Jimmy "Friendly" Bending is a character portrayed by shrimp_ .

Jimmy Bending is a 27 year old ex-prostitute crack dealer. Aside from dealing drugs he has a record of various other crimes such as burglaries.


He was previously forced into prostitution by a pimp named Alabaster Slim, a man with a nice colorful jacket with hair that looks like spaghetti.

Stan the Water man duoEdit

On Mar 27, 2019 while looking for new opportunities to earn some dough he encounters Stan Wheeler who takes a liking to him and he gives him a lift.

Through their journeys together they form a bond and he mentors the somewhat socially inept Stan to talk to women such as Emma Dupont, Kiki Chanel and introduces him to a life of crime.

Together without Stan realizing what they're doing at first, they perform burglaries and even some murders.

Further information: Stan Wheeler

Security JobsEdit

Exploring new venues he shows interest in a security guard job after a chance meeting and gets recruited into a security company named Merryweather Security on June 25th 2019.

They paid for the security clothing in exchange for them following their rules. Jimmy had other things in mind, figuring having a foot in the security company be a great cover for his drug smuggling.

Using his outfit he tagged along with a private investigator Jackie Levi and his assistant, someone dressed all in green referring to himself as Luigi.


  • His nickname "Friendly" given to him by Stan Wheeler is kind of ironic since he's seldom friendly unless it suits him. One exception being towards Stan who he likes.
  • Out-of-character Valco, Roflgator and Shrimp_ are friends.


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