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Jimmy Limbs is a character role-played by BananaDuck.


Jimmy Limbs (also known as "The Subject Killer") is a serial killer and a cannibal. He is currently incarcerated at the Bolingbroke Penitentiary serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. He was once employed at Burger Shot and Galactic Enterprises. He can usually be found lurking around, just staring at people. He speaks with a nasally voice and often says things like "perhaps" or starts off sentences with "tell me".


Limbs is unhinged and often makes people uncomfortable. He is horrible at socializing with people in a normal way and tries desperately to hide that when he thinks someone is worthy of his time. For example he tells jokes (His favorite just being the word 'bazinga') and sings songs. Most of the time this just makes him seem even less approachable, sometimes even causing him issues. His many mentions of death, enjoying 'flesh', and other ominous things do not help him with this either.

Jimmy is also extremely judgmental and will sometimes just flat-out refuse to engage in conversation with people he thinks are below him. He hates people with no manners and is easily agitated by things not being organized. He feels great disdain towards cops since he thinks they are all corrupt and dirty. He also dislikes that they meddle in his business. When he doesn't like someone or wants to take control back of a conversation he usually asks them if they have any next of kin in the city. This always feels like a threat and makes the other person feel uncomfortable or unnerved.

Jimmy has said one of his hobbies is getting to know what makes people tick and finding ways to know them "inside and out". He also enjoys gardening a great deal and says that is the reason he always wears his yellow gloves.


Jimmy usually lures a victim to a remote place, asks them questions related to death or how they view life, and stabs them. He leaves his symbol on the crime scene and anonymously calls 911 to make sure the cops are aware of the body. Sometimes he stays arounds and watches; taking pictures of the responding officers. Other times he leaves ciphers for the officers to find.

He clearly enjoys toying with the police. Sometimes he leaves body parts in dumpsters with a cipher and/or picture, and anonymously calls the cops about it. He takes pictures of the cops on scene and sends these to them too. He also anonymously calls certain officers to threaten or just taunt them by giving out hints to his next crimes. While leaving 911a's or talking to the cops he refers to his victims as 'Subjects' , thus giving him the name 'the Subject Killer'.

While Jimmy used to target drug users he has since changed his targets to rude people and those who meddle in his business. He thinks manners are incredibly important. People that are annoying to him are the ones he'll try to kill.


Jimmy Limbs, or Jonathan Fillet, was born into a dysfunctional family. His father was an alcoholic that always seemed too busy with work to give his children attention, his mother was abusive and often scorned him, and he never got along with his "idiot" brother Dick Fillet. At a young age he discovered that he enjoyed the suffering of others and used his own suffering as a reason to harm animals. He deemed it a lot easier to deal with his problems through hurting sentient beings.

When Jimmy was old enough he moved away from his family and changed his name to 'Jimmy Limbs' to make sure he wouldn't be tied back to his old life. Jimmy claims he used to be a doctor in his younger years but got fired due to unethical practices. He often hints that this termination was about something more ominous such as stealing organs/limbs/etc.

First day

Jimmy arrived in Los Santos on his own and with a plan to do great things: serial murders.

On his first day in Los Santos Jimmy immediately started his work by killing and harvesting locals. He would drop the remains of these locals all throughout Los Santos, sometimes dropping a weird cipher with them.

Burger Shot incident

After dropping body parts around Los Santos he decided to go to Burger Shot. He ordered his meal from a guy that claimed he was high on drugs, which Jimmy did not approve of. After this he lurked around for a while trying to decide whether or not he should leave a finger in the building. He decided to do it and waited by the kitchen door to see if any employees would notice him before dropping it. Sadly, someone did notice him and asked him if he needed anything. Jimmy said he didn't and that he was just about to go to the toilet. Once the employee walked away he dropped the finger in the hallway and quickly left the building.

While walking back from the Burger Shot two employees (including the one that he ordered from) ran up to him and asked him if he wanted any free food. Jimmy declined their offer, noticing that the two were acting weird and might be trying to get him back to the Burger Shot. He left the two and called a taxi. While waiting for his taxi a cop stopped next to him and asked him if he could ask Jimmy a few questions. Jimmy agreed and noticed the 2 burger shot employees looking on from a distance. The officer asked questions about the finger left in the Burger Shot and Jimmy denied any involvement. Jimmy also agreed to a search and the officer found nothing on his person. The cop let Jimmy go while still seeming very suspicious of him and walked back to the Burger Shot employees. Jimmy's taxi arrived shortly after and drove him to the cemetery.

