Jesus Antonio Lopez Contreras is a character role-played by MasterMisuri.


Jesus Antonio Lopez Contreras is a Colombian that is part of the H.O.A.


Jesus woke up in a hospital room without remembering anything, he freaked out, and even though he was staring at the floor for only a few seconds, it felt like hours, then he turned his head to the side, and saw an H.O.A. Kutte with his name on it, suddenly a lot of memories came back to him and he passed out from this.

Later, he woke up remembering his past prior to arriving in Los Santos, and also remembers the H.O.A. He doesn't seem to remember anything else.

After being in better condition, he was told by the doctors that he was shot in the head, chest and his hips, causing severe memory loss and some movement impediment on his right leg that is noticeable when he runs.

Then, he was put into custody of the LSPD, apparently he got shot after he kidnapped a police officer and then shot a different one, without any other details this is all he knows, and he may never know why he kidnapped a cop and shot a different one.

Learning English

Jesus was only able to speak Spanish at this point, but once he was sent to jail for the kidnapping and attempted murder of a police officer, he took English classes in jail as a sign of good behavior, his sentence got reduced and he only spent 1 year and a half in jail, during this time he learnt English.

He now only speaks English in front of the H.O.A. and pretends to only know Spanish in front of anyone else, hoping that someone might mention something that might be a clue as to why he kidnapped a cop in front of him, thinking that he only knows Spanish.


Jesus Antonio Lopez Contreras is a character role-played by MasterMisuri.


Jesus Antonio Lopez Contreras is a Colombian that recently arrived to the city of Los Santos. He doesn't seem to know English at all so many people don't understand him.


Not much is known about his past, so far only that he is from Colombia and that his parents are dead, he also has a sister living in Argentina

The American Dream

Looking for work

Jesus came to Los Santos looking for work. The first person that tried to help him was Marcus, but he couldn't understand most of what he said, so he introduced him to Flippy and the Vagos. Flippy taught him how to do the pawn shop and the oxy runs.

Jesus, still trying to get more money, started asking for work around the city. Brian and Dr Choi gave him work cleaning a bathroom at Pillbox, which was his first legal job.

After asking around the city for a while he crossed paths with Eugene and Roman.

Brian Knight Assassination Attempt

When he crossed paths with Eugene, Jesus asked him for work. Eugene couldn't understand what he said, so he called Flippy. Meanwhile Roman appeared too, he was able to communicate in Spanish a little with Jesus. Once Flippy arrived he told Eugene that Jesus was looking for work. Eugene immediately offered without hesitation $10,000 to him, if he stabbed either Brian or Espinoz, and Flippy added another $5,000. Jesus didn't want to do it because Brian gave him his first legal job and Espinoz was the only officer that could understand him, so Eugene threatened him and told him that if he didn't stab one of them, he would kill Jesus. With no other choice he agreed and was told to take a picture of the body after the assassination.

Two days later he was able to find Brian at Pillbox Medical. He had a car ready at lower Pillbox for his escape and had everything planned. After luring Brian away from the entrance of the hospital with a note that said "Lo siento pero si no hago esto me lo van a hacer a mi" (I'm sorry but if I don't do this they will do it to me). He tried to stab Brian while he was reading the note. Being his first time Jesus was really nervous, and so tried to take the picture right away, so he could run away fast and escape. He didn't realize that Brian had a vest on, and that the knife didn't go through it, so Brian got up fast and unloaded his pistol into Jesus' back. Jesus was sent to Pillbox. There Brian realized what the note said thanks to the translation of Flippy and Espinoz.

Fake Picture of Brian's assasination attempt .jpg
Brian requested to interrogate Jesus at MRPD with the help of Espinoz, there Jesus told them that he was threatened by someone that wears a blue shirt and shorts that speaks some Spanish (Diego, who he met the previous day). This was the person that wanted Brian dead, after learning about all of this they let him go and gave him a fake picture as proof of the assassination attempt.

