers gather the warrant signed by Judge Bailey to raid Jordan's property. The police then raided Jordan’s property and vehicles. They found PD weapons, a taser, and uzi and marijuana in his apartment. Jordan was sentenced to 70 months in prison and $10K in fines, no murder weapon was found. There were no judges available in the city but his attorney Kevin McLoughlin plans to appeal all charges.

The Duel

During his prison sentence Jordan’s brain injury healed, and he went back to his lot. Deputy Bo Tucker told him Boba was dead, Jordan told him that Saab murdered another person. Bo also informed him that he was raided, he tried to sell gold bars to gang members and Curtis gave him a pistol. His lawyer Okada told him he was raided because someone saw him with Boba on the night of the murder. Nettie arrived and broke up with Jordan, and she admitted she snitched to police and enjoyed punching him. He begged her to stay and said he would change she told him he could not change. Tow drivers arrived and wanted to join Tow Union 405. Jordan then put on a disguise and blew up a pair of cars across from the lot. Wilhelmina Copperpot was hired to work at the lot. Cowboy John Marsden was killed during a duel against Jordan. Marsden took his motorcycle from the Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot without paying the $200 fee. Jordan approached him and demanded the money. John refused, and they agreed to duel, Jordan shot John 18 times. He died from his injuries at Pillbox Medical Center. Jordan then swam back to the private island to hide.

New Clients

Jordan announced that Steele Security (SS) shows up instead of the police who only care about bank trucks. He vowed to protect SS clients from anybody in the city. He met Uchiha Jones in the clothing store and invited him to work for SS, Uchiha accepted the job. Bryce and Julio Thomas became customers of SS. He agreed to secure Bryce if he agreed to say the future mayor supports SS. Jordan tried to save Tommy Cruizer from an attempted kidnapping and gave him his contact info. Doug Canada wanted to hire SS for security for his White Widow Dispensary. He thinks criminals would want to disrupt his marijuana shipments. He also wants to host events that will require security. Jacob Harth aka Mr. Robot said he would be interest in security at his new business, he then gave Jordan a bulletproof vest. Cadet Francis and threatened to destroy Garage Q. later Francis and Toretti handcuffed Jordan illegally and poured gasoline around him and threatened to burn him alive. Jordan again vowed to destroy the police. Jordan got a ping from Bryce inside the PD, he went to the police station and rescued Bryce from custody and robbed Deputy Bexar McCree. SS tried to save a hostage from a jewelry heist, but Jordan and Marcell were shot. Sun Moon then took Jordan to secretly get help at a local doctor. The Reverend showed Jordan, Marcell, Uchia and Steve Smith a website that led him to a quest on the dark web he was unable to solve the riddle.

Pension Trial

Jordan went to his pension trial against the LSPD presided by Judge Katya. Jordan limped to the stand and testified that he tripped on a boulder and his shin nearly exploded on a titanium bike rake. He explained that he was in ICU and then tried to patrol a shift while injured and he was medically discharged from the LSPD by Trooper Tony Andrews. Jordan admitted he lived under a bridge and has no insurance and can't make ends meet. He claimed that people spit on him because he's handicapped, and the police beat him and arrest him. The DA questioned him to assess if he was overplaying his injuries. Attorney Larry Hallow displayed an image shown to new recruited which showed that all police officers receive a full pension. Officer Brian Knight then confirmed Jordan's story but called the injury a self-induced accident. Chief Bobby Smith took the stand and appeared intoxicated he said Jordan rubbed him the wrong way. Jordan was not awarded a pension but he was awarded $1K per week for 8 months in disability pay by Judge Katya.

Rights Violation

Later, Jordan had a trial against the PD for violating his rights by denying him a trial. Police reports says Jordan took Bobby hostage, shot Nettie, and ran Toretti over. Officer Malton was examined by Jordan's attorney Okada and questioned about the report. DA Splainer kept objecting and Okada became flustered. Arresting officer Sgt. AJ Hunter admitted that Jordan requested a bench trial. Okada argued that Jordan's rights were denied due to the failure of the LSPD to communicate with each other properly. Nettie was held in contempt of court, but she and Jordan reconciled during the trial and agreed to run off to Arizona again. Judge Coyote found in favor of Jordan because his constitutional right to a bench trial was violated by Sgt. AJ Hunter and the LSPD. All charges will be removed, he will be reimbursed for any fees, and he would get his weapons license back. After the trial he wen to get his low-rider fixed, and asked a mechanic at QuickFix for a supply of guns. Later Jordan and Nettie got arrested by Officers Ripley and Knight for outstanding warrants. They were processed and transported to prison together and clashed with DOC guards and vowed to take the police to court.