First capture

While getting to know the city and continuing to drop body parts he met an individual named Maximillian at Dean World. Jimmy asked if Maximillian could give him a ride and he agreed. Maximillian said that he was heading to Paleto and Jimmy replied that he didn't mind. During this ride Jimmy asked Maximillian many questions about his view on life, if he did drugs, etc. Maximillian admitted he sometimes dabbled in drugs and that it makes him feel as if he was on a whole different plane of existence. Jimmy continued the conversation with this information in mind and asked Maximillian if he would like to know the true meaning of life. Maximillian said that he would, as he was curious what Jimmy's view on this was. Jimmy told him to drive to a nearby beach by taking a sharp turn and going off road.

They arrived and stepped out of the car to look at the sea. Jimmy asked Maximillian what he saw and told him to be very specific. While Maximillian was describing the scene in front of him Jimmy was prepping to stab him in the back. But as soon as Jimmy grabbed his knife Maximillian noticed what Jimmy was trying to do and pulled out his gun. He shot Jimmy down quickly and asked him why he'd try do something like that. Confused and distressed Maximilian called 911 for help, telling them that he was almost stabbed and had to shoot the perpetrator in self defense. The ambulance and cops soon arrived and put Jimmy in cuffs before sending him off to the hospital. Jimmy was obviously not pleased with how this went, this was his first attempt at anything like this and he immediately got caught. He wasn't planning on going down without a fight though, even though he still had incriminating evidence on him.

The Interrogation

After getting healed up officers Tessa Lamb and Matt Rhodes drove him to a police station and put him in an interrogation room. Jimmy denied everything on the ride there and he continued to do so while in the interrogation room. When asked if he wanted an attorney he told them that he didn't want one since he was innocent anyways.

When officer Rhodes searched Jimmy he found 3 human fingers on his person and quickly realized that this case would be a lot more serious than a simple attempted assault. Rhodes mentioned the fingers out loud so that Officer Lamb could grab an evidence bag for him. Upon hearing about the fingers Jimmy exclaimed "I beg your pardon?" to seem shocked that these remains were found on him. Jimmy's game plan was still to deny everything, to try and weave a story that the cops could believe, and to get away without a criminal record. The officers sat down in front of Jimmy and started the questioning. Instead of answering in a normal manner Jimmy avoided the questions by asking things himself (Stuff like asking if Rhodes exercises) and to assume things about them them based on their answers. Whether or not anything he said was actually accurate didn't really matter, he just needed to keep them out of their rhythm. Jimmy claimed that the fingers were placed on him by Maximillian and that he was actually the victim in this situation. That Maximillian tried to rob him and that Jimmy only pulled out the knife in self defense. He added that Maximillian told him he was high during the car ride and that it would explain his behavior. The officers didn't believe Jimmy and Rhodes decided to go back to the scene to see if he missed anything.

While Rhodes was away Jimmy and officer Lamb got to talking more. He asked her questions like he had done with Rhodes during the interrogation, she answered some of them while she refused to answer others. He referred to her as 'Mrs. Lamb' throughout this even after she corrected him. During this conversation Jimmy grew to be interested in officer Lamb and told her he'd like to get inside her head and "crack her like a walnut". While he didn't mean this in a threatening way, she took it as such.

Rhodes came back a while later with Mackenzie Hayes who had new information for the officers. She was one of the officers in charge of the Burger Shot incident and got contacted by officer Rhodes because of the similarities in suspects. She joined Jimmy's interrogation and started questioning him too. Jimmy stayed true to his method of asking questions and making assumptions but Hayes was prepared for this and didn't veer off the path of questioning. Jimmy continued to deny that he did anything other than try to defend himself. When asked about the fingers at Burger Shot he said that they shouldn't blindly trust the word of a druggie employee. The officers caught on to Jimmy's constant mentioning of drugs and asked him he had anything against people who used them. He tried to tell them that he didn't and that he just thinks they shouldn't put all their trust in high witnesses. Sadly none of his strategies worked. After 2 and a half hours of interrogating and talking in circles he got charged with 3 counts of possession of human remains (among other things). He got sent to jail and had a fine of roughly 6000 dollars, putting him in debt. He also got 'banned' from the Burger Shot, although most people seem to have forgotten that by now.