Now he is an "informant" for Brian, and if he doesn't help him, he said that he could get deported back to Colombia.



Thanks to Allen Widemann he got a job at PDM as a Repo man as his first legal job. He sends messages to people to their phones using Gurgle Translator, and uses the same format every single time. He only makes 300 a week if he is lucky, because normally people go to a bank and pay with them instead of going to him. He has only repo'd 1 car so far, a Buccaneer that used to belong to Tony Montana.

Señor/Señora (Name) this is a friendly reminder that you are late in paying for your vehicle, if you like I can help with that, sorry if this is misspelled I am using gurgle translate (The format that Jesus uses to ask for payments)

He doesn't get a lot of money from doing Repo, so he asked Allen to give him a job as a salesman. Allen told him that he was going to speak with the management team, but after speaking with them he said that the language barrier would be too much of a problem, so he gave him a list of key words and told him to spend time with the salesman to absorb vocabulary. Jesus told Allen that he knows Ryan Parker and Fiona Stewart so he is going to try and spend some time with them.

- Buy a car = Comprar un carro.

- Sell a car = Vender un carro.

- Vehicles = Carros.

- Finance = Financiar.

- Commission = Comision.

- Debt = Deuda.

- Limited edition vehicle = Vehiculos edición limitada.

- Muscle car = Vehiculos con muchos caballos de Fuerza.

- Car payments = Pagos de carros.

- SUVs = Camionetas.

(Key words list that Allen gave to Jesus)

Learning English

First English Class with Dr. Cross

In a reunion with Flippy and Mario one time, he told them that he wanted to learn English so people would stop calling Flippy for translations. They went to Pillbox Medical to look for someone and there they found Dr. Cross, He offered himself to teach some English to Jesus, and so the first class began. These were the notes taken by Jesus:

Dr. Cross Clases ingles 1

Hola : jelo

No lo hice : ai did not du it

Mi nombre es Jesus : Mai neim es Jesus

no se mucho ingles : ai no litul inglich

Adios : chau, gud bai

Busco Trabajo : ai em lukin for worq

Cual es tu nombre : wat is yu neim

porque estas aqui? : wuai ar yu hir?

Si te hablan mal o insultan : Go fok yursef

After all of this Jesus has tried to contact again Dr. Cross for more English classes without success, but he seems to be smart enough to be able to figure out some stuff, for example, now that he knows how to say that he is looking for work, he usually uses the same sentence but changes the word "work" for names or Spanish words when he wants to say that he is looking for someone or for something.

First English Words

Some people have tried to teach Jesus some English, one day he was at Pillbox Medical when an E.M.S. arrived, as usual when he sees someone Jesus said Hola, the E.M.S. responded in Spanish. After a brief conversation she told him that her name is Lei Sanya, he responded "Lasagña?" and she said that they could go with that. She told him that she was going to teach him more English after seeing his notes of the class with Dr. Cross, she taught him how to say: Floor, Ceiling, Wheelchair, Chair, and Painting, after this she had to leave to respond to a call but she promised that she would teach him more English.

Second English Class with Dr. Cross

On his second class, Dr. Cross was not sure what to teach him, so he asked the people around the hospital what he should learn. After some suggestions from Jenny Hall and Andrew Ducksworth, he finally taught him some sentences, after this he paid $500 to August to teach him more English.

Dr. Cross Clase de ingles 2

Necesito un abogado : Ai nid e loyer

Hablen mas despacio : kan yu tolk a litul esloguer

Necesito ir al hospital : Ai nid tu go tu jospital

tu eres bonita : yu ar butiful

Augus clase de ingles

Ojos : Ais

Pelo : Jer

Tu pelo es bonito : Yur Jer is nais

Visiting Sister

One day he got contacted by his sister, so he went to Florida to visit her. After a month he came back with his sister Maria Lopez. He was able to speak a lot more English and was able to understand better, all thanks to his sister teaching him English.

