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Jerry Perkins is a character role-played by Pengwin.

General Description

Jerry Perkins is a Ranger for the San Andreas State Park Rangers, Badge #280.

Perkins is often called "Precious" by fellow PD members.

Background Information

Jerry Perkins was born in Ludendorff, North Yankton on September 14th, 1990. His mother Kayla Perkins and father Alan Perkins were both teachers at the local high school. For the first part of his life Perkins was raised mostly by his mother, who had resigned from her job at the school to take care of him. His father had willingly taken on a second job working nights at the diner down the road to provide for his family. However, between the long hours and the time apart, Perkins' parents were no longer happy, and filed for divorce when he was 16 years old.

His mother was the one who gained custody of him, and they moved to Los Santos in the summer of 2008, where they began their new life. Perkins' mother got a new job as a teller for Fleeca Bank and Perkins went to the University of San Andreas, Los Santos (ULSA) to study Criminal Justice for the next 4 years. After a few years of working odd jobs, Perkins decided to apply for the BCSO recruitment program.



Bodean Tucker

Bo and Perkins are very close friends. They have a very special relationship, Bo even considers him to be his best friend. They are usually seen patrolling together.

In an incident where Bo was kidnapped, he pleaded over the radio to Perkins for PD to back off from the chase. They did not, where Bo would say to Perkins, "I don't tell you this enough bud, but I love you." Perkins returned the sentiment and told him it was going to be okay and they were going to ride together after that situation was over. When the incident was over, Bo would only ride around with Perkins for the rest of the night.

They have kissed once when Bo had quickly claimed Perkins as his boyfriend when he was trying to get a statement from a woman in Pillbox Medical Center, who was flirting with him. Perkins was visibly confused as it was very spur of the moment. They didn't really talk about it afterwards.

Only a few months after the kidnapping incident would Perkins and Bo be saying goodbye for the last time. On May 19th, 2020 Bo Tucker was rushed into surgery after being punched in the head and unfortunately died in the operating room. Perkins, taking time off, didn't hear of the tragedy until the day after it happened; the news completely rocked his world as he had lost his best and closest friend that day.

Owen Svensen

These two have had a very interesting relationship over the past few months. Owen was the first to ever call Perkins "Precious", having the nickname circulate around the PD.

Had a good, yet flirtatious friendship. Went on many interesting patrols together. Perkins even went on to confess his feelings for Owen, who tried to play it off as a "friendly 'I like you'". It was awkward for a bit between the two of them.

The two had a very bad falling out, after Owen was having mixed feelings about the two of them potentially being together. He ended things with very hurtful texts, leaving Perkins upset and confused. Owen had said he wasn't who Perkins thought he was, saying that he was probably an asshole outside of the jokes. Perkins tried swaying his feelings, saying he was wrong and they could work things out. They sadly didn't and the two rarely spoke afterwards.

The two are currently nothing more than acquaintances, but Perkins still cares about him and said once, before Owen was sent to ICU, "I know you may be a dickhead to me, but I know deep down you still care and I still care". Owen used to make off-hand comments to Perkins about Bo, showing some form of jealously towards their friendship. Referred to Bo as "Perkins' new boyfriend". Perkins always disputed it.

As of now, the two act like nothing happened between them however, it is still very apparent that the two harbor feelings towards each other but are both too scared to address them.

Ziggy Buggs

Perkins' longest friend since moving to the city and current roommate. The two live together in Paleto in a beach house and occasionally fight over who gets to ride the truck when they are both on duty. Ironically enough, these besties are both notorious for crashing their vehicles to varying degrees of severity.

Perkins works hard to be a successful wingman to Ziggy but ultimately fails and turns into Ziggy's biggest cock block, ruining any and all romantic interactions that he has.

After the death of their dear friend and roommate Mikey Dias the duo had relied heavily on each other for moral support and as a result built a stronger and closer relationship which helped them move past that difficult time. Currently, they express a playful dynamic and some say that they became so close that when holding a conversation, you can occasionally hear the other in the distance.

