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Jenny Ondamic is a character role-played by shadowgam3rx.


Confident, Loud, Sassy and Absolutely Fearless.


Jenny Ondamic is the hottest freestyle rapper in the game, originating from Brooklyn, NY to be the next Justina Valentine of Los Santos.

She is a bougie bitch that wont settle for anything. She knows her worth and knows what she is capable of when there is a pen and a beat involved. There is no one that can compete against her, even though she's always ready for a diss track battle.


Born 1996, in Brooklyn NY. Jenny Mathers grew up living the life of fame through her father Marshall Mathers also known famously as Eminem. What no one on the outside world knew was that Eminem loved keeping young Jenny around because she was, unbeknownst to the rest of the universe, his ghost writer. From the age of 4 she helped pen the most critically acclaimed pieces of work that the radio had ever heard such as ‘Lose Yourself’, ‘Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna’ and countless other tunes that skyrocketed Eminem into the light of fame. What came next with the spotlight was something that she would never have expected to happen from her own blood father. Right as his career was taking flight with chart toppers being put out week after week by young Jenny, the rise in fame brought the rise of greed within Eminem and he decided to take legal action once his own blood was exposed to the world as “Eminem's Secret Instagram Daughter”.

Once the world knew about her and her pen, it was as if she had never existed to him. He took his entire legal team and sued her for the masters and songwriting accolades to his music and won in court leaving Jenny award less, and career less. From that moment she swore to make a name for herself. She packed up her bags and headed for the courthouse to change her name legally to Jenny Ondamic, thus cutting all ties to her past and opening the door to her future in the rap game.

The streets were cruel and unforgiving to young Jenny Ondamic who at the age of nineteen had to learn how to fight hard and fight smart, surviving on the streets knocking every whack clown that tried to check her. Jenny then went on to spend a majority of her life making a name for herself in the streets as a self proclaimed freestyle rapper, spittin' bars hotter than the sun. It was there that she was picked up by Republic Records to be the new breakout artist working with the top producers in the game. Although her reputation still haunted her as the Instagram secret daughter, Jenny quickly rose to fame racking up musical accolades in the rap streets, obtaining praise from various musical legends. With these high praises came higher responsibilities and reputations that kept her on her toes.

From that moment, she took the music scene by storm catapulting herself to the top of the charts with countless hits such as “What’s Goodie”, “Fuck Daddy” and many more before once again her life was turned upside down. She was quickly dropped from the label due to the fact that they did not want to match her talent with the salary that she deserved leaving her deserted in the streets of Brooklyn once again.

After spending months on her own creating countless tracks that would never see the light of day due to the fact that no music label wanted to harbor her, risking the wrath of Eminem. She decided that it was time for her to take control of her own life and steer herself in the right direction to her destiny that everyone knows she is capable of.

She packed up all of her belongings overnight, took a one way ticket to Los Santos and has never looked back. The streets are not ready for the fire that Jenny Ondamic is going to bring. There is no mic drop when Jenny is on it.

It didn't take long for her to pen and flow to get noticed by the top record labels in the city, and after deliberating she is now signed to Creampie Creations.


Cover Title Release Date Description
Jenny Ondamic-Out Of Breath.jpg
Out Of Breath June 6th 2021 The first official debut single for Jenny Ondamic from Creampie Creations on Nopixel 3.0
Cover Title Release Date Description
Twatter Fingers feat. Valentine Dalla July 17th 2021 The second official single for Jenny Ondamic featuring Valentine Dalla from Creampie Creations on Nopixel 3.0 that went number one on the LSBN Charts