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Johnny Silverhand is a character role-played by Burn.


Johnny Silverhand originates from Night City, and traveled to Los Santos for as-of-yet unknown reasons. While in Los Santos, Johnny has pranked many people in various juvenile ways before proclaiming "I'm Johnny Silverhand, and you've just been Cyberpunked™!"

He is searching for the corpos behind the Arasaka corporation, and is willing to do whatever it takes to take them down. His first target was Abdul 's Cab Co., but that encounter quickly ended with Johnny being burnt alive with a mouth full of cyber-gasoline. His target now is Burger Shot, where he has several men on the inside and has recently confirmed their relationship as a subsidiary of Arasaka. Additionally, he has bad blood with Mr. Kebun, or 'Mr Korpo', and has had some run-ins with his gang.

He tends to have some trouble with reality, as if he is "glitching". This typically involves mini seizures, sitting outside of a car and believing he is inside, t-posing, reading file directories, repeating dialogue, and so on. Fortunately, if an encounter breaks him you will always have the option to call customer support. He has also recently lost his lower-back augment, and claims that Uchiha Jones is responsible for its loss with a stray chakra blast that one time they did that thing.


Tony Corleone - Tony is Johnny's current main 'man on the inside' at Burger Shot. Their ultimate goal is to have Tony work his way up to a managerial position so that they can collect more info on Arasaka as well as burn Burger Shot down from the inside.

Kenneth Foreman or "Ken-Sama" - Johnny met Ken-sama while preforming a covert hack into Life Invader at the behest of a co-conspirator. Ken-sama was instrumental in breaching Life Invaders security as well as finding 24 other individuals to preform the hack inside their building. He has since been hired at Burger Shot, and now operates as Johnny's second mole.

Mr. Kebun or "Mr. Korpo" - Mr. Korpo is everything wrong with Las Santos. He is in charge of 'everything', and believes himself to be Johnny's rival. They frequently come to blows, but there is rarely a true winner in any encounter, as both will either be unconscious or believe themselves to have won.

Abdul - Johnny torched 20 of Abdul's taxi's on his first night in the city. Abdul prompty responded by hunting him down and burning him alive, though there appears to be no lasting ill-will.

Jacob Harth - Jacob is an enigma. He is a frequent ally of Johnny, but Johnny knows very little about him. Jacob has recently been using Johnny's face to spread the word about his electronics shop, and has asked Johnny to assist in preparing whatever he has planned by preforming jobs such as hacking into Life Invader or collecting supplies for him.

Melbert Rickenbacker - Mel is yet another ally of Johnny's. He acts as a hype-man for Johnny occasionally and will eagerly offer assistance in his plans, whether prompted or unprompted.

Charles White - Johnny has taken Charles on as a protégé, teaching him all there is to know about Night City Los Santos. Charles seems extremely eager to learn, though that may be due to him having claimed to have already spent 60 dollars on this 'game'.

X - X is another friend of Johnny's. He first encountered X while he was trying to launch himself into the back of Johnny's truck, and Johnny promptly began to try and teach him the ways of the Cyberpunk™. X got distracted by something and ran off after they finished Cyberpunking™ (or Cyberpranking) Conan Clarkson and forgot to give Johnny his number, giving the two no way of contacting each other.

James Marco St. Marco - Johnny teamed up with the famous hair-stylist and director to co-develop the world's greatest shounen anime about the power of friendship, starring Kenneth Foreman as the protagonist Ken-sama and Johnny Silverhand as his mentor. Four Tee plays the yandere love interest.

Uchiha Jones - Uchiha Jones and Johnny Silverhand are enemies, but will occasionally team up to do crazy shit. The most famous example of this, which Johnny and Uchiha shared, was this one time they teamed up to do that thing and they did some stuff, then Uchiha did a charka thing and got got, so then Johnny went to that place to do that stuff.

Cyber-Father - Nothing is know about Johnny's father except the time Johnny quoted him: "Listen kid, my cyber-father told me that we shouldn't be ashamed about our cyber-cocks."


  • "I'm Johnny Silverhand, and you've just got cyber-punked."
  • "Look at you kid, You cy-y̵̧̪̒-y̶-you-c̵̰̱̆̈́̅̀͠͝y̸̿̀͜-c̴͓̕-c̴͓̕-c̴͓̕-y̷̧̥͇̠̗̯̿ cyberf-ucked up kid."
  • "I'm Johnny cyberf-ucking Silverhand."
  • "Wake the fuck up, Samurai"
  • "I'm sorry, what was that? I didn't hear you, am I talking to a fucking wall? What the fuck is your name, Samurai?"
  • "..Hyeah."
  • "In Los Santos, what makes someone a criminal? Getting cock."
  • "You think this is a-think this is a game?"
  • "I see..."
  • "Okay"
  • "If I want your body, I'll fuck it."

Fun Facts

  • Jacob has been reportedly been leaving cryptic ads with Johnny's face on them around the city of Los Santos.


  • Nino? It's good to hear from you. I've got some information about the organ harvester. Where can we meet? Where the cyberfuck is that? North of the vineyard? Ping me the location. The number is 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Nino, good to hear from you. Listen, I've got some information about the organ harvester. That's the thing, we need to speak in person. Do you have a location in mind? I don't know where the fuck that is, samurai. Ping me the location.
  • When I zaw za billboard zat zaid welcome to hell. I had zhis thought. Zat zis is a world where nozing is solved. You know someone once told me time is a flat circle. Everyzing we’ve done or ever will do, we’re gonna do over and over again. Zat woman on that beach, she’s gonna be on zat beach. Over und over und over again.


Played By: Burn
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