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"If you ever need my life for anything, I'll always be there for you. You can't put a price on that."

Jesse Reed (previously known as Jesse Cree) is a character role-played by iddqd.


Jesse Reed is a focused and loyal sharp-shooter. His time in Los Santos has him slowly coming out of his shell, revealing him to be a bit of a joker with his friends, and a rebel to some authority. However, when Jesse is set to a task or given a target, his does nothing but hit it in the bullseye.

Jesse spends his time hunting, racing, boosting, assisting the BBMC and making connections. He established a pipeline for the BBMC to ketamine, shivs, and burner phones. He has become an expert hunter, an up-and-coming racer, a boosting hacker, and a prospect of the Bondi Boys.

Trivia and Personality

  • When asked about his origins as a shooter, Jesse told Dundee that he likes the smell of gunpowder.
  • Jesse often sings or hums to himself.
  • On his first day, Jesse was so eager to shoot that Dundee needed to give him the codeword of "banana peel" as a signal. The rest of the day, the two mixed up what fruits were used as the codeword.
  • Jesse likes cookies. His favourite type are oatmeal cookies.
  • Jesse's racing dongle aliases include "Gunslinger", "Mightyfine", "HIGHNOON", "Weh", "DEADEYE".
  • Jesse does not like taking his hat off unless absolutely necessary.
  • Jesse refers to the BBMC as a brotherhood and as a family.
  • Jesse lived on a farm in the South his whole life and likes horses and dogs.
  • Jesse enjoys being a lone wolf at night. He enjoys solo jobs and time to himself, but will never pass up the opportunity to help and hang out with the BBMC.
  • Jesse says that he is colourblind in is left eye, however it is unknown whether he is being serious or says it as a joke.
  • When he has a job to do, Jesse is serious and focused. He has initiative and listens to whatever orders he is given. He has the aspiration to climb the ranks in the BBMC.
  • Jesse is Dundee's lucky charm.
  • Jesse hates clowns, but likes Chatterbox.
  • Jesse remembers every good thing that someone does for him. He also remembers those who wrong him. Jesse additionally likes to return favours, and not be indebted to those who show him kindness.
  • Jesse can speak Russian.
  • Jesse left his family.
  • Jesse dreams to own a gun range and gun repair shop, where he can train people to shoot.
  • Jesse enjoys hunting, and spends most of his free time out in the woods doing so, or practicing driving his car in Vinewood Hills.
  • Jesse has a tendency to exaggerate stories, twist tales, and stir trouble. This sometimes gives the impression that Jesse believes he knows more than he actually does. This, around his authority figures, can be interpretted as him not granting them respect.
  • OOC: When IDDQD was preparing to join the NoPixel server, he, with Whippy’s help, created a list of positive and negative traits for the character of Jesse that he used as a framework for his first-time roleplaying. All of these traits have been subtle and obvious in Jesse’s actions throughout his story in Los Santos. They were as follows:
    • PROS
      • Very loyal
      • Takes initiative
      • Has no problems taking orders in the heat of the moment
    • CONS
      • Too outspoken
      • Hard time with authority and higher ups
      • Interrupt at weird times regardless of rank
      • Exaggerate information
  • Jesse doesn’t want any personal hangarounds.
  • Jesse tends to ask people rapid fire this or that questions when he first meets them; often including "Pepsi or coke?", "Kitkats or twix?", and "Curly fries or onion rings?".
  • When Jesse answers the phone, he usually says, "It's Jesse."
  • Jesse has multiple weapons connections, including Mario and Flippy, Mayumi, Mina (under the alias of Kitsune), and Tony, Ray, and Kitty.


  • Jesse told Olivia that he is scared of heights while they stood on the end of Dean World Pier, overlooking Vespucci. She pinkie-promised that she wouldn't tell. He further confirmed this when he said that he was deathly afraid of heights to Collin and Pez when he was standing on the top of their Billabong house after his first shootout with the police at the Alta Street Apartments.
  • Jesse doesn't know how to swim - he fears drowning, and avoids water at all costs.


  • "You know, hanging out with you is quite expensive." - Jesse to Dundee
  • "Remember, when life is tough, just think about a snekishschner. It will get better. Have a good day sir."
  • "You know what a snekishschner does? Bites first, asks questions later."
  • "It's not high noon yet."
  • "If you ever need my life for anything, I'll always be there for you. You can't put a price on that." - Jesse to Dundee
  • "Life is like a box of bicycles - sometimes you get stuck and sometimes you get out."
  • "You can take my jacket, you can take my shoes, but if you take my hat, it's personal."
  • "I don't miss."
  • "Some day you're gonna need my help, and I'll be there." - Jesse to Olivia
  • "I'm faster than my shadow."
  • "I would rather floss my throat with barbed wire." - In response to Stone asking Jesse to go fishing.
  • "Life is like a box of bicycles - you never know which turn you're gonna take."
  • “In Soviet Santos, road finds you.”
  • "Goblins are real and they want to date."
  • "I smoke gun powder."
  • "There's a little bit of a difference between a hamburger and an Audi R9."
  • "I'm going to reacquaint them with death."
  • "It do be like that some times."
  • "I wouldn't be who I am if it weren't for her." - Jesse on Liv