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Jessica Wesker is a character role-played by LuckyxMoon.


Jessica Wesker originally studied law in Liberty City. When she left the city, she moved to another where she became a defense attorney. She met her future husband, Frank, while buying a new car. He was the car salesman that day and she was very adamant that she was not interested in pursuing a personal relationship. He was persistent and the two could not seem to stay away from each other. He was also seemingly protective and while sitting in a bench trial one day, she learned that he was a member of one of the main gangs in the city. Still, now in too deep personally, she couldn’t stay away. She also happened to be representing the opposing gang and the two had to keep their relationship under wraps.

As time went on and the PD showed decreased interest in allowing defense attorney’s to work down at MRPD, Jessica asked for a job working at the DA’s office. It was during this career switch that she married. Her main interest was fairness and justice in all aspects of the law and that applied for both criminals and members of the police department as well. She climbed the ladder until eventually becoming the District Attorney when her boss and mentor decided that he wanted to further his career and become a judge.

Ultimately, trying to take down the corruption in the police department proved to be a difficult task. There was quite a bit of blow back and certain members of the PD wanted her gone. After rushing a dying off duty medic to the hospital during a sting operation, Jessica was arrested for reckless driving by the former chief of police. The charges were ultimately dropped but enough was enough. Her resignation had already been pending and this had been the final straw. She resigned on the spot.


  1. Favorite color is purple, but she can’t wear it for obvious reasons.
  2. Before she was married, her name was Jessica Taylor.
  3. Nickname, as given by her husband, is Sharkie.

Played By: LuckyxMoon
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