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Jenny Hawk is a character role-played by Hirona.


Jenny Hawk is the oft-portended wife and sister of LSPD Senior Officer Lenny Hawk. She is the mother and aunt of the immaculately conceived Denny Hawk, who was born during (or shortly after) the "first" (second) Gulf War. She is a devout christian in the same way that her brothers Lenny and Kenny are: pentecostal mormon. She is a member of the Not-Racist Pro-Gay Latter Day Saints of San Andreas. She, too, does her own research.

Her eating habits are yet to be determined.

Unapologetic and overtly flirtatious, Jenny has made passes on Cletus Cornwood and berated various suspects and officers.


  • "I know my rights"
  • "You're like a little dumplin, waitin to get dipped"
  • "Show us the birth certificate you commie!"
  • "DyuHHHH-huh-heyuh-h-Dyuuuuh-d-huh-d-huh-d-huh-bluh-bluh-bl-huh, Amen"
  • "Kenny may have had all the looks, but Lenny got it where it counts... I'm talkin his brain Jenny, you slut"
  • "Wow you banged that pole like you bang me"
  • "Respectfully, you're a bitch"

Trivia and Notes

  • Lives in Jacksonville Florida
  • Refers to Lenny as "Sugar Lips"
  • Believes her son is the second coming of jesus
  • posts on
  • insists on being a virgin
  • backs the blue

Played By: Hirona
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