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On February 5th, 2021, alongside the release of the NoPixel 3.0 update, the Joint Task Force was disbanded. As of February 25th, 2021, it has been superseded by the Major Crimes Division.

This page will not be deleted, as it helps people identify who the prominent detectives were previously.

The Joint Task Force was the second iteration of the State Police Joint Task Force after the first attempt failed because of cases going cold, intense scrutiny from the former CID members, and the overall lack of inspiration to accomplish tasks. This iteration took ideas from the Criminal Investigation Division and tried to apply them more effectively to the Task Force.

General Description

The Captains of the Joint Task Force were Trooper Jackie Snow, Sergeant Vladimir Raven, former CID Captain Olivia Copper, and Sergeant Brittany Angel.

This division hoped to combine the effectiveness of the former Criminal Investigation Division, and the changes of the former State Police Joint Task Force, in order to make a better detective agency. In staying true with the former CID, everything was held to the utmost secrecy however field officers had the chance to bring up cases to Command members and then relay cases along to JTF members.


  • The Dark Web: Led by Trooper Jackie Snow. The objective of this task was to investigate and identify those behind The Dark Web.
  • Street Racing: Led by Trooper Jackie Snow. The objective of this task was to identify those involved in street racing and push racing-related charges on them.
  • Talon: Led by Trooper Olivia Copper. The objective of this task was to identify the people behind Talon and bring them to justice.
  • Stalkers: Led in part by Sergeant Brittany Angel with assistance from Sergeant Lance Malton and Senior Deputy Lauren Forcer, the objective of this task was to search for stalkers plaguing the city such as the ones who had stalked Emergency Medical Services Chief Bailey Jade.

Task Progress

The Dark Web

Jackie Snow had been identified by the people behind The Dark Web and they put him on a "quest".[1] Which he finished with the help of other members of the Task Force. After completing the "quest" he was instructed to wait for a message to appear in the Watcher chatroom.

Street Racing

Jackie Snow, with the help of other members of the PD, had managed to push street racing charges on multiple individuals. Snow was also being taunted by a mysterious individual who drives a Red Nissan GTR with a blue underglow, who went by the name "Titanium".


Senior Officer Brian Knight and Sergeant Lance Malton with management by Trooper Olivia Copper, along with assistance from the mysterious Stranger were piecing together the terrorist acts committed by this group including the Bombing of the FIB Building, the stabbing of Officer Ekaterina Alekseyevna, and the attack on Fort Zancudo.

Former Members

Name Rank (When they left) Badge# (When they left) Note Date
Lyonel Winchester
308 Killed in the line of duty. March 20th, 2020.
Richard Dark
388 Removed for inactivity. August 10th, 2020.
Kira Light
499 Fired. September 3rd, 2020.
Chet Manley
421 Removed. ???

JTF Member Roster

Former Member Roster