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Jessie Jugg is a character roleplayed by Jogiiee.

General Description

Jessie Jugg is a business woman in Los Santos. Hopefully starting her own security firm around Los Santos and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty.

Background Information

Jessie Jugg was born on Christmas Day to a family with seven siblings. She has five sisters and two brother, Jessie being the youngest. She suffered from Obsession Compulsive Disorder and anxiety in school and diagnosed with high-functioning autism. She always enjoyed art and sculptures. Art was a way to calm her down. Jessie graduated high school and ended up moving to New York for art school. Her school being paid fully by her parents. Jessie became bored of school instantly and ended up leaving to go back packing across Europe. During that time, a man tried to rob Jessie and kidnap her. She pulled an axe out and defended herself chopping off the man's arms. The man died in the wilderness from his injuries and Jessie ended up keeping the arms and burying the body. She did not know how to handle that situation but the axe became a comfort for her.

After traveling to many different places for a whole year, she decided to travel to a new city to experience that. She started a Food Truck to try to master cooking to bring art into that. She found out she actually was a good chef. During this time, she met Nino Chavez and was hired as his Secretary. She became close to most of the employees and learned how to handle different situations and break apart from her social anxiety the best she could. Nino ended up losing his business and disconnected the company and Jessie was left to move to Los Santos to restart her life.

Physical Description

Jessie Jugg has sandy blonde hair with blue eyes. She has a mole right above her lip and very fine eyebrows. She normally wears stripped bottoms a black top, meaning leather or even a coat. She wears a scarf around her neck as a comfort thing. Jessie has her chest, both legs, and both arms tattooed. She loves tattoos.


Coming Soon


  • Jessie loves pick up lines and tells a daily pick up line on twitter
  • She is slightly autistic, which limits her social interactions with people
  • Loves her hatchet.
  • Loves cooking and trying new recipes.
  • Has anxiety and cannot focus when many people are talking or there is something out of her complete control.
  • Snort Laughs.
  • Loves motorcycles, big trucks, and classic cars.


Played By: Jogiiee
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