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Jerry Curl is a character role-played by JaboodyShow


Jerry Curl is a hobo. He is an ex professional saxophone player who played in the same band with James Brown, fallen from grace due to alcohol, and women, he now spends his time making beans and attempting to romance women.

Fun Facts

  • He likes to call people "Playah" and "Young blood"
  • He is an ordained minister
  • Jerry has close connections with many other homeless, and/or elderly citizens, including Gladys Berry
  • Jerry considers bum a derogatory term, preferring to be called a hobo, as he is homeless by choice, and earns his living instead of begging.
  • Jerry enjoys making beans with various ingredients he finds in the trash like Cat nip. The best beans are found on Mt. Chiliad.
  • Jerry has a complicated relationship with a fellow Hobo named Craig. At times enemies, at times friends/friendly rivals.
  • Jerry's best friend is Pete.