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Jessie James is a character role-played by TheEliteTakeover.


Jessie James is a self proclaimed "Yes Girl" who will say yes to (almost) anything, even if it might put her in danger. She's an adrenaline addict, but she also has her softer side, being known by some as their "Emotional Support Friend".

She had a hard time identifying her emotions and putting feelings into words due to childhood trauma, but she is slowly learning with the help of her friends.

Jessie also seems to be a drama and chaos magnet, these seem to follow her without her seeking them.


Jessie was born in Portugal and thought she had been in foster care all her life. At 18 she made it out and looked for her parents for 5 years, until she gave up and moved to the UK.

In December 2021 she moved to Los Santos in a desperate attempt to start afresh.

In March she received an anonymous tip on her family and flew back to Portugal to the city she was born at. She met her sister, June, who she didn't know existed, and she told her the true story as to why Jessie was kept away from her family.

It turns out she was kidnapped at the age of 3 and managed to escape at 18. She wasn't in a foster home, but a child trafficking place.

The Last 5 Years[]

Jessie and Steven lived together for 5 years in a very expensive apartment in Vice City. Jessie worked at a few bars and got to learn about the not so glamourous life and horrible people that can come with it. Rent prices, food, bills kept piling up, but her income stayed the same. They started to lose everything, but through it all, always maintained their best friend status.

Because their past relationships have always been a nightmare, they have decided to make a pact: they would keep each other from dating other people by any means necessary and they'd focus on themselves.

When money started to become scarce, a sudden announcement that Los Santos was to open their borders was the best news they received for a while. As Los Santos offers anyone free housing, they didn't hesitate to go back.



The Misfits are just a group of (mainly civ) friends. The name came about when Booba, Steven, Shirley, Troy and Jessie were trying to cheer up Posy. The original members have a pin that says "Whoever owns one will always belong. Even if they're a bit odd."

The group has changed over the months and they are the core friend group of Jessie.

Jessie's closest friends:

Steven Hayes[]

Steven was Jessie's first friend in the city. She learned a lot from him and he's always been by her side, through thick and thin. No matter what bad decisions Jessie made, Steven was always there for her. He became her best friend very quickly and they have been inseparable ever since meeting.

They have never had feelings for each other until recently. Steven went though a divorce and Jessie made sure she was helping as much as she could. They started developing feelings for each other and are now in a relationship.

Past Storylines[]

Jessie had two major storylines in the last year:

1: The Reaper. Jessie’s close friend and fellow housemate Clara Mellow’s boyfriend Josh Grimm attacked Steven Hayes and Shirley Lemons while suffering from DID and taking on the persona of “The Reaper”. Steven Hayes has been one of her oldest and best friends since coming to the city and she was witness to many things pointing to Josh as the perpetrator. Clara wants to protect Josh because of his condition while Steven and Shirley want justice for nearly being killed. Jessie is torn between them. She told the police everything she knew and has actively been trying to see Josh brought to justice and get him help while trying to not alienate Clara.

2: Nova. Jessie was pulled over in a stolen car with several illegal items by Lea Nova. After some flirting between them Nova let Jessie go and told Jessie that her name was also Jessie and gave her her phone number. After some exchanges they arranged to meet on Mount Chilliad where “Jessie” Nova was introduced to Jessie James’ friends. This encounter ended with a lengthy private talk and a kiss.

Unknown to Jessie James is that Nova has an ulterior motive. Her past has come back to haunt her and to protect her family she has decided to use Jessie James as a decoy, to make it look like Jessie is who she truly cares about so that if her enemies decide to hurt her by hurting people she cares about they will go for Jessie rather than her family.