This entire incident fueled Jimmy's hatred for these cops and the system. His original plans of laying low and staying undetected were already ruined because of this. After this he continued to see officers Rhodes, Lamb and Hayes as enemies.

Time in Los Santos

Jimmy has been active in Los Santos since May 6th 2021, this section will be about every major event during his time here.

Serial killings and related crimes

Even though Jimmy's journey in Los Santos got off on a rocky start by being arrested it also taught him a lesson: be even more discreet. While growing into his own serial killer persona and figuring out how he exactly wanted to do things he also made sure not to give anyone his name or phone number unless he trusted them. He started referring to himself as 'Henry King' and only took other people's phone numbers.

Before trying to kill a non-local again Jimmy decided to build up a bit of a reputation. He continued to kill and harvest locals, collecting more and more human remains as he went on. He didn't just keep the remains though, he dropped them all over the city with ciphers and pictures. He often had unsettling conversations with people (Including former mayor Andi Jones, Tessa Lamb and Mackenzie Hayes). At this point in time Jimmy seemed to be very anti-drugs and often complained about drug users.

First kill

When Jimmy built his confidence back up he decided to finally go for a non-local kill: Sigmund Fitzer. They met at the delivery depot and did a few jobs together. During this Jimmy asked Sigmund if he used drugs and Sigmund told Jimmy he was a big fan of drugs and offered him some joints. While filling up the delivery truck with gas Jimmy mentioned that he was a gardener and that he had a job that Sigmund might be interested in. Sigmund got curious and Jimmy told him he'd show him. He drove toward the vineyard, saying that Sigmund would get weed and money out of this job. During the drive there he made a fake phone call to his "boss" saying that he had found someone. This call put Sigmund on edge but he still decided to go with it. When they arrived at the vineyard Jimmy led him further into it, saying that there was a secret weed plantation further back. Jimmy stopped walking and turned to Sigmund to tell him his job was to shear the plants. He gave him shears and waited for Sigmund to turn around before pulling out his knife. When Sigmund realized what was going on it was already too late. He stabbed Sigmund multiple times before composing himself again. He asked Sigmund, who was bleeding out by now, if he understands the meaning of life now. Sigmund was left with several stab wounds in the vineyard with a cipher next to his body. The cops arrived and Sigmund survived, but there was no sign of Jimmy ever being there.

Jimmy was filled with adrenaline while fleeing from the scene, yelling about the thrill of the kill alone in his car. He had finally gotten a non-local victim and was extremely excited about this. He got away safely.

Other incident

Another notable incident occurred later that day when Jimmy was dropping off body parts at Dean World. He met a mysterious woman that seemed to be interested in him. They talked for a while and she seemed to be interested in the same things he is and Jimmy left her after giving her a gift: a human leg. An unrelated incident happened which caused the police to show up so Jimmy quickly fled the scene. While going back to his bicycle he left a the same cipher from earlier at the parked cop cars and had a conversation with a man in a taxi. The man (Trevor-Austin Donahue-Jones) quickly became uncomfortable as Jimmy asked him questions about the meaning of life and death. He also told him human bodies can be great fertilizer, which freaked Trevor out even more because of a known serial killer that was active at the time. Jimmy left Trevor alone and walked to his bike and rode away but he circled back because he was curious about what the cops were going to think about the note. The cops that noticed the cipher were Mina Price and Claire Everly. They checked the surrounding area and noticed Trevor still sitting in the taxi and questioned him. Jimmy continued watching this happen from afar. After a few minutes they let Trevor go and also left the scene themselves.

