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Jimmy Yougman is a character role-played by PENTA.


Jimmy Youngman is a 15 year old gambling addict. Jimmy primary watches 'Carcrash' and 'LLC'. He wants to grow up and be a gambling streamer. He loves drinking GFuel so he can become a Fortnite professional players, but it ended up messing up his kidney.

Jimmy first started gambling after being inspired by his favorite Twitch streamers, 'Carcrash' and 'LLC'. He became addicted after his mom, Carmella Corset, left him at the casino for upwards of 36 hours in order to go drink and work at the Vanilla Unicorn as a stripper. Jimmy quickly realized that gambling makes him feel good, and he wants to feel that way forever.

Jimmy has to get dialysis every morning due to kidney failure brought on by excessive consumption of G FUEL, which his favorite streamers told him would make him better at video games. He occasionally streams on his Twitch channel, 'JimmyFortnite', which has approximately 28 followers.

After his gambling addiction began spiraling downhill, he stole the identification and identity of Chips Ahoy. He was successful in using this identity to fraudulently obtain multiple loans in Chips' name, which he used to gamble, primarily by spinning the wheel at the casino. He has since stolen the identification of multiple other people in order to avoid his real age being discovered.


After getting sponsored by Otto Delmar and Diamond Casino and Resort. Otto Delmar decided to give Jimmy and Timmy Yougman 30 bag of cocaine. After a while Otto allowed them to sell the bags of coke to get people to stay in the casino more. He is now receiving a regular supply to distribute, as long as he sells it off of the casino property.

Jimmy gave Dan Clan a chance to earn $50K to get Jimmy a new kidney. In doing so, they ended up just getting Laura Gapes kidney. Jimmy did not like that so instead told them to go with Timmy Yougman's kidney. During the surgery, Four Tee and Fingle Dan decided to try and trick Jimmy into thinking getting a different kidney and forced the other doctor to unlock door to Jimmy. After the surgery, Dan Clan decided to give Jimmy alcohol while on medicine and messed up the kidney after getting 3/20, 2/20, and a 4/20 roll. They did it again in parking lot and pissed off Timmy Yougman. Timmy shot up Kinglemesh Dan due to his rage at the Dans.

The next day, Jimmy loan out money to a person named Pooky Power. Jimmy called Marlo Stanfield ask advice about loaning, and told Jimmy not to trust the guy, and also that he will deal with anyone that messes with Jimmy. Once the deal went through Pooky indirectly told Jimmy he wasn't going pay back money. Pooky wanted delay the payment back, due to made up story of friends wedding. Jimmy called Marlo. Marlo came to casino with Fiona Stewart to deal with him. Jimmy told Fiona to hit him for trying to delay the payment, and ended up knocking him down. After that Jimmy decided to take his kidney as collateral and took him up to penthouse. Marlo called Mickey S to exact the kidney from Pooky and gave it to Jimmy, and replacing his kidney with a yeagar toy. Once he got the kidney he told Emma Gaine and took it too her where they went to Pillbox Medical Center and another doctor, and found it as a match. And now Jimmy has a new kidney.

Hunter Skye's Loan

Jimmy decided to loan shark few people that are did really get his money back. Like in the New Kidney logs. Outside of that, Jimmy decided to loan out money to Hunter Skye for a $10K table. They decided, he decided to get his money in 1 hours instead at end of the day. This freaked out Hunter out a lot after he realized that Otto Delmar is connected to Jimmy. Hunter payback $20K to Jimmy instead of his original $15K.

Block's Loan

Tony Block decided to take out a loan with Jimmy Yougman thinking that he would not have to repay the money since he thought it was some random kid. Jimmy told Laura Gapes to call Tony to pay back his money now. Tony met with Jimmy and told him that he no intention of paying it. Once Tony told about the intentions Jimmy, he got Fingle Dan to beat Tony up to teach him a lesson, this caused a shoot out with the Dans, Scruffy Doodle, and Jimmy.

