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Jordan Steele is a character role-played by PENTA.

General Description

Jordan Steele is an aspiring Attorney for the Department of Justice and currently works at Steele O'Banion & Friends Law Firm.

He was formerly a tow truck driver, former security guards for Pillbox and Burger Shot, the Co-Owner of Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot, the founder of Steele Security, leader of Lot Q, and briefly a Deputy for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #405.

Before he was an officer, he was the official parking enforcer and security guard at Pillbox Medical Center. He's known for having a foul mouth, which oftentimes has left him stabbed, beaten, lit on fire, or having his tow truck blown up for impounding a criminal's illegally parked car. He was rather serious about his job and was even willing to impound the cars of doctors, EMS, and other staff members if they weren't parked appropriately.

In his past, Jordan had a drug addiction where he basically injected everything known to man, which led to him stabbing his wife and leaving her in a lake to die for throwing out his stash. Due to this, he has strictly sworn against the usage of drugs and its effects. (Relapsed)

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Deputy DeputyBCSO.png Hired to the BCSO, Badge #405 September 25th, 2021
Deputy DeputyBCSO.png Fired September 26th, 2021


  • "Cha-Ching! That's money!"