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Jerry Callow is a character role-played by Mantis.

General Description

Jerry Callow is a Criminal Defense Attorney and is bar certified by the Department of Justice. He was considered to be one of the most active lawyers before going into ICU for months after getting shot by Hobo Lawyer Solomon.

Due to his problems in love and law, he has attempted to jump from a bridge on various occasions. He doesn't like to speak about his past but claims he had a mother, father, and two sisters. While on a date with Kayden Dell'Anno, he admitted that the FBI was once looking for him and his name used to be Jerry Gallow.

Physical Description

Jerry Callow is a 34 -year-old male with short black hair and trimmed dark beard. Jerry always wears bulky rectangular glasses, black vest, and buttoned-up shirt combo with sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He has no tattoos.

Major Events

Strange Behavior

Jerry often worked at the Steele Family Parking assisting in charging those who park their vehicles. Those that enter the lot were constantly reminded that he was sleeping with co-owner Kayden Steele. Because of this relationship Jerry openly sold firearms that were found in impounded cars and placed hired hits on numerous enemies by hiring Steele Family Parking employees such as Apples with others to take out people who have wronged him.

Mirror Park Predator Accusations

Jerry is speculated as the Mirror Park Predator for perverted acts across Los Santos and in furtherance evidence gathered by journalists and law enforcement. Some of these events include:

  • Duct tape, gloves, and dirt have been found in the trunk of his vehicle.
  • Accusations of fucking Chips Ahoy front door in Mirror Park.
  • Mila Kunyit accusing him of showing her his "hot dog".
  • Offering Tessa Lamb $10K to "strip and talk dirty".
  • Accusations by multiple people of "grabbing people's titties" at the courthouse.[1]

To Catch a Mirror Park Predator

James Tinklebottom in filming "To Catch a Mirror Park Predator",[2] hired a female actor to lure Jerry into a meeting about a "court case" with his fiance Nettie.

Tinklebottom included fraudulent conversations under a false username: hunglawyer69 during the investigation. Following the setup, Kyle Pred interrogated and then detained Jerry on scene escorting him to Mission Row police department. Jerry was then charged with Stalking and released on bail.

Criminal Record

*Recently Expunged*

Fun Facts

  • Has a poor reputation as a lawyer due to numerous lost court cases.
  • Has a twin brother named Larry who is the District Attorney.
  • Currently a lot attendant at Steele Family Parking.
  • Currently undefeated after waking up from his coma.
  • Hopes to become a Judge.
  • Has won twice against Benjamin Crane.



Played By: Mantis
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