After this, Jimmy told Otto Delmar and Sofia Castellano about what happened. Hooker Block got the call from Sofia and the Blocks setup a meeting to payback the money. The Blocks felt like it was a setup, and turns out Sofia got trigger happy and shoot them. The Blocks ended up wiping Jimmy group, but failed to realize they have truly messed up.

They decided to rob all the people involve in Jimmy group. This indirectly allowed Otto and Sofia to be free from the cops since no weapon, no case. The Blocks took Jimmy and Scruffy to Grandma's House to get up their own people up that bleed out, and also got up Scruffy. Jimmy decided that they would only pay back the money with no interest. They finally realized how much they messed up and finally decided to get Jimmy, only for him to be bleeding out too long. The Blocks wanted to question Jimmy, but they had to go to Pillbox Medical Center when Grandma told them she could not do anything for Jimmy.

After cooling off from the heat, Tony realized that he needed to get the money to Jimmy, or they would be hunted forever due to Otto, and Jimmy's connection. Tony met Jimmy at the casino and paid the loan off, without realizing that he would no longer be in consideration to push cocaine to the streets. Jimmy also got Sofia to call Otto to try and get him to cool off from getting down and robbed.

The Loose Mouth

Jimmy found a new seller, Cricket, on the street with the supplier of cocaine by Jerry Mane. The Cricket decided that they were going to be selling it at the Diamond Casino and Resort. Jimmy did not like this at all, he was going on his turf to sell his own product. Once he found out, Cricket told Jimmy about how Jerry did not understand why the supplier is buying it. This made Jimmy realize that there is a big mouth in his coke game. Jimmy took his crew to the docks to short the problem out. He lied about Jerry getting promotion and lied since he wanted to setup Jerry. About 30 minutes past and Garry Roche quickly realized that Jerry could not be ocean dumped, which would force him to forget. This created a dilemma between the Cricket and Garry. The Cricket decided to cross Jimmy and ended-up point a gun at Jimmy. Garry decided to do nothing about this since he did not want to cross Jerry.

The Betrayal

Once that happen Jimmy left and ran through the street, but quickly realize that he may being hunted. Jimmy quickly got on a roof to avoid encountering his former sellers, panicking. In desperation, he called all his known contacts, and no one picked up. After few minutes past he called Taxi and they started to come his way. He decided to check the van that was market in an open area to see whether the people are trying to hunt him. He after few minutes he realized that they were. All of them had guns out, and masked. So, Jimmy gave River Cheever one last called, not a single second went by when she picked up. Jimmy quickly, panicking told River give him her PayPal number so that he can ping her. River told the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz that Jimmy is panicking badly, and they quickly got to him with guns draw. The Blocks were successfully able to pick up Jimmy from the industry yard and got out of there. Jimmy ended up getting to safety. This ended the relationship that Garry and Jimmy built, when Garry was going to be co-working with Jimmy.


Once Jimmy got out the situation, he told the Blocks to rather money. Jimmy went to his apartment while they were gathering the money and got bunch of bags to sell. Once he got back to his home, the Blocks handed over the money and Jimmy gave them 10 bags of cocaine. He told them the rules of:

1. Do not sell at the Diamond Casino

2. Do not sell less than $500.

3. There is always more.

4. Never mention the supplier.

This created a partnership between Alta Street Ruff Rydaz and Jimmy to distribute the GFuel.


Jimmy original was just a simple gambler at the diamond casino using fake IDs to gain entry to the Diamond Casino and Resort. After while of losing tons of money and steal it. Otto Delmar gave a sponsorship to the kid and exploit him without the kid knowing. After while ended up being affiliated with certain gangs.