Jordan disguised himself in green clothing and pretended to be the leader of GSF, Dexx Martin, and hid out in the outside of the city. Okada met him at the casino and told him he has 2 warrants for his arrest to be held until trial. Okada is brining Murphy Braun to help with the defense team. Nettie got suspended for 3 days for going to prison, so Jordan hired her to work at the lot. Jordan later dressed as a homeless man and panhandled to everyone he met on the streets. He later went to the courthouse for his bail hearing. Jordan pled not even guilty to both charges of murder. Justice LaBarre set bail at $50K and EMS Bailey loaned him the bail money. LaBarre revoked his weapons license, later DA Splainer and with ADA Dupree came to the lot and threatened to have Jordan's business license revoked. Jordan hired new employees for SS and the lot. He later drove past Dexx Martin and informed him that he now does security and he is no longer a cop, he also mentioned that he is under investigation for two murders including the death of government worker Boba Stone. Dexx was shocked, and Jordan told him it was something he should think about and drove off.

Not A Cop

Jordan hired a new employee named Ash who is a burn victim and a violent pyromaniac. After a shooing at the courthouse Jordan invited everyone to the safety of teh parking lot. Jordan and SS then saved Katt Vincent from a hostage situation at the jewelery store. Next a woman named Bubbles Knight arrived and accused Jordan of getting her pregnant, she lured Jordan to a church and Jordan beat her with a bat. SS got into a shootout with members of the Angels and stole some of their items. SS responded to a home break in and detained and robbed Sonya Summers disguised as Chris McGrawl. Chips Ahoy joined SS and now helps with security. Thalia called Jordan asking how he was they agreed to meet up and talk they agreed to remain friends. Ash then blew up the cars at Garage T. he got caught by police, Jordan and Copperpot tried to rescue him but could not. DJ called and asked him to come to Forum Drive to speak to he and Dexx. They told Jordan that Officers Bass and Knight were discrediting him saying he's a confidential informant.They gave Jordan some coke and pills he did both and denied being a cop then he drank some liquor. Dexx gave him a heavy pistol and silencer and they went to ambush police. Jordan snorted coke and then shot both officers Baas and Knight in the face multiple times. Brian survived his injuries, but Baas was unresponsive at the scene he went into ICU he later survived. A man named Justin Steele showed up claiming to be Jordan's big brother, they went to save Copperpot who was attacked and kidnapped by the Angels.

Angels Attack

Jordan went to Pillbox Medical and ran into Dr. Tracy Martell she gave him cocaine and lockpicks she then said she got Jordan fired for steeling her girlfriend Nettie. Jordan pulled a gun on her and kidnapped her and threatened to kill her. Martell admitted she tried to frame him but then found out he was already fired. Martell demanded that Jordan gave Nettie back to her, he refused and told her to drink all the alcohol she had on her or she would die. Martell began to drink and confessed that she drowned cats for Nettie. She then demanded to drive Jordan's lowrider he gave her the keys and she drove erratically while crying, and Jordan called 911 for help. Jordan later assembled a group of people at the parking lot and held a memorial service for Kayden. Someone pinged SS for security they went to south side, Lang Buddha was robbing locals at the location and a shootout occurred. The Leanbois later attacked SS in an ambush attack when they pinged Jordan then shot him down and robbed him as retaliation. Gremlin saw Jordan's ad and wanted to work with so they she helped SS kidnap Angels member, Erin Cox and sought revenge for Copperpot, was attacked and left for dead with Angels carved into her skin. DJ called and wanted to inform Jordan that he and b trust him and that GSF planned to set him up but changed their minds. Gremlin later turned on Jordan and accused his son DJ of shooting her. Jordan convinced her that he was her son because she made him smoke crack once, she calmed down but she then shot Marcell. Jordan put on a disguise and changed his car color and picked up Marcell with Ash; the Angels did a silent driveby and shot everyone in the car and took Jordan hostage. They took him to grandma's house where he was revived but had no memory, they tried to question him about Erin's whereabouts but he did not know anything. They robbed him and left him on the road he passed out and awoke at Pillbox. Jordan later took Nettie on a date to the Vinewood sign and they spoke about planning their wedding before his murder trials.

