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Jeremias Jimenes is a character role-played by Mastermisuri.


Jeremias Jimenes is the opposite of his brother Joaquin “JJ” Jimenes. He is not a member of the Vagos or affiliated with any gang, and likes to do things the right way. He doesn't partake in any criminal activities, and even respects the traffic laws, which his how he landed a job on Tessa Lamb's Right of Way Driving School.

Not much is currently known about what he wants for the future, other than wanting to get his brother out of the gang life, he has tried to talk him out of it, but Joaquin doesn't pay attention, he recently started to think that if he cant get him out of this life, he can get ride of all his gang friends so he can't do any more gang stuff.

He currently works as a Janitor at MRPD, besides his Job at Tessa's Right of Way Driving School.

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