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John Balla was a one-life character role-played by Kyle.

General Description[]

John Balla, whom was born as Mark Johnsen, returned to Los Santos on April 2nd, 2024, from out of town as he wanted to evict the current tenants and homeowners at Grove Street and take the turf back for the Ballas. Despite his maximum effort in obtaining a firearm and getting rid of everyone there, he was killed by Peanut and gang in the Strawberry Avenue gas station. Peanut dumped his dead body into an undisclosed location where they dug a hole in the ground.


  • John shot and downed Gomer Colton and one other sanitation worker, standing his ground with a glock pistol.
  • John tipped his cab driver Abdul AlRahim all of his cash of about more than $200 before his final face off with Peanut.
  • John passed away on his birthday.
  • John resembles another of Kyle's character-Balla Gang-in appearance and mannerism.
Played By: Kyle

Main Characters: Kyle Pred

Additional Characters: John Balla† • Dylan Sawyer