Kayden's Funeral

Friends and family of Kayden gathered at the cemetary around her grave as Jordan gave her eulogy. Jordan told everyone Kayden was so in love with him she wanted to be remembered as the woman who was married to him. She loved everything about Jordan and was thankful for everything he gave her including the parking lot. Chips spoke and said his real name is twelve-piece extra-crispy. Eugene spoke about how he shot Kayden when she towed his vehicles and how they fought over custody of Chips. Nettie mentioned that Kayden had a rivalry but they were mostly friendly. Jordan mentioned that Kayden was married to Vinny, and they ran illegal operations together. Kareem from LSPD was there taking notes, and he mentioned that Kayden was crazy but mainly a good person. Jordan accused Saab of cheating with Kayden prior to her death, Saab said she was crazy and they had a fight on her last day and then she died. Kayden's sister Violet refused to speak then Angels member Cassie spoke. Chips had an overdose behind some tombstones, Jordan and Saab began fighting and Kareem handcuffed Jordan. Judge Katya read Kayden's will and Kayden left her cars to Jordan, money to Chips and a Dubsta to her other son, convicted murderer Bovice Wilkinson. Dr. Cross arrived and told Jordan to stop killing people, Jordan left the funeral convinced that people belive he didn't kill Kayden.

The Stranger

Dan Knight, allegeded son of, Brian Knight was told that Brian hates him and wanted him to die. Dr Cross offered free medical exams at the lot. Meanwhile, Apples was hiding at the lot because he killed a man, Jordan threatened to fire him so he agreed to work the lot. Jordan offers to help Apples fake his death. Later, Jordan met with a vigilante survivor of the FBI building explosion named The Stranger who asked him to help take downa terrorist organization known as Talon. He later spoke with Sonya Summers about getting some guns, they arranged a deal for $20K for guns and Sonya would do a favor within reason whenever asked. Jordan also told her of his plan to buy broken guns to plant on violators at the lot. Sonya arrived with a stolen car filled with broken pistols and Jordan and Nettie drove it to his apartment. Judge Coop told Jordan he had sex with Kayden and then joked about shutting down the lot and Jordan possibly getting life in prison. A warrior arrived at the lot challenging everyone to a fight, Jordan told him to go fight Coop and he did. Gregory Stonefinger asked Jordan if he knew anything about the death of Chris McGrawl. Jordan told him to investigate the bikers and Milton Pointdexter of Payne Real Estate, he did not mention Sonya's involvement. A helicopter piolot called Jordan and offered his services for SS and Jordan took his information.

SS Activities

Mr. Rodgers came by the lot after he got released from prison. The parking lot warrior continued to challenge people to defeat him for free parking. Carl Crimes wanted peace because he became a pacifist, Jordan advised against it and after a beating by Mr. Rodgers, Carl wanted to join SS. Jordan went taken to trial again about the previous rights violation charges. This time Stanton found Jordan guilty of all charges after speaking with Judge Coop Holiday. Later, Sonya asked Jordan to bring journalist Stonefinger to her for $20K writing an article indicating that she killed McGrawl. Jordan met with Stonefinger and asked about his investigation of Sonya and also Talon. Jordan advised him to delete his article about Sonya Summers and focus on Talon, he reluctantly agreed. He also told Jordan that he got an anonymous call saying justice was coming, he hid at a remote hotel for the night. Jordan told Sonya the article would be removed and that he and dumped Stonefinger in the sea, she was upset but paid him $20K. She told him she wanted him to recapture Stonefinger for another $10K so she could finish him herself, she sceptical of Jordan actually doing the hit. She later called Jordan again asking when the article would be removed, he reassured her it would be done. Convicted serial killer, Chasity Dawes arrived at the lot and gave Chips a bag of crack, Jordan was upset and took the crack from Chips he then caught Chasity and kidnapped her. Jordan told her she owes him a life for a life, she agreed and was released. Chips became homicidal because Jordan took his crack, he tried to run him off the road. Jordan brought members of SS to a therapy session with therapist Thalia Hayes. SS member Pogg Dann was questioned about filming numerous women including EMS Katt Vincent while heavilty breathing in teh background. Pogg apologized and said his girlfriend broke up with him and he has nothing to watch before going to bed.

Goodbye Justin

Jordan planned a play to help stop the violence in thhe south side of the city. He asked members of GSF to provide security for the musical at the mega mall. He tried to speak to members of the Leanbois about the play but Lang Buddha insulted him and told him to leave. The SS crew practiced their play in the lot he later got a call about SS clients being held hostage SS went to rescue them securely. The Angels and Eugene tried to retaliate against SS by staking out the parking lot for an ambush. They pulled into the lot and spoke to Carl Crimes and Dan and forced him to give the radio station at gunpoint. Jordan suspected Carl of working both sides but later changed his mind and felt Carl was loyal. Angels and Eugene got questioned by police and decided to leave the lot. Jordan spoke with DA Splainer at the lot about his pending cases, and Splainer complimented his ability to banter. Splained told Jordan if he weren't a convicted felon he would make a phenomenal lawyer. The Angels tried to ambush Jordan and got taken down, Justin also got shot. Jordan offered them peace, but they said it would never end, so he dumped them in the ocean. Justin Steele died at Pillbox Medical Center on March 17, 2020, he was pronounced dead by Dr. Choi. He died of multiple gunshot wounds by the Angels and Eugene. SS went to see Justin's body at the morgue and Jordan blamed Saab for his murder. Jordan told his older brother to rest easy because he left the parking lot which was hell, and now he's in actual hell, and he'll see him there.