Local bodies

Even after he started killing non-locals Jimmy continued to harvest locals and drop their body parts at places. At this point he also began placing pictures of the victims before they were cut into pieces at these crime scenes. Whenever he did one of these body drops he would anonymously call 911 and tell the police about where they could find the remains. In these 911 messages he referred to his victims as 'subjects' and would taunt the police by commenting on their "stupidity". Whenever someone came to check these body parts out he would wait in the surrounding area and take a picture of the responding officer. This is how he found out about officer Price, or as he likes to call her: Number 5. Because of her involvement with his case Jimmy quickly became obsessed with her.

He placed ciphers next to these local kills. Most of them were about the 'subjects' being inferior to him, saying that either the cops are getting worse or he is getting better, and just general ominous ramblings. One of the ciphers was not like the rest though. After making it known that he lurks around his scenes and takes pictures of the cops he gave them a riddle. The riddle revealed that there would be something hidden around a big tree. Price realized that this could only mean one place: the tree in front of the MRPD. She quickly went there and found the picture Jimmy had taken of her with the words 'Number 5' written on it. There was also a blood splatter on this picture. This unnerved Price a lot, until now she had just been the lead investigator on the case. But after this she was also a potential victim.

Close call

The local body count only grew, and so did the numbers written on the pictures Jimmy left on the scenes. After calling in another dumped body for the police to find Jimmy found out that 911a's aren't as anonymous as he thought it was. As it turns out these anonymous calls give the cops an approximate location of where the caller is. Instead of going where the anonymous call instructed them to go, the cops went straight to the ping. Jimmy hid in a bush hoping that they wouldn't notice him but unfortunately one of the officers ran him over with his car on accident. Since Jimmy was so close to the crime scene and the location of the 911a call he got brought in for questioning.

Officer Luka Kozlov was the cop responsible for both bringing him in for questioning and running him over. The cops brought Jimmy to an interrogation room where he requested a lawyer. Officers Kozlov and Daisy Dukakis were the ones interrogating Jimmy about the incident. They asked Jimmy what he was doing hiding in the area and Jimmy told him that he was making a documentary on homeless people. He said one of them started attacking him and that he ran away from the homeless man and hid in a bush out of fear. The officers asked Jimmy a few more questions but since they don't have enough concrete evidence on him they let him go without pressing any charges.

Noteworthy assaults

While all of Jimmy's kills/assaults are impressive and important in their own right, these ones are either extra impressive or extra important.

Mina Price

After constant taunting, stalking and threats Jimmy finally got to attack Mina Price. Jimmy was walking to a Fleeca bank when he noticed a cop car stopped next to it. Officer Domenic Toretti was in the cop car while Mina stood next to it, talking to him. Jimmy stopped dead in his tracks and stared at Price for a few minutes until she entered the bank. Jimmy walked up to officer Toretti and struck up a conversation with him. It was nothing big just small talk but the fact that Jimmy came to talk to him would become very important in the future. Toretti left, Price was now alone in the Fleeca bank and Jimmy was itching to stab her. He put on his mask and walked in. She didn't notice him until he said "I told you I'd come for you number 5." and instantly stabbed her in the back. He told her he'd see her again and calmly walked out of the bank. However he didn't remain calm and jumped on his bike quickly fleeing from the scene. He went into a train station and dumped his bloody knife. He was unhinged and ecstatic at this moment because he finally got the target he'd been trying to get for so long. He fled to Paleto and went into hiding until he knew he was clear. Until he knew he got away with stabbing a cop in broad daylight.

Dick Dastardly

Dick Dastardly was an unplanned victim. Jimmy was waiting at a red light when Dastardly suddenly hopped in the back seat of Jimmy's car. Dick apologized but before he could get out Jimmy had already locked the doors and started driving. Jimmy put on the mask he always wears during his kills and started to talk with Dick. He complained about the people in Los Santos always worrying about money, Dick commented that money is what makes the world go round. After hearing this Jimmy changed to his usual line of questioning: the meaning of life, opinions on death etc. He also asked him that if he had the opportunity to turn back time to fix a mistake, would he take it? Dick said that he wouldn't, because bad things and mistakes are just supposed to happen so that good things matter more. Jimmy told Dick that one's mistake could be another one's gift. During this conversation Dick mentioned that his mother was dead but that he still had her body around his house. Jimmy said that he can arrange something like that and when Dick asked if he meant that Jimmy's mom was also dead Jimmy replied that it would not be for him. He drove to the cemetery and Dick complimented Jimmy on the place he chose to have such a deep conversation. Jimmy led Dick farther into the cemetery and told Dick to describe what he saw right in front of him, to really go into the details. Dick explained what he saw: the trees, the lamps, the graves. Jimmy pulled out a knife and said "As I said: one's mistake is another one's gift." and stabbed him in the back. Dick Dastardly dropped into the open grave below him. Jimmy placed his usual symbol next to Dastardly's body and took a picture of the scene. He sent an anonymous ping to Tessa Lamb who he had been pestering the entire day, and also one to Ursula Leichenberg, to make sure someone would be aware of the kill.

