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Jerry Markaz is a character role-played by RyanTheH.

Before Los Santos

Jerry Michael Markaz is from Western Sydney, Australia. Jerry grew up in a relatively poor family so he was taught at a young age how important money management is. Despite not having a lot of money, Jerry was a happy kid, full of love in a happy home. However, on the night of his sixth birthday, his parents took him to the cinemas as a birthday treat, he was so excited and grateful as his family never had the money to do anything like this before. This night quickly turned dark when all of a sudden, the sound of loud bangs made Jerry cover his ears and close his eyes. The bangs disappeared and quickly turned to panicked screams from the crowd around. He opened his eyes and saw his parents Jane and Michael, laying on the floor, covered in blood and bullet holes. A drive by gone wrong.

After this incident, Jerry was forced into the foster care system after whatever immediate family he had left had disowned him, blaming him for his parents’ death. His whole personality changed after this - he was snappy, irrational, would hide out for days, skip school, he was a loner. Due to this, he was moved from foster home to foster home until he was 12. Nobody wanted him. He ended up having to live at the orphanage and during this time, he came out of his shell ever so slightly, even making a friend who was a few years younger than himself, becoming a kind of big brother to this child. This was tough for Jerry as he was so used to not wanting anybody around him and would purposely push people away, out of fear that he would lose them too, but once he had that friend, he was incredibly loyal to them. Even though he had made a new friend, this didn’t change his attitude towards others, and the fact that the adults at the orphanage were incredibly harsh to the children - no matter what age - didn’t help. He had no where else to go though so he was stuck there.

Jerry was kicked out of the orphanage on the morning he turned 18. They told him to pack his bags and get the hell out, no help, no advice, just left to fend for himself. This also meant he had to leave his only friend behind so he was all alone again. Jerry had to hustle on the streets just to survive, having to do activities such as fighting over safe spots to sleep, defending himself from people trying to steal the little things he had left and sometimes, having to steal from stores and even other homeless people just to make it through the night. He lived this way for 2 years before he had enough. On his 20th birthday, he decided he needed to make a change in his life and he would do anything to get it done. He took up odd jobs such as mowing lawns and washing cars, selling the little possessions he owned or stole and even some riskier jobs such as dealing drugs. Jerry then had the money but didn’t know where he was going to go, all he knew is he had to get out of Sydney, maybe Australia as a whole.

One day, he was walking around the town and saw a travel agency and decided to stop in and look at what destinations were around, maybe getting some ideas on where he could disappear to. That’s when he saw it. This pamphlet on the desk that read “Los Santos: The Place Of Dreams”. He flipped through the pamphlet and knew that’s where he had to go. He could start again. Make a new life for himself, no matter what it took. The thought of living in a big city like Los Santos terrified Jerry but he knew he had to make a change. Before he left, he went for a final stroll through his small town, saying goodbye to his old life, and he visited the graveyard where his parents were buried to say one last goodbye. Once Jerry had finished tying up any loose ends, he counted the money he had saved and decided to hitch-hike to the airport, with nothing but the clothes on his back and the money in his beaten up, leather wallet. He bought a one way ticket to Los Santos for the next morning and knew that this was real now. Jerry slept on one of the benches at the airport as he awaited his flight in the morning.

On the plane over to Los Santos, Jerry kept thinking to himself “What will change here?”, “Am I really making the right decision?” but he knew that whatever doubts he was having, he had to shut down because there was no going back. He also had to think what type of person he was going to be. Back home, everyone knew his story, everyone knew what how he acted and stayed away from him but in this new city, nobody would know him from a bar of soap. A whole new life, a chance of being anyone he wanted to be, maybe even one day becoming that happy-go-lucky, loving kid he once was. However, Jerry knew that changes like that can’t just be made overnight. He barely knows how to communicate with people, the thought of letting anyone close again terrified him as everyone in his life who he let close was gone.

During the long flight, Jerry started to construct a game plan. He wanted to overcome his anxieties of letting people close, he knew it would take work but he was determined to meet people. He wanted a whole new life. No more living on the streets, he would do anything he had to do to make sure he was successful in this new city. He didn’t know how his life was going to pan out, whether he was going the squeaky clean route with a job and maybe a family or if he was going to go into the underground crime life of Los Santos. All he knew is that he was going to get what he wants out of life. He wasn’t going to let anything stand in his way.