Kayden's Murder Trial

Jordan went to trial for the charge of murdering his wife Kayden. Judge Bailey presided and Murphy Braun represented Jordan against the DA Larry and Special Prosecutor Adrienne West. Murphy called Kayden an arms dealer and disgraced ex-attorney. He argued there is no evidence directly linking Jordan to the murder. Larry called Dr. Cross to the stand he claimed Jordan stole his Ocelot Pariah, her cause of death was brain trauma. Brian Knight took the stand and said Kayden told him Jordan beat her, Brian claimed that Jordan's mom Torah told him Jordan said he beat her. Brian said blood on the car matched Kayden. Murphy asked if Jordan's DNA was found in the car or a yellow vest, Brian replied no. Officer Toretti said there were unsent text to Kayden's sister Violet, she claimed Jordan beat her at the prison.They then took a walk to Pillbox to view the office window cross claims he saw Jordan steal his car from. Jordan started screaming that he's going to prison and he's having a heart attack. Dr. Choi checked him and said he was just having a panic attack. West claimed that Kayden's dying declaration was that Jordan did this. Murphy argued that any and all evidences was purely circumstantial and that Kayden was succumbing to blunt force trauma and there fore her dying declaration was flawed because she was not in her right mind. After closing statements, Judge Bailey found Jordan guilty of murder and sentenced him to 15 years with the edibility of parole after 8 years and a fine of $25K. Murphy called Bailey the dumbest judge he ever saw and was held in contempt of court. Jordan was sent to prison to serve his time he plans to appeal the case.

Boba's Murder Trial

Jordan met with his new lawyer Benjamin Crane about his trial for the murder of government employee and former paramedic Boba Stone. They went to the court and Judges Katya and Coyote presided over the case. Jordan pled not guilty. DA Splainer gave his opening statement and the defense followed. Crane said Jordan would never hurt his best friend Boba Stone. EMS workers took the stand and claimed they saw Boba leave with Jordan Steele prior to the murder and it looked like someone sliced his throat. Officer Malton testified that Jordan tried to take Boba's body from the morgue and then took Fiona hostage ending in a shootout, he also mentioned that Jordan and Boba were under investigation involving a drug operation. The DA's office wanted life without parole for Jordan. Judge Katya said the case lacks the weapon and the motive was not clearly explained and Jordan was found not guilty. Judge Coyote then explained that all evidence was circumstantial and no one even questioned Jordan. Jordan will received an addition year of probation for his contempt of court charge. After the murder trial Jordan was given bail until his appeal case for the murder of Kayden mistrial.

Dundee Confrontation

Jordan went to hospital where Officer Malton asked if he would help solve the murder of Justin Steele, Jordan agreed. Mel bought Nettie to a hypnotherapist and tried to brainwash her to help Prune Gang, Jordan agreed to let Nettie help Prune as long as Prune helps SS. Bryce told Jordan he didn't want to work for the lot he wants to be a dancer. Okada advised him that he won his civil case of his right violation case the DA agreed and settled for $50K. Dundee showed up and Jordan told him to get off the lot. Dundee came back to the lot on a motorcycle with a shotgun and forced Jordan to get on his bike. He was irate that Jordan told Brian Knight that Jordan killed Kayden. Dundee took him to a motel and forced him to sit on a couch at gunpoint Jordan pled with Dundee to search for Saab and he told him his parking lot business was a cover for Steele Security. Jordan continued to plant seeds of doubt blaming Kayden's death on Saab and told Dundee he is the only ally he's got. While Dundee wandered off to investigate footsteps Jordan escaped. Jordan later met with Dundee that a graveyard and Jordan confessed to killing Boba but said he did not kill Kayden, then Dundee told Jordan Boba's ex finance Bree wanted Boba's murderer dead. Dundee told him he was going to talk to Bree because she is a member of the BBMC and the next time he sees Jordan he may die. The next day Jordan and his atlawyer Craine won his appeal of the Kayden murder and the DA stated that they had no intent to refile charges. Jordan is free of all charges and continues to run his businesses.

