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Jimmy Deany is a character role-played by mobilitywinsii.


Hailing from South Carolina, Jimmy supports a mullet and an eyepatch and a deep southern accent. Jimmy Deany works for Weazel News as a contractor, but is starting to spend more of his time learning the skills of Mark White.


Jimmy Deany started out his days giving out free sausage biscuits to everyone he could meet, with the suspected pawning, crack selling, and many other things, Jimmy was known for doing many petty crimes.

However Jimmy decided to make a life change and go more toward a lifelong skillset and he is now a contractor for Weazel News. Some of his work can be found on Weazel News page, one in particular being "Paul Needs A Walker"

Eye Loss

Jimmy Dean noticeable supports an eyepatch. You would expect an action story akin of Bobby Smith's who lost his eye temporarily due to a firefight with Iroquois "Snake" Plisken. However the truth of the matter is that Jimmy was experimenting a new meat recipe in his garage. As Jimmy was doing so his the wife Sydney approached him complaining that all their credit cards were at limit and requesting that Jimmy give her the remaining card with which purchases could be made. As expected a fight between them broke out, and in the resulting scuffle the meat Jimmy was preparing fell into the hot grease Jimmy had going splashing Sydney all over giving her third degree burns and hitting Jimmy in the eye. As a result of this incident Jimmy permanently lost vision in his left eye.

Association with Mark White

Aware of Mark White's skills and eager to hone is own, Mark White has taken Jimmy as his ownly student and protegée, teaching him the art of infiltration, espionage and the ability to see all whilest never being seen.

Even though Jimmy Deany is quite the clumsy and aloof character Jimmy is tired of the low life. That being he took upon himself to become one of the most powerful and hunted men in Los Santos due to having information that can bring down anyone who steps on his toes. Learning every day and bettering his skills at intelligence gathering, following Mark White's guidance Jimmy has started to morph into a ghost.

While Mark White takes most of the heat for the actions commited by the duo, it can't be denied that Jimmy has played his part in either obtaining or helping Mark White obtain information that changes the course of the History of Los Santos depending what the duo decides to do with it.