Inner Circle

  • Cecil Mournings - Jerry met Cecil outside of the apartments, whilst Jerry was heavily intoxicated after his return from Vice City. They clicked immediately. Jerry considers Cecil one of his closer friends, despite how often they bicker. Jerry helped introduce Cecil to the life of crime in Los Santos and they have robbed houses together. Cecil looked after Jerry during a drunken panic attack about Lizzie Byrne, offering advice. Cecil also dropped everything to meet up with Jerry after Lizzie made it clear she didn't feel the way about him he did her. Cecil actually found Jerry knocked out after falling off a crane due to "the wind." Cecil is still suspicious as to whether it was an accident or not. Jerry has often commented on how "wise" Cecil is after giving guidance and advice and Cecil has stated a few times that she considers Jerry a dear friend, primarily because he was the first person Cecil truely got to know in the city.
  • Kennedy Adams - Kennedy and Jerry met after Jerry had a head on collision with a tree and flew through the windshield due to not having a seatbelt on. Jerry suffered incredible head trauma from this and was rushed to hospital. Kennedy worked on Jerry and when asked for her name, Jerry completely missed her first name and misheard her surname as “Alex”. Jerry, while being delirious, ran around the hospital with Kennedy following him, trying to perform scans on his brain. To this day, while they may not be the closest of friends, they still keep in touch and Jerry considers her an “OG”. The “Alex” nickname still occasionally pops up as a joke between the two.
  • Scotty Dixon - Whilst Jerry and Scotty didn’t get off to the best start, with Jerry not thinking very highly of Scotty and even mocking the “IT Gangsta”, they quickly became friends due to their common goals in crime and their similar sense of humour, as well as the constant tackling from Scotty which Jerry initially found irritating but eventually grew to laugh at. Scotty only ever refers to Jerry as “Champion Guy”, in reference to Jerry’s common used phrase where he calls everyone he meets a “champion”.
  • Emma Gaine - Jerry met Emma Gaine while visiting Pillbox Hospital where Jerry visits often due to either his reckless nature of living or to visit his friend, Kennedy Adams, who also works there. The first time Jerry had met Emma, she vomited all over the hospital, due to her nervous tick that involves vomiting around people with an Australian or British accent. While she was incredibly quiet and embarrassed by it, Jerry laughed it off and tried to calm Emma down and comfort her. After this day, Emma and Jerry are great friends. Jerry and Emma always greet each other with the Australian phrase “Oi Dickhead” in an exaggerated Australian accent. Emma is somebody that Jerry sees as one of his best friends, if not his best friend, and someone he can trust with anything. Jerry ended up having feelings for Emma but decided to stay as just friends due to situations Emma was going through at the time, with not only Irwin Dundee, but also The Blocks. They are still close friends to this day despite Emma throwing Jerry off the pier, resulting in Jerry nearly drowning to death. Emma is the only person Jerry has legitimately sung in front of
  • Elizabeth “Lizzie” Byrne - While hanging out with Cecil Mournings, Jerry met Lizzie and Miles Vermillion in the car park of Roosters Rest. All 4 people hit it off immediately and discussed crime plans almost immediately. Soon after Lizzie and Jerry met, they spent a day together, hanging out, driving around, doing and discussing crimes and chatting. After this day, Jerry started freaking out and drinking heavily as he realised he was starting to fall for Lizzie. Jerry was so nervous about this, not only due to the fact he has never been in a relationship and doesn’t know how to go about it, but also due to thinking he doesn’t have a chance with her as well as Lizzie’s straight to the point personality. Despite this, Jerry told Lizzie how he feels while hanging out with her and Miles, causing Lizzie to panic and say she needs some time to think. Lizzie is someone that Jerry cares for immensely, especially when Lizzie suffered a head injury due to a car accident they were involved in while heading to a fishing trip with Mile and Ana. This has not affected their friendship and they are still close. Lizzie and Jerry have been on two dates. First one was them, mainly Lizzie, being drunk on the beach where they sat and talked. The second date sent Jerry crazy as he had this big extravagant plan in place, a "superdate" as he called it in which Jerry and Lizzie would go on a plane/helicopter, fly over the city, land at the beach where they would steal jetskis and go swim with the dolphins and whales before heading to Burger Shot for dinner. The day of the second date, everything fell apart when there were no jetskis in sight and he couldn't contact any pilots until one finally called him back and the date was on. On this second date is where Jerry asked Lizzie to be his girlfriend, which led to her panicking a little and telling Jerry she would need some time to think about it. They considered both dates a success. The romantic interest in Lizzie ended when she admitted she will never feel the same as Jerry does. Jerry and Lizzie remain on talking terms but are less close then they once were
  • Miles Vermillion - Jerry met Miles at the same time he met Lizzie Byrne in the car park of Roosters Rest. While they don’t communicate too often, Jerry sees Miles as someone he can trust and will stick his neck out for, this was shown when Jerry took all of the blame for the stolen car that was going to be used for an upcoming Oxy run with Miles, Lizzie and Henri. Jerry confided in Miles regarding his situation with Lizzie and Miles offered Jerry advice. This strengthened Jerry’s friendship with Miles. When Jerry met Akuma, he invited Miles to tag along. All three did Oxy together along with Jay. Eventually it was just the three of them and they were caught by the police, Jerry and Akuma got arrested and Jerry was informed that Miles and Akuma sold him out which hurt Jerry and jolted the trust between Jerry and Miles a bit.
  • Kyle Brovloski - The first time Jerry had met Kyle was when Jerry had first moved to the city and been appointed as the Burger Shot mascot. He greeted an incredibly drunk Kyle who was with two other gentlemen. Kyle had assaulted Jerry and proceeded to vomit all over the place. As time went on, Kyle and Jerry would talk more and while Kyle, to this day, doesn’t remember Jerry’s name until Jerry reminds him, they are always happy to see each other. Kyle has also sent Jerry to the hospital in the past by attacking him with a hatchet, which Kyle claimed was accidental
  • Akuma Aishiteru - Jerry met Akuma whilst breaking into a car on the south side of town, whilst getting ready to do some home visits. Akuma ran up on Jerry where he found out it was HER car he was taking. They connected quite quickly, immediately talking about doing crime together. They proceeded to do a house job as well as Oxy together along with Miles and Jay which ended in Jay getting arrested. Akuma and Jerry also got arrested later that day. Jerry is cautious of her but seems to trust her quite a lot despite being incorrectly informed that Akuma sold Jerry out to the police which led to his arrest.
  • Ellie Fyh - Jerry met Ellie when outside of the apartments when she ran past, asking the location of a clothing store. Jerry along with Lyon and others went for a drive and took Ellie to the clothing store. Ellie, Jerry and Lyon all clicked that day and have gone on to do houses together. Jerry and Ellie are pretty close, Jerry worries and cares for Ellie and both keep in contact, even when the other isn't awake in the form of texts. Jerry learned that Ellie is currently employed by Miles.