Taco Shop

SS was hired to enforce parking law at the south side taco shop, they were later fired after Jordan accidentally hit a car. SS decided to wear disguises and blow up cars at the taco shop. Later Eugene and members of the Leanbois showed up at the lot and started shooting, PD arrived and illegally searched Jordan's car. Jordan filed a report at PD and cited that Cadet Reznik illegally search his car on his property. He plans to sue PD over the violation. Jordan arranged for his wife Achmeena to get a quad for her birthday and their anniversary. Apples faked his death to avoid being targeted by taco shop employees who threatened his life. Tyrone of the East Side Ballas approached Jordan about hiring SS and getting free parking. Judge Katya asked about tax info and Jordan told her all the profits go to his drug addict reform charity "Angels with Steele Wings." While responding to a hostage situation at the jewellery store Jordan was arrested by Officer Baas, the criminals were allowed to escape and Jordan promised to sue. Prune Gang leader Mel was upset that Apples was "dead" and told Nettie to attack SS she was previously hypnotized as a sleeper agent and attacked Copperpot. She apologized and Copperpot temporarily thought her name was Bronzebucket. Jordan also told Nettie that Bree was likley coming after them for the murder of her ex-finace Boba.

Married to Nettie

Nettie and Jordan were married on April 4th, 2020 at the cemetery, after Apples fake funeral. Copperpot was the best man and Judge LaBarre officiated the wedding. Jordan vowed to never cheat and also protect her til her last breath. Nettie vowed to defend him, shall bear his children, and she loves Jordan her prince. Ash then showed up and objected and said he would marry Jordan instead and be his sex slave. Jordan declined the offer and told him he's a great employee, and he can watch. Gladys objected and said Nettie was too good for Jordan, and Jordan blamed his past bad marriages on Saab. The two were then married and went to the afterparty at the lot. Jordan got high on acid, and then Eugene and the Leanbois showed up and shot up the reception and the Angels also attacked SS. Later Jordan met with The Stranger again and was told to continue protecting Stonefinger so he can release more articles, also a nuclear warhead was stolen from the military base. Gremlin and her crew tried to take a person from the lot and were shot Jordan let Gremlin and Stacey live and they now owe him a favor. Jordan told the SS that he wants to make police investigate the death of his brother Justin by implicating the Angels. Tyrone gave Jordan LSD and told him he owes him $20K for costing him a cocain re-up by robbing a goth soke customer, Jordan agreed to pay it and Tyrone promised to give him a brick of coke to sell.

Justice for Justin

Jordan arrived and Pogg Dann was there to greet him, Jordan was glad he was back at the lot. Apples told Jordan the Angels charged him $10K to weed the lot or they would destroy the lot. Uchiha Jones refused to shake Jordan's hand and said he has a lot of friends that are Jordans. Sergeant Angel responded and Uchiha and Jordan accused each other of being racist. Uchiha apologized on twitter and then called Jordan racist again. Jordan made a video with the staff expressing that Uchiha is banned and all racist are banned at the lot. SS later kidnapped Uchia and took him to a cave to film a movie he refused to admit he is a racist so Jordan stabbed him. Achmeena asked Jordan if she can join the Angels to infiltrate the group. Later the SBSO pulled over SS and robbed them of pistols and gold bars in front of members of the LSPD who claimed they were officers from another county. They also drugged and stabbed Copperpot, she was confused and injured. Eugene called to squash the beef with Jordan, but Jordan wanted guns so Eugene agreed to supply guns and molotov cocktails at a discount. Jordan wanted to sell some gold bars so he called Claire, during the transaction SS took her and Violet at gunpoint to an alley. Jordan and Copperpot then drove to the observatory and shot Violet and planted the guns the used in Justin's murder on them. Officers Espinoz and Reinhart arrived and Jordan told them the Angels pulled guns so he shot them. Archer arrived and questioned Jordan, he mentioned that they had big guns so he shot them. Jordan flagged down Malton and told him about the Angels shooting he said he would investigate. Malton investigated and eventually put out a warrant for the arrest of Claire and Violet but needed Claire's DNA as evidence, Reinhart executed teh warrant but decided not to gather DNA and put Claire in jail for the 9s. Claire later submitted her DNA and she and Violet were charged with the manslaughter of Justin Steele.



Jean Short

Jean Short was Jordan's first wife, they divorced on January 28,2020. Their first encounter was during her uprising singing career, where Jordan offered to become her manager under false promises. This quickly transitioned into an abusive relationship where Jordan would take all of the profit, beat, stab, gaslight, and create rumors about her being a crackwhore. Having enough of his behavior, Jean dumped Jordan's drugs into a lake, which led to her being stabbed and disappearing for months. She eventually returned to become an EMS at Pillbox, discovering Jordan was now married to Kayden, and relented into joining a polyamorous relationship. They divored in

Kayden Dell'Anno

Kayden was originally Jordan's lawyer, to which he literally told her one day "we're dating now" and she somehow agreed. She's often loudmouthed, abrasive, and abusive towards Jordan, constantly assuming he's cheating on her with multiple women and with Brenda Pancake. Because of her jealousy and generally psychotic nature, she usually beats, waterboards him with gasoline, or pulls a gun to his head when upset. She currently assists him with towing and raising their adopted son.