While fleeing from the scene he ran into officer Tracy Martell who just rolling up to the scene. Luckily he was still wearing his mask. Jimmy greeted her and told her it was a lovely night for a walk and she cautiously agreed with him. Jimmy told her he'd be seeing her and ran away from the cemetery back to his car. He was now in full panic mode: what if he had left evidence or made a mistake? An officer saw him at the scene, maybe this would be his last ever kill. He was panicking so much he crashed his car while driving away from the cemetery. He quickly got out of the car and ran away from the wreck, looking for a payphone. He found a payphone and anxiously called Dexx Martin who he had done business with in the past. He asked him if one of the GSF members could pick him up and give him a ride to Paleto for some money. A GSF member called Summer Mersion agreed to do it for 500 dollars. She picked him up and drove him to Paleto where he went back into hiding.

Gee Wilcons

Gee Wilcons and Jimmy met at the Dean World pier prior to Jimmy attacking him. Gee was interested in Jimmy and struck up a conversation with him. Jimmy was uncomfortable with the way Gee started this conversation because he wasn't in control of it and after Gee gave him his phone number he left. When Jimmy was ready to leave Dean World and about to get his car he realized it had been stolen. He tracked it down all the way to Rooster's Rest and climbed into the trunk. His plan was to wait for the perpetrator to return and to jump out of the car and stab them when the opportunity arose. He waited for over 20 minutes until the thief came back, it turned out to be Gee Wilcons. Gee wasn't alone though, he seemed to be with another guy called Dr. Destructo. After Gee mentioned that he was going to head to bed Dr. Destructo suggested that they crash the car and ditch it to "get rid of the evidence". Gee thought about it for a second and then agreed. He said he had a great idea: total it by driving it off a high place. He drove to a construction site and started going up. While going up he crashed the car into the foundations which damaged it even more, until it got totaled before they could even throw it off. Gee stepped out of the car because it was too broken now anyways. Finally after over an hour of waiting for the right time to strike Jimmy jumped out of the trunk and stabbed Gee. Instead of helping out his injured friend, Dr. Destructo ran away from Jimmy. Jimmy decided not to run after him as Gee was his main target all along.

Jimmy dragged Gee's body back down and dropped it by a pillar and told him to wait. He hotwired a truck and drove back to the place where he had dropped Gee and put him in the back truck. Jimmy was pissed off, telling Gee not to steal other people's stuff and that he was going to be punished for this. Gee said that he didn't know it was Jimmy's car and asked him how long he'd been in the trunk. Jimmy said that he'd been there a significant amount of time. Gee asked Jimmy if he often just sits in his trunk and Jimmy said that he did because there's tons of wonderful things in there. (Human remains, which were actually in there when Gee stole the car). Jimmy told Gee that he had inconvenienced him greatly and that he ruined his plans. He said that it doesn't matter because Gee won't remember anyways, but it'd be a lesson for himself not to blindly trust people. Jimmy told Gee that he'd throw him in the ocean to get rid of him like Gee tried to get rid of his car. Gee pleaded with Jimmy to reconsider, to maybe build a friendship. Jimmy ignored Gee's requests and carried him to the end of the pier. Jimmy steals Gee's gun and a few of his other possessions and then threw him into the sea.