  • Ash Ketchup - On Jerry’s first day in the city, he went into Burger Shot to see if they were hiring and while they weren’t, he made quite the impression on both Ash Ketchup and Taylor Briggs who both tried to get him hired. He was hired unofficially as a mascot, wearing a Burger Shot mask and greeting people as they entered and left the fast food restaurant. While Ash and Jerry only ever speak on rare occasions, he still greets her whenever he sees her and will always be grateful for giving him a chance when he was brand new in Los Santos.
  • Taylor Briggs - Like Ash and Kyle, Jerry met Taylor while working at Burger Shot as the unofficial mascot. During the early days of Jerry in Los Santos, Taylor and Jerry would talk almost daily, have jokes and would consider each other friends. Since then, Jerry, due to his fear of abandonment, has pushed Taylor away due to Taylor being too busy to have a conversation with Jerry on multiple occasions. Jerry is still grateful for their early friendship.
  • Ray Mond - While exiting Pillbox Hospital, Jerry met Amon Gus, who then introduced Jerry to Ray Mond, as well as a few others. Ray Mond pulled Jerry aside from the group and asked Jerry to retrieve her a lock pick which she would in turn give Jerry money. Jerry instead pulled out his only lock pick and gave it to her. Ray was both shocked and a little stern with Jerry, stating that if he continues to be too nice, he will be walked over and used. This stuck with Jerry and helped change him into the person he is today. Jerry and Ray have communicated sparingly since that day.


  • Despite Jerry making friends relatively easy, he is still constantly anxious about speaking to people but forces himself into doing it as he knows that what he has to do to have a brand new life. He often is scared of seeming annoying to people so refrains from contacting his friends unless contacted first.
  • Jerry is incredibly immature in situations due to him not knowing how to handle them. An example of this is turning to alcohol abuse as a crutch to help him get through the problems he calls “stupid adult problems” which include the Lizzie and Emma situations. Other examples of Jerry being immature and not knowing how to handle situations is him lashing out, distancing himself and even pushing his friends away in fear of being abandoned. Being sheltered and alone his entire life before moving to Los Santos is the cause of this.
  • While Jerry was initially scared of the criminal life, especially guns, a talk with Ray Mond really shifted his mindset towards not only the city but made him take a look at himself and turned him into the man he is today, a bit unhinged and less caring about those who haven’t proved themselves.
  • While Jerry enjoys any type of alcohol, his go to favourite is beer. He often invites people out for a beer, especially when in need of a serious talk as this is seen as his comfort. He usually chalks this up as an Aussie tradition despite never being able to partake in this in his home country.
  • Due to growing up in the foster care system and then on the streets, Jerry doesn’t know how to swim. This was nearly his downfall when Emma threw him off the pier, nearly resulting in his death.
  • Despite Jerry’s rough exterior, deep down, he wants to be surrounded by friends and have a girlfriend. While Jerry chased friendships when he first got to the city, asking anyone and everyone to either be his friend or if they had any friends he could be friends with, if he sees a friendship as a lost cause or has to chase the friendship, he drops it as he doesn’t see it as worth it. Jerry has since moved on from this stage of his life and is happy with the friends he has and has stopped the chase.
  • Jerry is slowly turning more sadistic since moving to Los Santos, mainly due to his friends, with their influences in crime as well as him feeling like sometimes, they look down on him. He often talks about kidnapping people, robbing them and throwing them in the ocean but has yet to do so


  • "Oi dickhead!" - When greeting Emma
  • "How ya goin’, Champion?"
  • "You love me"
  • "Maaaate!"
  • "You’re an absolute gem"