Unforunately, Kayden was pronounced dead on February 15th, 2020, due to Jordan beating her unconscious and throwing her lifeless body into the ocean off the pier after having an argument about Kayden wanting to divorce Jordan after she said he “changed.” Jordan told her that he still loved her before he beat her to death.

Achmeena Steele

Achmeena Steele is Jordan's long-lost wife. She arrived in Los Santos to find Jordan. She informed him that her father "The Commander" wanted to know his status. She explained that her father was unhappy and called Jordan a traitor, and he regrets arranging their marriage. She explained that if Jordan does not fulfill his obligations she will remove his head from his body.

Nettie Machete

Former EMS worker Nettie Machete was always friendly and helpful to Jordan as a tow driver and police officer. Jordan took an interest in her once she started dating Jerry Callow. Jordan wanted Nettie for himself and hoped to cuck Jerry. However, Nettie has a dominant personality and does not put up with Jordan's antics (which he finds extremely hot). Nettie and Jordan have since agreed to run away to Arizona together, to sell handmade turquoise jewelry. December 10, 2019 Nettie proposed to Jordan and they got engaged. Nettie broke up with Jordan on February 23rd, 2020. They reconciled on March 03, 2020 and agreed to continue their relationship. Nettie and Jordan were married on April 4th, 2020 at the cemetery.

Chips Ahoy

Chips is Jordan's adopted son, though because of recent lies, he now believes he's Jordan's biological son and is also under the impression that he is an albino. Because of this, you can often find him carrying an umbrella around to avoid damaging his skin. Chips is usually a victim of Jordan's verbal abuse and often has his crack stolen by him to be flushed down a toilet or consumed for himself. On Friday 20, September Jordan led a raid on Chips "mountain" after being tipped off by his wife Jean, resulting in the seizure of 10 x 50g bricks of cocaine, 40 x 5g bags of cocaine, and 920 x crack rocks, The LSPD's largest drug bust to date.

Deandre “DJ” Jackson

Dr. Cross informed Jordan that a man was looking for him and claimed to be his biological son. Jordan contacted the man and learned that his name is Deandre, and he is a member of the GSF gang. They met and Deandre explained that his mother Gladys Berry told him that his father is Jordan Steele. He also mentioned that his father left years ago to start a dog fighting ring. Jordan was skeptical at first but believes that Deandre is his biological son. He later told him he was proud that he joined a street gang. Unfortunately DJ was shot and killed on March 28th, 2020 by police.

Kyle Pred

Officer Pred and Jordan became friends quickly during police academy. They share similar interest including insulting and verbally destroying others and apprehending criminals. They often work as partners on the force and have perfected the tandem beating tactical maneuver. Pred and Steele always have each other's back and are brothers since Tony Andrews is now their father.

Justin Steele

Justin arrived from Liberty City and claimed that he is Jordan's long-lost older brother. He wanted to help hold down the Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot and Steele Security businesses.

Tony Andrews

Trooper Andrews was Jordan's superior officer and took a special interest in Jordan. He initially was frustrated with Jordan because of the complaints he'd get from women in the city. Andrews decided to force Steele and Pred to do bike patrol instead they went and empowered women at the hospital. Ultimately, Andrews decided that all Jordan and Pred needed was a father figure. Now he makes them call him "Daddy" and tries to make them better cops. Andrews disciplines his "sons" with tough love that usually involves yelling and brutal ass beatings.

Torah Andrews

Torah is now the mother of adopted sons Jordan Steele and Kyle Pred.


Brenda Pancake

Brenda is Jordan's best friend since she's technically his only friend aside from Boba. She's often nice and supportive, and will occasionally assist with parking enforcement or serving as a witness to Jordan's daily stabbings. Their relationship tends to become estranged when she's unwilling to provide a report to an officer in order to protect a criminal, or when making a conversation about herself while not owning up to her behavior.

Boba Stone

Boba was Jordan's best friend friend, who now assisted him with parking. He's been given the title of "Parking Demigod" after proving himself worthy enough to protect the Hospital's lot. He's bubbly, and usually gets along well with Jordan despite how crude Jordan tends to be.

On February 21st 2020, Boba died from a stab wound to the neck from Jordan. Boba met Jordan at garage T and admitted that he snitched to the cops, he also said that gangs and cops wanted him. Jordan was irate and called Boba a betrayer and stabbed him.

