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Jordan Bones is a character role played by paperstackerj

General Description[]

Jordan Bones, Commonly known as 'Bones', is a criminal that is currently a full member of The Manor.

Bones became acquainted with The Manor through the persistent persuasion of Eli Porter, who vouched for him to become a member. Eli would tell Sparky Kane, leader of the gang, to keep an eye on him as a potential recruit. Over time, SK started telling the other members to include Bones in their criminal activities, this included their Money runs, and their need for his help during certain situations. After one week of helping the gang, he was invited to the gang by STE, and made an official hangaround.

Bones was officially pronounced HIM (Higher Internal Management) by Goofy Ahh Gang on 04/04/2024


Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Jordan Bones came from a hard working middle class family that resided south of downtown Lagos in the Victoria Island neighborhood. His father, James, was a former Special Forces operator who was a squad leader of a search & destroy NATO unit, now working at the United States Consulate. His mother, Joy, was a restorative nurse assistant at Reddington Hospital. Jordan would go to school & play in the streets afterwards with other kids around the neighborhood growing up. Very early on he would get picked & made fun of for his speech impediment which would get progressively worse the more bullying he endured.

Move to Liberty City[]

The Bones family only stayed in Lagos for 5 years before his mother became seriously ill. After receiving multiple tests she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer & the family decided to move to Liberty City, as they had the best breast cancer treatment hospitals in the world, the family packed up their important items & set off for the airport. As the family got off the plane from Nigeria, there was a man waiting in the terminal with a sign saying “Bones'' on it. As he saw the family, he began to wave & motion for them to come over. Jordan’s father ran over & dabbed up, then hugged the man holding the sign. He motioned Jordan over to introduce him to his uncle Derek. After the introduction, Derek took the Bones family to their new residence North Holland, a high crime & poverty ridden neighborhood. As they followed Derek up to the apartment, he explained to James & Joy how things were different from when they were younger & much more dangerous now (the three of them grew up together in Liberty City, but once James joined the military him & Joy had never returned).

Tragedy Strikes[]

Months after moving in, Joy's condition got worse. As she was going through chemotherapy & attempting to fight for her life, Jordan would go with her to each of her chemo sessions & while there the two would work on helping Jordan through his speech impediment. Two years after the Bones family moved back to Liberty City, Joy passed away from breast cancer. Jordan, only seven, was hardened by this tragic event & would begin to become callous toward people. He went with his mother to all of her treatments to offer his support & now he felt a void missing in his heart. Not knowing how to deal with it, he began acting out becoming rebellious & hardheaded. Following her death, James would begin to teach Jordan things he learned while in the Special Forces hoping to form a bond with him & help fix his rebellious side he had seen was forming. Mentally & physically, he grew wise at a young age & attempted to get better & better each day. His father helped Jordan form a healthy, but out of the ordinary coping mechanism so Jordan's speech impediment wouldn't show as much when things aren't going well. If his speech impediment issue arose, Jordan would have to tickle himself preferably along his stomach or rib cage area to attempt to get it to go away again.

On a Knife's Edge[]

Growing up in the slums in North Holland, Jordan would see things a teenager should never have to see, from dead bodies, drugs being sold, shootouts, & prostitution. While jogging through middle park after a training exercise, James & Jordan were stopped by a woman who asked his dad what time it was. She looked lost & homeless so James was eager to help. As he looked down to check his watch, she pulled out a small pocket knife & yelled orders at both of them. After a back & forth argument, she stabbed James in the stomach & ran off into the park frantically screaming. Jordan, seeing father get stabbed, froze for a couple seconds then tried to help stop the bleeding. While talking to his father, his speech began acting up, hearing this James told his son to tickle himself & to calm down everything would be okay. Shortly after telling his son to calm down, he bled out in Jordan's arms. After the funeral service, Jordan was told by his Uncle Derek that he would live with him from now on seeing as that was the only family Jordan had left in Liberty City.

