Joe Kerr was a character played by cyr.

Joe Caine and Joe Kerr are not the same person.

Serial Killer

With a passion for killing, Joe takes pride for killing in the most dramatic and psychotic ways possible.

Barber Shop Owner

Owned the barber shop in paleto because he liked the area and it was beneficial as a hide-out.

Mayor of Paleto

Joe became the mayor of Paleto because he was tired of people hanging out in the city. He wanted more people to come to Paleto and for it to be a more frequent hang out spot. Joe was allocated role of Mayor, with Kudo Kai as his right hand man aka "asian warlord".

The Mafia "Corleone Syndicate"

Joe has had heavy ties to the gang from hanging around from his good friend Kudo Kai, being able to see first hand of the crews crimes and dealing.

Chang Gang

After Meeting Mr. Chang he became a honorary CG member, although not a full member but consider as one at one point, he was able to side into the crew and most to the crime dealings up until the end of the old server (server wipe).


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  • Joe Kerr was renamed Joe Caine for the new server


  • "You will D-I-E"
  • "HahaHaha"
  • "I had to pay it FWD"
  • "pay it FWD"
  • "I've been paying it FWD ever since"
  • "What a way for a king to die"


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