Serge Cross

Dr. Cross, affectionately known to Jordan as "Boss Cross" hired Jordan to enforce parking justice at Pillbox. He always treats Jordan kindly and helps when there is a problem at the hospital. He is one of the people that Jordan respects and trust the most in the city.

Jerry Callow

Jordan met attorney Jerry Callow at the police station and immediately noticed something was strange about him. Jerry always seemed nervous and oddly soft spoken. At the time there was a reported predator on the loose in Mirror Park. Jordan used his superior detective skills to deduce that Jerry Callow is the Mirror Park Predator. Now the whole city calls Jerry a predator.

Grimoire "Gremlin" Hauttogs

While working as a tow truck driver Jordan encountered a maniacal criminal known as Gremlin. Jordan wanted her banned from Pillbox because she shot a gun and blew up his tow truck. His request was ignored and she returned and kidnapped him. Gremlin would then force Jordan to smoke crack and do crime. Distraught and high out of his mind, Jordan eventually jumped from a rooftop but managed to survive. He occasionally runs into her while on duty as a cop but never forgot what she did to him. He refers to her as "Hotdogs" based on her last name.

Wilhelmina Copperpot

Copperpot is a news reporter and she often requented the garage Q parking lot. She has a firey temper and is willing to fight for what she believes in. Jordan was impressed with her attitude and he hired her to work at the Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot and Steele Security firm. She has proven to be a loyal and dependable ally.

Police Officers

Vladimir Raven

Chief Raven is usually very supportive of Jordan and encourages him to continue doing good police work. He requested that Pred and Steele teach their tandem beating tactic to the entire police force.

Lauren Forcer

Deputy Forcer and Officer Steele met in academy. Jordan would often make playful jokes about her hair. In return Forcer would punch or report him. While Forcer was on a leave of absence, Jordan encountered a killer who is infatuated with Forcer named Miguel Mejorz He learned of his obsession with Forcer and gathered intel which could someday help stop him.

Olivia Copper

Former Assistant Chief, Olivia Copper, is one of Jordan's superiors in the police department. Copper often collects complaints about Jordan from angry civilians and other police officers. She typically sides with the complainant without hearing Steele's explanation. She issued 15 strike points to Officer Steele for hitting Deputy Forcer at Pillbox Medical. She then said that at 30 points he will be suspended, and advised him to "man up."

Brittany Angel

Sgt. Angel was one of the FTO's that trained Officer Steele and tested his knowledge of SOPs during his final exam. She always questioned his abilities and warned him about his behavior. Despite her concerns, she often uses Jordan to gather intel on gangs. Jordan respects her commitment to the job and often asks her for advice. She reported Officer Steele to Copper on the night Deputy Forcer tased all his tires, and he hit her with his police cruiser.

Emily Reinhart

Jordan and Reinhart have a long history of tension since his towing days at the hospital. Reinhart would often collect complaints and try to get Jordan fired from the hospital. She now secretly attempts to sabotage his police career, and often reports him to superior officers. They have never officially addressed their personal issues.

Bo Tucker

Bo was a part of the same graduating class as Jordan. The two had a rocky start as Tucker went on a date with Jordan's wife Jean. Bo and Jordan remained amicable and worked well together. However, Tucker would often go behind Jordan's back and complain about him. He told superior officers that Jordan hit Jean with a car while off duty. He then arrested Jordan at Pillbox medical for public intoxication.

Side Romances

In addition to his two wives, Jordan has many girlfriends across the city. He is always looking for more mistresses and potential wives. Still he claims to love his current wives very much and would "never" cheat on them. Some of his other romantic interest include:

Thalia Hayes

Jordan contacted therapist Thalia Hayes seeking counseling for his abusive relationships with his wives. He told Thalia about Kayden's violent temper and his troubles with Jean and his drug -ddicted son Chips. Thalia was caring and understanding and she massaged his body to relax him. The two would eventually start dating and have occasional sex in a bush, now they rarely speak.

Violet Noreguarde

Former Aztecas member Violet would often flirt with Jordan while on duty calling him "Papi." Jordan saw this as an opportunity to to pursue her and gave her keys to his hotel room. They ended up having a sexual affair and Violet told him and the city that she was pregnant. She eventually admitted that she was never pregnant and was trying to scam him.

Mr. Chang

Jordan was once romantically tied to Mr. Chang. The two used to be lovers when Jordan was a tow truck driver and they almost got married. Chang also claims to have had sex with Jean as well. Although they no longer are romantically tied they remain friends and sometimes flirt with each other.


