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Fiddlesticks is a character role-played by Xiorx.

Fiddlesticks is often described as a "Christmas crack elf." He has a naive, innocent, and cheery personality, but there are certain triggers that cause him to flip to his "demon" side. When he unleashes the demon it most often ends with someone being stabbed. Some of the triggers include: the sight of blood, crack withdrawals, being bullied too much, or forced into a situation in which he must defend himself.   

The name Jimmy Brown is not Fiddlesticks' original name. It is the name of a victim whose identity he assumed before moving to Los Santos. Fiddlesticks himself does not prefer to be called by Jimmy. Rather, this name belongs to his other personality. This is not the first time Fiddlesticks has assumed the identity of someone else. Although, he has no awareness of it himself. Rather, it is his other side acting in self-preservation which has caused him to do this.

Fiddlesticks mother died from a drug overdose, and he never met his father as far as he can remember.