It was a very interesting day that you can see here.

Racing Scene

He was introduced to the racing scene by Bryce Miller, he took him to a couple of races hosted by Sun Moon, on the first race he finished 4th and on the second one he finished 7th. He used a Cavalcade that he calls "mi cacharrito" for the races, most of the people from Quick Fix participated in this races, like Johnny, Mary, Richie, etc.


Jesus is good friends with both Julio and Fred from the H.O.A. In fact he lives with Julio on Fudge Lane, he usually hangs out with both of them, he has helped Fred in the past with criminals in Mirror Park and Vinewood. Some of these are, for example, the incident of Tony Montana robbing a house on Vinewood and dealing with a guy robbing a store on Mirror Park.

Jesus, Siz, Huck, Julio and Fred on thw Weed Forest.png
When Jesus did his first Repo on Tony Montana, Julio and Fred were present. They were afraid that Tony might try to do something to Jesus so they took him with them. They went to the weed mansion alongside Siz, Huck and Kray-Tor, after that they spent the time doing pirate stuff. Since Julio didn't want Jesus to be considered a criminal by the police, they ended up handcuffing him and leaving him with the rest of the hostages.

Jesus asked Julio if he was considered a member of the H.O.A. since he lives with him on Fudge Lane, but Julio told him that he is not a member. However he told him that he was allowed to wear their clothes when helping either him or Fred with the crime on Vinewood and Mirror Park.

After the Mirror Park Tavern opened, Jesus saw the picture and asked both Julio and Siz if that picture means that he is part of the HOA, Siz said that he is a known Affiliate.

1st Job ever - H.O.A. bulletin board

One day Siz offered Jesus the opportunity to join his team (Siz, Huck and Julio) the full job can be find here.

At the end they had to go to H.O.A. court over a fart on the limo during the job.


Tessa Lamb

His closest friend, she reminds him of his little sister that lives in Argentina. He appreciates her a lot, to the point of giving up the petty criminal stuff that he used to do when he arrived into the city. Now he is a full clean record citizen of Los Santos.


His first translator and actual person that could understand him in the city, he considers him a friend but they don't spend too much time together, because Flippy is usually busy doing criminal stuff.

Matt Rhodes

He is really nice towards Jesus, and tries his best to communicate with him. Jesus thinks that he is a nice guy and considers him a friend.

Matthew Espinoz

He is the only member of the PD that can understand him completely. When he needs the police he tries to look for him.

Julio Thomas

One of the other fluent Spanish speakers on the city, Jesus considers him a good friend. Julio even gave Jesus keys to his house so they now live together.

Frederick “Fred” Bodini

Alongside Julio and Copperpot he has helped Jesus in the past, and Jesus has helped him catch criminals on Vinewood and Mirror park for the HOA, they are good friends.

Bryce Miller

Jesus is good friends with Bryce, but he doesn't consider him a great friend, just because Bryce will ditch him for other people most of the time.

Wilhelmina Copperpot

She can understand what Jesus says more than most people. Since Jesus hangs out with Fred and Julio, she is often around too.

Pablo Madrid

He alongside Flippy are the first friends that he made in the city, they still talk sometimes but can't hang too much because of his criminal activities.

Allen Widemann

He gave Jesus a Job at PDM and always tries to include him in the events that PDM hosts.

Fun Facts

  • He usually tries to explain himself with drawings.
  • People often call Flippy to translate for them.
  • The only people that seem to fully understand him are Flippy, Julio, Espinoz, and Dr. Cross.
  • He got beat up by the Vagos on his first day in the city.
  • Sometimes Flippy translates incorrectly what he is saying, to make him do stuff or to mess with him.
  • Reggie calls him Alejandro according to him, he does it because of the Lady Gaga song.
  • He gets drunk easily, and seems to suffer from hiccups when he is drunk.
  • He owns the 4th and last HOA Brawler.
  • His CID is 10357.


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