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Jessica Hilton is a character role-played by MikkisaurusRex.

General Description

Jessica Hilton is an EMT for the Emergency Medical Services, call-sign Echo-77.


Jessica was born and raised in Dogtown, a tiny town nowhere near any major city and in particular nowhere near anywhere of any particular interest. She spent her childhood playing tag in her family's overgrown yard and dolls with the same group of friends that would see her from preschool through graduation. Her family wasn't well off but they also weren't poor, and being an only child meant she usually got whatever she wanted, as much as one could in smalltown America. But ever since she was little, she knew she would leave all of it behind to hit a big city in an attempt to be famous.

Because that was always Jessica's dream, to see her name in lights or glitter or... something. She wants to be known by her peers and recognized for her achievements, and in the age of technology she knew that she could do it any way she pleased and decided her best bet might be through influencing. With Los Santos lacking its own substantial influencer community, she decided after finishing her (parental required) four years of basic university that LS was the perfect place for her to start. So she studied up on her celebrities, begged a car off her parents, bought herself a new phone, and headed off to find her own apartment - and her own voice - in the world.

Time in Los Santos

So far, Jessica has done little to establish herself but she has big plans and a rapidly filling wardrobe. She has made a handful of friends whom she already considers very close and has so far managed to stay out of the hospital and out of prison.

Jessica has started her own Instagram following her adventures in Los Santos (She's started passing around the url as often as she can).


- Kermie - Jessica does not talk about Kerm Henson. (They're friends. Don't mention it to either of them. But also don't mess with him.)

- Gus - Augusta Carlin is Jessica's new bestie! Whether she knows it or not... it doesn't matter, she's the best source of hot goss when Jess needs a little girl time (even if she doesn't have any). She suspects Gus might need a few more girl friends and has secretly made it her mission to be one of them, definitely not because she loved the goofing off she and Gus did the first day she was in town and definitely not because the other girl makes her feel more confident in herself.

- Shivvy - Shivananand Sunandrankumar was the victim of the first crime Jessica witnessed in the city when his bike was stolen right out from under him in the parking lot of the Burger Shot. He managed to lose it twice in the same setting, and now Jess concerns herself with checking in on him and worrying about his welfare (and his new rad sense of fashion).

- Whitley "Mr. Seaman" - Whitley Booth and Jessica ran into each other a few times, the very much not a pirate drawing her attention and a couple of compliments on his attire before they truly spoke. After a time, the two bonded over a love of adventure and spent a couple of what Jessica suspects might have been fever dreams teleporting their way through the city in an attempt to party and climb the tallest skyscrapers.


She is… enthusiastic, to put it positively. She knows what she wants in life and she’s ready and not afraid to go for it, if she had any idea how to get there. Something about hard work and dedication, and… it’s pretty apparent she’s never left her small town home besides hitting the local community college, but that doesn’t mean her enthusiasm is easily diminished. She’s naturally friendly if not a little naïve, and she’s always eager to make friends.

That also means she really wants to make those friends, and has never really perceived anybody disliking her (they have, she just never noticed). It makes her defensive in the face of adversity even though she might want to show strength, but she’s never had to truly face it before. That isn’t to say she can’t learn to be stronger or tougher or harder, but it may be a long road to get there full of a lot of hard lessons. Her self consciousness is going to rear its  ugly head quickly if she finds she can’t accomplish her dream quickly because she has always succeeded quickly, and it’s going to make her quick to snap and anger even though she will try to smooth it over as quickly as possible as soon as she’s over it. She can become cruel quickly, smart comments and sneers reminiscent of the bullying she unconsciously took part in during her younger years.

In that sense, Jessica is a quick learner and clever even if she doesn’t show it. It doesn’t take her long to figure out what’s going on around her once she’s out of her own naivety, and she’s good at coming up with a plan. Her good grades and high achievements in high school aren’t only because it was a small town school, as when she puts her mind to something she’s good at figuring it out. Los Santos is a much larger puzzle than she thinks it is, and when she realizes that to its fullest she will be eager to solve it.