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John Bailey is a character role-played by DocWizard.


John Bailey is apart of the Department of Justice. He is a no-nonsense judge who is very realistic when it comes to ruling crime in the city. Although, behind closed doors he is not shy to corruption and isn't afraid to bend the rules to get what he wants.


On the 8th June 2021, Bailey was kidnapped and held at gunpoint by Irwin Dundee while driving. During this drive, Dundee questioned Bailey on why the DoJ were always in the cops favor and other concerns he had with the corrupt system in Los Santos. Upon finishing this conversation, Dundee decided to be lenient and let Bailey go without shooting him- warning that if Bailey snitched to the cops he would come for him and kill him. Bailey decided to take these chances and entrust in the PD, he made officers aware of the events that had unfolded- allowing the police to track down and detain Dundee. Unfortunately, while transporting Dundee one of the officers- Trooper Andrews- didn't realise he was in the back of his car and revealed, while on a phone call, that Bailey had ratted Dundee out to the cops. This put Bailey's life in danger, he instructed that the PD should cover for their mistakes and get rid of the issue. As a result, Andrews commanded Baas to ocean dump Dundee to prevent him or others around him from harming Judge Bailey. Dundee was taken on a boat and shot by Bass.

Played By: DocWizard
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