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Johnny Adams is a character role-played by iUzeeKh

Early Johnny[]

Johnny Adams arrived in Los Santos in late November 2021. After escaping the grasp of a toxic government back in Liberty City, Johnny found solace with his brothers Benji Carter and Denzel Wallace in Los Santos. The three go way back, having known each other for 3 Years, starting out as friends to now having an unbreakable bond. Benji and Denzel helped Johnny find his foot in Los Santos, helping him earn money by any means possible, whether they were out fishing, doing dodo deliveries or treasure hunting. During these trips is when Johnny learnt more about what his boys had been up to during their time in Los Santos, this is when Johnny had learnt about Brouge Street Kingz, as Benji had been a member and Denzel was just starting to hangaround for them. Although he remains loyal to Benji and Denzel, Johnny was reluctant to join alongside his brothers in BSK, claiming he didn't feel comfortable joining a new family. He also met Eden Madchen who at the time was good friends with Benji and Denzel. Eden introduced Johnny to Harmony Repairs Garage where he now works as a Mechanic.

Life in Los Santos[]

After finding his footing, with the help of his friends, Johnny now lives a life full of adventure and mischief. Although he continues to live a life of crime, Johnny has calmed his life down compared to how he lived in Liberty City. He now enjoys the smaller and quieter things in life, whether he's working at Harmony, or working at Paleto Bays Farmers Market/Dean's World. He spends most of the day hanging with his fiancée Eden, helping her with her needs, making sure she's living comfortably.

He also loves getting into trouble with the boys whether they're boosting, selling drugs or hitting banks and stores. Johnny is constantly trying to involve himself within the boosting scene, trying to make new contacts and achieve the rank of S+. He tries to involve himself in the racing scene as much as he can; however, he's just not that good.

Johnny And Eden[]

Johnny and Eden first met through their mutual friends of Benji and Denzel, on a fishing trip. The four of them clicked and were able to enjoy each other's company and humour. Johnny and Eden started to hangout more and more as a duo, getting to know each other better, having fun and just living in the moment. Whilst complication arose between Benji, Denzel and Eden. Johnny tried to stay out of it and kept neutral, trying not to take any sides. The trio may not speak to each other anymore, however Johnny remained in contact with Eden and helped her through a time of need. They would often go to music events and visit the Legion Square Christmas lights, they wore matching outfits and bonded and had a great time. Johnny started to develop feelings for Eden however he could not express them to her, she was in a relationship already and he didn't want to ruin their friendship.

One day Eden was going down a bad path, heavily drinking and attempting to ride her bike around the city barely clothed. Johnny tried to reason with Eden to get her location so he could take care of her and comfort her, however Eden was being drunkenly stubborn and refusing to let him help, so Johnny took it into his own to find Eden. After finding her near the Hayes Liquor Store, Johnny convinced Eden to leave her bike and to get in his truck, where they had a heartfelt conversation. Eden was able to unload all her worries and Johnny was there to listen and support her, give her a shoulder to cry on if she needed to. A few days had passed and Eden told Johnny she was no longer seeing her boyfriend at the time, stating she had split up with him, Johnny still remained silent on his feelings, not wanting to make things weird between them. Weeks had passed by with two of them being at each other's side, almost being inseparable, this is when Johnny realised he had to ask her out. The weight had been dragging him down and he just needed to get it off his chest, whether it ended good or bad. So whilst the two were working at Harmony, Johnny took the opportunity to message Eden about how he felt as he didn't have the courage to speak to her face to face. He watched as Eden read the text unsure of how she would respond. She approached him and asked how long he had felt like that way, to which he admitted since around christmas. The two have been in a relationship since. Months have passed since the start of the relationship, and the two have been closer than ever, the friendship has blossomed and the two are practically joint at the hip, wherever he goes she goes and vice versa. Always supporting and helping each other out when needed. It didn't take long for Johnny to realise that Eden was the one. The one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He wanted to plan the perfect day to propose to her, but with the help of Arthuro LeBlank, he realised that the best moment to propose to her was the same day she got promoted within Mayhem MC. So on 27th March 2022, Johnny got down on one knee and popped the question in front of the entire MC. Nerves all over the place, fumbling over his words. Without hesitation Eden said Yes.