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Jerry Hall was a character role-played by Kyle.


Jerry Hall was a car salesman and the brother of Jenny Hall.

Jerry had spent 2 and 1/2 months in Australia, picking up an Australian accent. While in Australia, he made love to many women and fathered many children. Jerry came to America hoping to avoid paying for child support. Jerry spent some time at "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™" in Orlando, Florida, before coming to Los Santos.

Los Santos[]

After coming to Los Santos, Jerry reunited with his sister Jenny Hall at MRPD. The two caught up, and Jerry explained what he had been up to in Australia and his plans for the future, namely, starting a new car dealership.

Jerry put his skills as a car salesman to use and offered to sell a wizard named Jaden a car for $1,000. Jaden paid Jerry the money, but Jerry did not have the keys or papers for the car that he was selling. Upset at having been scammed, Jaden cursed Jerry, which took Jerry's eyes. Distraught at the sudden loss of his eyes, Jerry attacked the wizard. Despite his lack of eyes, Jerry beat up the wizard easily, yelling, "You better undo the curse mate, you took me bloody eyes, and now I'm gonna take your bloody blood! Mate!"

Jenny tried to get Jerry to stop, and had to taze Jerry. He recovered from the taze, and an EMT that was on scene attempted to treat Jerry's lack of eyes. At this point, Jerry was consumed by dark magic and became unresponsive. Both PillBot and Jenny were unable to resuscitate him. The EMT transported everyone to Pillbox Medical.

Despite the efforts of the doctors, Jerry remained unresponsive. Jenny was distraught at her brother's death. The doctors declared his cause of death to be both anaphylactic shock due to peanuts and "Consumed by dark magic".

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Played By: Kyle

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