Kingpin Connections

Jimmy's Connections

Pegasus Concierge

Sofia Castellano was trying to help Jimmy get away from Four Tee and Tony Andrews. She thought it was abusive that they let Jimmy live in the casino, and that Four Tee was too dangerous of a woman to take care of him. After some time Jimmy became connected with Pegasus Concierge due to Miles Landon donating $5,000 for Jimmy's new kidney. fund Once Jimmy got his cocaine connection to Otto Delmar he gave some to Miles as a thank you for the $5K. Jimmy then ended up creating a partnership between Otto Delmar and Sofia. This greatly increased his connection to Pegasus, with the group now protecting Jimmy as well as making Nino Chavez Jimmy's Uncle.

The Guild

Yeager Demonblood is a major supporter of Jimmy and has helped him out many times. The guild is also heavily connected to Cleanbois.

Dan Clan

Dan Clan AKA Bus Boys had helped Jimmy on his mission to find a new kidney. Jimmy gave them a quest to find him a kidney so that he could survive. The Dans managed to obtain a kidney, but it was not to the liking of Jimmy. Jimmy then told them that he would not care if they took the kidney from his brother, Timmy Yougman.With cooperation from doctors they were able to get the kidney, but sadly the kidney operation was botched. Later Jimmy used Fingle Dan to rough up Tony Block for the money he owed to Jimmy from a loan he has taken out.

Natural Born Crackheads

Jimmy sells cocaine to Natural Born Crackheads. As the gang is filled with crakcheads, they are great customers for Jimmy.

Alta Street Ruff Rydaz

The history between Jimmy and the Blocks is a really rough. It mainly started when Block's picked up Jimmy for a random job. They after that they let Jimmy drive and end up killing two of them. After while Jimmy decided to loan shark Tony Block so that he could pay for a stash house. Which lead to the events of Loan Shark: The Blocks. This created a divide between Alta Street Ruff Rydaz and Jimmy. After two days, River Block called Jimmy apologizing about what happened between Tony and Jimmy and offered to a Block favor. Nino Chavez ended up buying out Hooker Block to not kill Jimmy. This created more of stable relationship between Blocks and Jimmy. Now Jimmy heavily relies on Alta Street Ruff Rydaz to do his dirty work. The Blocks is the only people that came around when Jimmy need the most, stated in 'When the Deal Goes Bad'.

Diamond Casino and Resort

The casino had originally sponsored Jimmy for gambling, providing him heaps of cash if made sponsored tweets, livestreams, and advertised for them, but he could not disclose that he was being sponsored by the company. This partnership was started by Otto Delmar wanting to exploit the kids addiction to gambling and bring in more customers. After Jimmy asked about GFuel crystals, which was actually meth, Otto ended up giving Jimmy several bags of cocaine instead to use. later Jimmy approached Otto about selling the cocaine and using it get people addicted to the casino faster. He then began selling the coke in the bathrooms, calling it gfuel. There was immediately a massive demand for the cocaine. Jimmy began selling to pushers as well as gamblers at the casino, causing him to become the cities cocaine kingpin

Ricky Rouse

Jimmy gave Ricky Rouse cocaine to push through his taxi service.


After getting the connection with Miles Landon thing quickly picked up in the Cleanbois crew. While Lang Buddha still does not really know who Jimmy is he has heavily connection into the Cleanbois due to Pegasus Concierge. This connection is still being heavily development, but Nino Chavez and Yeager Demonblood is heavily influencing it.

Chang Gang

The development of Chang Gang started from when Jimmy gave Mr. Kebun cocaine. Jimmy also gave Ramee El-Rahman cocaine during the bomb and shootout of the police department.


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  • As of August 6th, 2021, Jimmy has spent over 2.4 million at the Diamond Casino.
  • Otto Delmar has recruited Jimmy and Timmy to distribute cocaine to the city as "GFUEL".
  • Jimmy once won 110K in 5 minutes on the 10K table.
  • Jimmy, Mickey, Marlo, and Fiona once stole a compatible kidney for Jimmy from Pooky.
  • Jimmy wins $100K per day with his gambling system.