Bobby Smith

Perkins definitely looked up to Bobby as when he joined BCSO he raised through the ranks rather quickly, something Perkins wished he was able to do. Being quite popular amongst all of PD it was hard to catch him when he was riding solo however, Bobby always made sure to leave some time for Perkins and the two were even coined ride-along partners for quite some time. This relationship continued to blossom throughout the months and Bobby even asked Perkins to be one of his honorary bridesmaids at his wedding.

The two had a falling out shortly after the wedding when Bobby began hastily climbing his way up the ranks. He started ignoring/brushing off Perkins whenever he asked to ride together and eventually began calling him "lonely", "annoying", and "clingy" in an effort to get Perkins to leave him alone. When Bobby became the Chief of Police and left BCSO behind their relationship was holding on by a small thread. In an effort to stay mutuals Perkins wrote off all of Bobby's rude behavior claiming that "becoming chief had changed him".

Recently in a situation where Bo Tucker was shot and sent to the hospital unconscious, Bobby made a snarky remark towards a very distraught Perkins, "You need to stop being so attached, not everyone makes it." Full of emotions and clearly hurt by what was said he punched Bobby in the face and ran away screaming "Fuck you". The two have not spoken about the incident and have rarely communicated with each other since.

Vladimir Raven

While rarely on duty together, two of them are rather good friends and will sometimes ride around together if both are in the city.

A rather comedic incident between the two occurred when Raven, being Chief of Police at the time, slept on the couch in his PD office. Going through a rather rebellious phase, Perkins peed on Raven while he was asleep. Even after Raven found out that Perkins was the culprit the two still remain great friends and jokes about this incident are still mentioned to this day.

Barry Briddle

Initially FTO'd him prior to the great economic collapse when he was a Senior Deputy for the BCSO. Barry has been Perkins' most consistent partner as the two patrol Blaine County's mountains and rivers checking for fishing and hunting licenses in the late hours of AU Shift.

This inspired Perkins to work his way up as a Park Ranger so he can do "Ranger Shit" up north.

Romantic Relationships

Lucille Hellman

Back when Lucy was an EMS, the two dated. It was short-lived but sweet. They broke up as Perkins was missing in action for a few weeks. Lucy broke it off via text, thus pulling a "Kai King" on Perkins. (Lucy NEVER cheated on Perkins)

Mrs. Briddle

Has sex with her on the daily to the point of abandoning police activities. States that he has sex with her three times per day whenever and wherever.

Momentous Dates Within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
PD Ranking Restructure; Badge #315 February 5th, 2021
Junior Ranger
Formally Accepted by the SASPR June 2021
Formally Promoted to Park Ranger; Badge #280 July 10th, 2021
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
K9 Handler
K9 Cert.png
Ranger K9 Cross-Certified; Handler for Yogi November 6th, 2021


  • "Have a good one."
  • "This is Deputy Jerry Perkins with the Blaine County Sheriff's Office"
  • "Lemme see some hams!"
  • "Guess I'll just go on patrol... alone..."
  • "Goddammit, Bobby!" (while imitating Hank Hill).
  • "You lookin' like a snack."
  • "I see how it is. Alright bud."
  • "You come near my hair and I will shoot you."

Fun Facts

  • Also known as "Tyler" while wearing a certain outfit.
  • Has an obsession for Heartstopper Burgers.
  • Always lonely.
  • Has a weakness for thigh-highs.[1]
  • Pouts as much as Bobby.
  • Very much loved Owen's "hulk hands" (the gloves he used to wear for fun).
  • Stripped at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club under the name "Twerkins" with Olivia Copper being his "pimp".[2]
  • Hairless from the neck down.
  • Jerry Perkins has been having sexual intercourse with Barry's mom to the point where Barry had to meet with IA about Perkins's addiction to sex. This resulted in Perkins receiving 5 strike points and a mandatory meeting with Richard Dark, his new Sex Patrol Officer.



Played By: Pengwin
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