Steele Family Parking Lot

Jordan and his wife Kayden are co-owners of Steele Family Parking Impound Lot. The lot is located at Garage Q and is officially owned by the Steele's and acknowledged by The State.

Current Staff:

Previous Staff:

  • Co-Owner - Kayden Dell'Anno( Deceased)
  • Assistant Manager - Boba Stone (Deceased)
  • Lot Attendant/Cameraman - Solomon Seerson

Steele Security (SS)

SS provides security and protection whenever clients need help. Clients are able to ping members of SS at any time to be rescued. The company provides security services to individuals and businesses for small & large scale events.

Current Staff

List of Kills

Name Method Details
Kayden Dell'Anno † Beaten On February 15th, 2020, Jordan beat his wife Kayden to death then threw her body into the ocean after having an argument on the pier about her wanting to divorce him.
Boba Stone † Stabbed On February 21st, 2020, almost a week after killing Kayden, Jordan stabbed Boba in the neck, after they decided to meet at Garage T. Boba told Jordan that he snitched to the cops and the police and gangs were looking for him.
John Marsden † Shot On February 23rd, 2020, just 2 days after killing Boba, John Marsden was killed during a duel against Jordan. Marsden took his motorcycle from the Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot and refused to pay the $200fee. They agreed to duel and Jordan shot John 18 times.


  • "Damn! Damn! Damn!"
  • "Damn drugs, damn!"
  • "He He He He He!" - When Jordan insults someone
  • I'm just joshing Yuh, I'm just pulling a J.
  • "Oh, how the turns have tabled."
  • "It was just a little J"
  • "Pulling the trigger is easy, Walking away, that's the hard part. If you weren't a Psycho Bitch you'd know that. Fuck You Kayden."
  • "Brenda, you bitch!"
  • "Are you lying to your pap plap?"
  • "You don't know how hard my life is! I have two wives and a son!"
  • "Sir. Sir! Sir, can you please not park there?" (fifteen seconds prior to being stabbed)
  • "Brenda! Brenda call the cops!" (usually after being stabbed)
  • "I don't talk about that. Not after what happened."
  • "Hey, Sugar Ass. Honey Ass. Ass Ass."
  • "Enforcing the lawl by the books!"
  • "Hams! Hams! Hams! Show me your Hams!"
  • "I'm going to hammer that ass!"
  • "I didn't get a Blowie J!"
  • "If you wait long enough, Steele always melts."
  • "There's no metal harder than Steele!"
  • "I'm gonna treat my rights like I treat everyone else's, and I'm gonna violate them!"
  • "Who's to say."
  • "I guess one thing does melt Steele beams, AIDS."
  • "Sometimes you get AIDS and die."
  • "Malton, stay golden pony boy."
  • "Steeles always find a way."
  • “I need crack, I wanna smoke crack!”
  • "Nothing comes faster than Steele."
  • "My wife was my life, and without my wife I have no life."
  • "Get off the grass!" (to people who trample the grass at the parking lot)
  • "Why would Saab do this?!" (When Jordan kills someone and blames it on Al Saab)


  • Jordan is also known as "El Loco" and created the Latin Kings gang while in prison.
  • Despite him coming off as rude, Jordan becomes extremely polite if someone is willing to move their car without a second warning.
  • Jordan is a pathological liar he is also known for his pettiness and being delusional.
  • Jordan is usually never the first person to swing in an altercation, which often leads to him being downed.
  • He forces Jean to only smoke cigarettes and drink water because he thinks she's overweight despite her ribs prodding out through her skin.
  • He used to have a crush on Brenda.
  • Fought in a war in the Middle East, which side you may ask. That doesn't matter.
  • He own's a $100K Emperor Car and a $400K White Bronco Truck
  • Got bitten by K9 Trooper Fenton while on duty
  • Refers to Kyle Pred as his brother and Tony Andrews as his daddy
  • Known for his ability to empower women
  • Refers to the bike rack at Pillbox Medical as an art piece titled: "A World Without Bikes"
  • Jordan's middle name is Elizabeth
  • Tony Andrews and Torah Andrews officially adopted Jordan on January 9th, 2020.
  • Officer Steele's drug bust of Chips Ahoy and Wayne Biggaz were the largest drug bust in the city.
  • Was given his wife Achmeena Steele as a gift from her father/his 'Commander' during his time in the Middle East.
  • Jordan claims the grass at the parking lot is Kentucky bluegrass and is very expensive to maintain.
  • Jordan is recognized by the courts as a disabled veteran.
  • Jordan claims he was a attacked by a gang of four kids led by a midget while living under the bridge.
  • Jordan has been disowned by his father as a consequence of shooting him after his attempted return to the police force was denied.




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