Forced to Keep Moving Forward[]

When Jordan got to 8th grade his life was about to shift majorly again, he vowed to never end up like his parents in having to be helpless at death’s mercy. His callous side was coming out more & more as time went past & in his mind, his parents allowed death to take them easily. Jordan began doing anything that would get him paid so he could attempt to leave Liberty City for a better life & peace from the things he’d seen. As Jordan lived with Derek he noticed his uncle never had set hours when he left the house but paid for his apartment. After being asked many times, Derek finally explained to him that he was a hood pharmacist & supplied his clients with whatever it was they needed. Jordan asked Derek to put him into the game, Derek warned him of the risk involved & that a teenager like him shouldn't think about that life. But with both his parents gone & a feeling of emptiness inside, he needed something to fill the void or at least distract himself from it. So with the help of Derek, Jordan started making, buying, & selling narcotics. Along the way, he needed help so he called on a group of close friends from school. They would do tasks together to get money & keep each other safe from the pitfalls of the underworld.

The Streets are Cold[]

Jordan dropped out of school & began homeschooling because going to school everyday was becoming too dangerous, as his name grew around North Holland. The notoriety led to rival gangs & cliques targeting his crew frequently. After being in the drug game from 8th grade till he graduated from high school, Jordan lost a lot of friends old & new from the lifestyle he was living. It began to take a toll on him mentally. His rebellious side was at a all time high; he didn't see eye to eye with many people & only took advice from his uncle. After so much death & pain he’d endured, Jordan’s callous side was in full effect. His heart was very cold & he aimed to avoid people in fear of losing them one day which wasn't good. An old friend from grade school (that moved away while the two were young) reached out to Jordan & this phone call would change his life. While on the phone, Jordan explained to his friend that he’d become a perfectionist; if something wasn't done right he’d go over & over it again & again until it was done to the exact detail he say in his head. He rarely saw the good side of anyone or anything, explaining that all the death he’s seen made him cold-hearted towards life. His rebellious attitude pushed him away from his Uncle; the relationship wasn't the same as it was when he was younger. Jordan reflecting on the lessons his father taught him & missing his mother's smile. Jordan’s friend asked how his speech had come along as during the call he didn't hear any stutters or lags in the way he spoke. Jordan explained that his father helped him find a coping mechanism. Often during conversations he could be seen rubbing his stomach or side. Jordan’s friend hearing all of this offered him a new opportunity. Leave the drug game & Liberty city behind, move to Los Santos & start over.

Jordan took the phone away from his ear & thought about the offer: he liked to learn new skills to add to his skillset as he's intrigued by learning new things. He enjoyed soaking up knowledge & finding new opportunities. His prior experiences have provided him with an uncommon perspective on the world & how things are. He wasn't afraid of failure & loved to tackle any stumbling blocks in his path to get the task at hand done. Meeting new people & networking to gain connections around the city to have a good experience & make money are also a part of a way to break away from his callous attitude toward the world.

Time to Heal[]

Jordan wanted to heal from his past trauma & events, as he knew it’s something you can't run from. It eventually catches up to you, no matter how fast you run or how long you attempt to run from it. Ever since he was a young man growing up in the slums of North Holland, Liberty City, he knew he wanted to do things different from a lot of his peers. They mostly wanted to grow up to be gangsters, rappers, football or basketball stars. Maybe for a while, he wanted that too but then realized he wanted something different. He knew the path he was on wasn't heading down a good road & he needed a change or else he'd end up in jail or dead, possibly both. He put the phone back up to his ear & told his friend he’d take him up on his offer of moving out west. He booked a ticket, then went to explain to the remaining few of his crew what he was doing and why. Jordan decided to leave the bulk of their drug money with them to decide how to use it. He then went to his uncle's house & explained everything to him, from his motivations to how he had been feeling over the years. Understanding his position, his uncle Derek shed a few tears, hugged Jordan & then drove him to the airport. Promising to each other that they would see each other again, Jordan flew from Liberty City to Los Santos looking for a change, opportunity & a new perspective on life.