Johnny Cassle was a character role-played by SAVx.

(Sav passed away on 12/25/2020, he will be missed SavxLove)

General Description

Johhny Cassle was a Manager and Board Director for Sahara International. He was also involved in the production and sale of high power firearms, primarily automatics.

He was close to the owner, Nino Chavez, and fellow manager, Jay Jarvis. He was also said to be closely affiliated with the "Cartel", which is assumed to be a crime syndicate that Nino was previously involved with.


Business always came first to Cassle, and he tried to keep his personal relationships out of it at all times. However, this stance had softened over time with certain individuals. Cassle didn't trust people easily and usually had them prove themselves to him before getting involved with them. War always brings the best business and the people involved with them were, in his opinion, the best customers. He believed that a good relationship with law enforcement was needed within his line of business. Vinny Pistone and Cassle decided that Cassle would pretend to be Vinny's cousin as a cover in case anybody asked why the two meet so often. Keeping himself out of the public eye at first, although before his deportation Cassle had begun to be more present in the city - attending events, hiring employees, and even involving himself in risky situations when it threatens his business.


Sahara International

Nino Chavez

Cassle's boss at Sahara International. Nino Chavez left Cassle in charge of Clucking Bell, but when he returned to Los Santos on June 5, 2020, he was extremely disappointed to hear that Cassle helped make the decision to shut down the chicken factory. Nino consistently berated and demeaned Cassle for his seemingly poor efforts during his time away and instructed him to get the factory back on track because there would be "no second chance." Since then, Cassle is determined to follow Nino's instructions.

Jay Jarvis

Cassle's business partner and fellow illegal gun tradesman. Cassle knew JJ for years; about as long as he had known Nino, and therefore had a very close relationship with him. The two worked together for months to reignite the class 2 black market. They often liked to banter back and forth with one another about random topics around their gun connects.

Allen Widemann

Cassle's colleague at Sahara International, the two worked together in managing the Clucking Bell chicken factory. Together the two decided to shut it down after the costs/benefits were deemed impractical at the time until Nino ordered it be reopened. Allen was Cassle's subordinate, and so got upset when Allen oversteped his bounds or was disrespectful in business relationships and dealings. During negotiations with Boris Ivanov, Cassle discovered Boris was offended by Allen's attitude and air of superiority. To correct this, Cassle asked Vinny Pistone and Curtis Swoleroid to assist him in taking Allen to a mountain in order to beat some respect into him.[1] Allen then understood his place and listened to Cassle's orders when Nino wasn't around. Ironically, Allen was not aware of Cassle's gun market dealings despite being the one who sold said guns with Vinny. Cassle, however, was told by Vinny about Allen's involvement.


Curtis Swoleroid

Cassle met Curtis through Jay Jarvis and Nino Chavez. They started to establish a friendship and a business relationship, frequently hanging out and attending meetings. Cassle also called Curtis if he needed help with something. He also said multiple times that Curtis and Flippy were big assets to him. He also trusted Curtis’s opinion on situations. Cassle, JJ and Nino wanted to slowly bring Curtis in to the inner circle as requested by Nino. Curtis had been brought to gun drop offs to the pushers as Security. The first drop off he attended to was for Buddha’s advanced riffles.

Vinny Pistone

Based on Nino Chavez's recommendation, Vinny Pistone was Jay Jarvis and Cassle's first official gun connect they contacted. Maintaining distance at first and doing transactions via vehicles and phone, the relationship between the two began to develop into one of trust. Vinny revealed his coke connection with Joe Caine and orchestrated a meetup between the two, including Otto Delmar, in order to develop a deal between the two parties. After months of working together, Cassle described Vinny as, "like family" to him on several occasions. In one case even going so far as to tell JJ and Nino that Vinny had acted more like a brother to him than JJ.[2] Vinny had reciprocated and called him family as well, willing to do just about anything for him, including torturing and killing the cartel's enemies.

Arush Patel Santana

Cassle and Jay Jarvis' second gun connect. Arush Patel Satana, or "Speedy", held a lot of respect for Cassle and was willing to help him out with intel and muscle whenever asked.

Major Events

The Death of Buck Colton

On March 29th, 2020, Matthew Payne accompanied by Alabaster Slim, Lang Buddha, and Vinny Pistone called Cassle and informed him that they had captured Buck Colton. After calling Cassle they took Buck to a bunker outside of Paleto and awaited Cassel's arrival. Cassle arrived shortly in his Ferraria F40 and, as a result of Buck betraying Nino Chavez's trust, ordered his death.

The Death of a Dragon

On March 30th, 2020, Matthew Payne, Alabaster Slim, and Lang Buddha informed Cassle that they had successfully captured Sun Moon and Bobby Goodman. After calling Cassle they took Sun Moon and Dragon to a secluded pond on Mount Gordo. They execute Sun Moon for him knowing too much, and then Cassle orders Buddha to behead Dragon with a hatchet as a result of him letting out too much info. Cassle finishes the job by burning their corpses.

Red Rose Cartel

On June 12, 2020, when Vinny Pistone was due for a gun shipment, Cassle called him stating that they "were fucked" - Cassle's men had been intercepted and the guns were stolen by an unknown group. The two of them, together with Curtis Swoleroid and Randy Bullet, instigated a stakeout mission to find the missing shipment. They discovered a black Mesa within the city, tailed it, and intercepted the two men in cowboy hats at the Grapeseed Pier. Taking them down to the Vanilla Unicorn torture room, and after extensive interrogation, they discovered the men both had red rose tattoos on their wrists - indicating they were part of the Red Rose Cartel that is trying to infiltrate and overtake the black market of Los Santos. Cassle grilled them for the location of his shipment, eventually discovering it in a stored car up in Harmony. The team then took the two men to the Grapeseed airstrip, where Cassle ordered Vinny to strap a C4 to their car and under false pretenses of letting them go, detonated the bomb as they began to drive off.[3]

Mendoza Family Art Heist

On June 13, 2020, Cassle approached Vinny about who he thought had good insights into the world of art collecting. Vinny recommended Ramee El-Rahman and the three met together to discuss an upcoming opportunity to steal the Pablo Picasso painting "Dora Maar au Chat" for Cassle from the Mendoza crime family, a well connected and influential family with the DOJ, PD, and other criminals. Chang Gang officially accepted the job and, after a shootout with Ajjen, Rob, and Mikey Mendoza and all of PD, were able to successfully obtain the painting. Cassle met the group at the CG Mansion to collect it, with a promise of $400k.


  • While Nino was out of the country, Cassle successfully bid in Nino's absence for the 1/1 Ferrari F40, which was sold at a PDM auction in late 2019. Cassle was responsible for the payments and upkeep of the vehicle until Nino's return on June 5th, 2020 when the car title was transferred officially over to him.


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