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Jesus Antonio Lopez Contreras is a character role-played by MasterMisuri.


Jesus Antonio Lopez Contreras is a Colombian that is part of the H.O.A.


Jesus woke up in a hospital room without remembering anything, he freaked out, and even though he was staring at the floor for only a few seconds, it felt like hours, then he turned his head to the side, and saw an H.O.A. Kutte with his name on it, suddenly a lot of memories came back to him and he passed out from this.

Later, he woke up remembering his past prior to arriving in Los Santos, and also remembers the H.O.A. He doesn't seem to remember anything else.

After being in better condition, he was told by the doctors that he was shot in the head, chest and his hips, causing severe memory loss and some movement impediment on his right leg that is noticeable when he runs.

Then, he was put into custody of the LSPD, apparently he got shot after he kidnapped a police officer and then shot a different one, without any other details this is all he knows, and he may never know why he kidnapped a cop and shot a different one.

Learning English

Jesus was only able to speak Spanish at this point, but once he was sent to jail for the kidnapping and attempted murder of a police officer, he took English classes in jail as a sign of good behavior, his sentence got reduced and he only spent 1 year and a half in jail, during this time he learnt English.

He now only speaks English in front of the H.O.A. and pretends to only know Spanish in front of anyone else, hoping that someone might mention something that might be a clue as to why he kidnapped a cop in front of him, thinking that he only knows Spanish.


• Is a Mechanic at the Tuner Shop

• Is Gilieas and Liliths Step dad

• Enjoys taking part in car races

• Is hard working & dedicated to the people most important to him

• A few very trusted people have been told by Jesus he can also speak English, Some of these people are Lexi, Eddie, Mary & Summer

• Enjoys Colombian goat milk

• Beat up officer Bundy in the front reception of the police station


• “Oh My God”

• “Yom!”


- He's on Ladyhope's intro, as one of Izzy's best friends.