Frederick Carney

Frederick and Jimmy were doing delivery jobs when Frederick started to feel threatened by the stuff Jimmy talked about. He was also annoyed by the songs Jimmy was singing (Such as 'All Star' by Smash Mouth and 'Wannabe' by the Spice girls). He instantly pulled out his gun and told him to shut up or get out, after Jimmy protested he told Jimmy to get out or get shot. He shot at Jimmy as he was getting out and left him standing on the side of the road. Jimmy canceled the job and left him stranded as well. Back at the delivery depot Frederick walked up to Jimmy with a gun in hand, ready to shoot. Jimmy was ready though and instead stabbed him. He told him not to fuck with him while standing over his body. Pillbot ran towards the scene and told Jimmy he did well for attacking Frederick as Frederick had pointlessly attacked Pillbot before this went down. He told Jimmy to flee the scene as cops were already arriving. Jimmy did as Pillbot said and ran away as quickly as he could. While fleeing the scene he dropped a human ear he had on his person just in case the police caught up to him. Jimmy's blood was left at the scene and Frederick knew his name.

Full list of victims

  1. Sigmund Fitzer - Was doing a delivery job with Jimmy until Jimmy told him he had a job for him at the vineyard. This is where he was stabbed.
  2. Albert Intelligence - Was overseeing a WuChang Records event when lured to the bathroom and stabbed.
  3. Tom Brinks - Stabbed at a pier. Said to be a drug dealer in the 911a Jimmy left. [Deceased]
  4. 'The Priest' (Name unknown) - Stabbed by jimmy at the yoga place after having a long conversation with him.
  5. Mina Price AKA 'Number 5' - After weeks of taunting and targeting Jimmy saw her going into a Fleeca bank and decided to stab her.
  6. Dick Dastardly - Stepped into Jimmy's car on accident and got driven to the cemetery. After being asked what he sees he got stabbed and dropped in an empty grave.
  7. 'Fitty/Fiddy' (Name unknown) - Stabbed in the vault after Jimmy sang The Macarena to him.
  8. Gee Wilcons - Stole Jimmy's car. Jimmy tracked it down, sat in the trunk for an hour and stabbed him at a construction site. He then took him to a pier and threw him into the ocean.
  9. Frederick Carney - After an altercation during deliveries Frederick came for Jimmy at the Delivery Depot. Jimmy stabbed him in self defense.
  10. Pillbot - After refusing to pay the taxi fee for a ride with Taxibot Jimmy dragged him into the sea and messed with his hardware.
  11. Martin Sanchez - Stabbed in an alley after Martin followed him from the Digital Den to give him a fruit basket. Jimmy anonymously called 911 and also placed his calling card at the scene.
  12. Sombrero Man (Name unknown) - Stabbed near Dean World. Kept trying to engage in conversation with Jimmy until Jimmy finally snapped and stabbed him. He left his calling card at the scene.
  13. Max Delicious - Jimmy got held hostage for a bank job. As the hostage takers left they ordered Jimmy to stab the other hostages, Jimmy gladly agreed.
  14. Reindeer Man (Name unknown) - Jimmy got held hostage for a bank job. As the hostage takers left they ordered Jimmy to stab the other hostages, Jimmy gladly agreed.
  15. Dom Dasilva - Jimmy got held hostage for a bank job. As the hostage takers left they ordered Jimmy to stab the other hostages, Jimmy gladly agreed.
  16. Dick Block (?) - Jimmy got held hostage for a bank job. As the hostage takers left they ordered Jimmy to stab the other hostages, Jimmy gladly agreed.
  17. Valentina Hops - Valentina was annoying Jimmy while they were both working at the Burger Shot. Jimmy snapped, changed outfits, and stabbed her right outside of the main location.
  18. Fatoni Sarduchi - Stabbed in an alley. Asked for ride but Jimmy drove to a side-alley on Popular street and lied that his car had broken down. Fatoni offered to check after a while and Jimmy went back into the driver's seat. Jimmy accelerated and hit Fatoni with his car, stepped out of the car and tried to stab Fatoni. He got shot before he got the stab in. He left Fatoni in the side-alley and anonymously called 911, blood left on scene.
  19. Crystal Clear
  20. Nero Calabrese

Recent events

On the 4th of November 2021, Jimmy Limbs was found guilty for serial assaults and killings. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. When explaining the sentence judge Alan Crane declared death to be too good for Limbs, wishing instead that he experience the powerlessness and existential dread Limbs' victims felt in their final moments as he waited his inevitable end in Bolingbroke.

Played By: BananaDuck
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